8900원에 육회 배터지게 먹는법

(Which foods has Charm PD reviewed?) *Thirsty Korean TV* I review all~ the Anjus (food eaten with drinks) in the world! Charm PD here from Thirsty Korean TV! Good to see you all! Hello Creamies! So today! A while back, Some people don’t like it when I use Japanese words. So I’ll call it raw beef (instead of sashimi). I’ve reviewed two of them. It’s not very thin. It’s been sliced pretty thick. Thick enough for me to enjoy the texture. I’ll try it. It’s nice. I’ve reviewed sliced raw beef and shredded raw beef. They were very cheap. But, I did some research. I paid 15,000 KRW(12.7 USD) for the one I had before. There’s a vendor called Sosohan Hyungjae on Naver Store. They’re selling 300g of raw beef for 8,900 KRW(7.5 USD)! Is that possible? So I read the description. They use milk cows. This isn’t frozen. It’s refrigerated Korean beef, so you shouldn’t freeze it. It’s Korean beef but it isn’t Hanwoo (Korean native beef). These are used in cheap restaurants and buffets. They give you this much for $7.5! How tasty will it be? I’ll give it a try. *Thirsty Korean TV* I have a good feeling. Refrigerated meat is better than frozen meat. Let’s open it. You have to remove the blood. You can eat it right after removing the blood. I’ll spread it out. You have to remove the absorbent paper. It looks nice! I’ll remove the moisture. Let’s spread it out nicely. Looks pretty nice! So nice! Seriously! For $7.5. This is really nice. Approved! (x3) You can prepare other ingredients and eat them together with this. You could grill these. But I won’t be grilling these today. I’ll eat it as it is. Raw beef. I’ll try it now. Sesame oil sauce is essential. If you have eggs, prepare egg yolk. You can also wrap it in ripe kimchi. I’ve also prepared ssamjang (soy paste sauce), soju, and wasabi. Let’s try this. If you have cheese, it would be super nice. Restaurants charge 20K -25K KRW(21.1 USD) for this amount. I think the price ($7.5) is nice. I’ll show you a piece. The meat quality is pretty nice. Right? Let’s try it. (How will $7.5 raw beef taste?) Nice! (Shaking) It’s very soft and chewy. There’s no foul scent or bloody scent. Nice! You go to restaurants and have, Beef sashimi. Raw beef! You have raw beef. This is the same. It’s nice and chewy. Frozen beef has a soggy blood taste. This is refrigerated beef so the cell structures are still preserved. So it’s very chewy. It’s nice. This will become legendary. It’s $7.5. Legendary. It’s so nice. There’s no bloody scent. It’s tasty. Charm! Charm! Charm~! The price is so nice! I like it. I’m sure someone will ask me to eat it with wasabi. So I’ll go ahead and try it. I’m the wasabi villain. Let’s get it over with. Like this. If you eat this much wasabi like me, I’m sure you’ve all experienced it. You’ll nearly die. Your nose will explode. Only I can eat like this. (A piece of raw beef with wasabi.) This is too good to be grilled. For raw beef lovers, Grilling these would be a waste. Don’t grill these. It’s nice. Good. (x3) Very good. Let’s try it with ssamjang. The meat is sticky. It sticks to your mouth. Frozen raw beef isn’t sticky like this. I really like raw beef. Some of you don’t like raw beef. But for those of you who like raw meat, This is such a nice deal! The quality is very similar to Hyunduk Meat (raw beef vendor), but the price is 50% cheaper. I’m sorry Hyunduk Meat, But I’d definitely choose this one! There’s no more to say. It’s simply tasty. Of course this isn’t as tasty as raw beef served in fancy Korean restaurants. You shouldn’t order this expecting that taste. This has the quality of raw beef served in cheaper places. Let’s try it with dried seaweed. It’s very tasty with seaweed. Like this. Let’s drink. Charm! Charm! Charm~! (Raw beef wrapped in dried seaweed.) If you like raw beef, 2 people could finish 3 bottles of soju with this. This is too much to finish by myself. This cost me about $10.1, including the shipping fee. But still, that’s cheap! Ziran?? You want me to have it with ziran? Let’s make a bet. Ziran is good with fatty grilled meat. But raw beef with ziran? Let’s bet on it. I have it here. With ziran. Get out! Kick him out! *Thirsty Korean TV* You should eat ziran with grilled food. Grilled, fried, or fatty food. It was fine before, But with ziran, there’s an unpleasant raw meat scent. Get out! I’m just joking! You can stay. I’ve never kicked out a viewer after a bet. I do it to make the video funnier. Charm! Charm! Charm~! Are there any questions? Sear it with a torch? Okay. I can do that right now. I’m feasting on raw beef. This is nice folks. It’s perfect with soju. Let’s make tataki. It’s ready. Beef tataki. Tataki is a Japanese word too. I’ve grilled it lightly. With some sauce. (A bite of tataki.) *Thirsty Korean TV* Delicious! It’s tasty! Pretty nice. You’re curious about the tendons. I’ll try this piece. Can you see the white part? I’ll check if they’re tendons or not. With sesame oil sauce. It doesn’t get between your teeth like tendons do. This is just fat. There are no tendons. Eat 5 pieces at once? Okay. I’ll eat 5 pieces at once. I’ll be your avatar. 1, 2, 3, 4….5 pieces. This will be very salty. It looks salty. I’ll try it. (5 pieces of raw beef in one bite.) It’s tasty. (x2) This will make it to the ‘good deal’ list. The competition is so high for this month’s list. It’s such a mouthful. I can’t speak. This is such a nice deal! I’m not sure if this is beef round or rump meat. It’s one or the other. But with a taste like this, I don’t think more expensive meat will taste that much better. I think it’ll be similar. It’s almost the same as raw beef served in restaurants. Raw beef is normally shredded and mixed with gochujang (pepper paste) and soy sauce, and served with pears. These sliced ones are actually called beef sashimi. I’m just calling it raw beef since sashimi is a Japanese word. “I live alone. What should I do with the leftover meat?” You can eat 1/2 of it raw. And you can have the rest as jeon (pancakes), or put ’em in a soup. This is a nice size for jeon. It’ll be nice. Sesame oil and ssamjang? Is this how you eat it in Jeolla-do? Sesame oil and ssamjang. Delicious. Stickiness? It’s very sticky. You can’t compare this to mungtigi though. Mungtigi (Daegu style raw beef) is much stickier and sticks to your teeth. This has a more chewy texture. I was expecting some foul scent or bloody scent. But there’s none. This is a nice deal. Chojang (vinegary chili sauce) + sesame oil + ground garlic is the best? You’re right. Last shot. Charm! Charm! Charm~! *Final Verdict* Today! It seemed too cheap. I was a bit skeptical because it was too cheap. But I ordered it. I tried it after removing the blood. The meat quality is very good. And the texture is nice. There were absolutely no stale smell or any other foul smell that could come from beef. That’s my personal opinion. Eating it raw was very nice. You can’t finish it by yourself. You should eat raw beef in wraps. Even if you’re a big eater, if you just eat the meat, it will be difficult to finish 300g by yourself. If you serve it with egg yolk and other various ingredients, You’ll be popular. It’s very cheap. I’ve said this before but, You can’t finish this by yourself. If you don’t want to make jeon, You can season it with salt and black pepper and grill it on a pan. The grilled ones will be a nice anju too. If you grill 150g, and eat just 150g raw, Then you could probably finish this. I think this will be tasty when grilled. When I tried the tataki, the meat quality was good. I have found a very cheap product with good quality. I recommend it. Well folks! This was Charm PD from the Thirsty Korean TV! If you enjoyed this video… (Subscribe & Like) Please~! I’ll see you all next time! Bye~! Signing off! *Thirsty Korean TV*

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    오늘은 가성비 좋은 SIXTIME을 먹어봤어요.
    여러가지 준비해서 드시면 가성비 아주 좋은 육회같읍니다.

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    일본어 쓰면 안돼는 이유가?

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    1:13 육우(肉牛)고기라고 소개하시는데 유우(乳牛) 아닌가요? 젖소라고 하시면서 자막은 육우라고 하셔서 좀 헷갈리네요. >>> 덧, '육우'(肉牛) – 고기를 얻으려고 기르는 소. 축산법에서는 주로 교잡종 소, 젖을 짜지 않는 수컷 젖소를 이른다. ‘고기소2’로 순화. ≒고기소2. '유우'(乳牛) – 젖소(젖을 짜기 위하여 기르는 소).

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    육회는 냉장 보다 냉동이 더 탈이 안나고 좋습니다
    지금 날씨가 더워서 육회 육사시미.잘못 드시면 배탈 나요
    아무리 갓 잡은 소라도 육회 육 사시미 안드시는게 좋습니다
    차라리.냉동 육회면 몰를까요…
    부페집 가면 냉동 수입 육회가 배탈안나요…
    참고 사시고 드시길
    그리구 육회 육사시미 드시구 꼭 구충재 드세여
    활(살아있는)꽃게로 게장 하면 배탈 날 수있지만
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    육회 자체가 일본에서는 한식취급 받아서 양념한 날고기를 ユッケ(윳케)라고 부르는데.. 육사시미 라는 단어 자체가 한국사람들이 만들어낸 말 같네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    그래도 국이 맛나서 만족합니다.

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    너무 억지부리네;; 일본어가 쓰면 안되는 언어도 아니고 육사시미를 대체할 단어도 어색한데 그냥 육사시미라고 하지

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    일본한번안가본 나도 이제 토착왜구되는거임?

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    아니 사시미라는 말이 어떻다고 달리 부를 이름이 없으면 어쩔수 없는거지 예민병 걸린사람들 많았나보네요… 개인적으로 팬으로서 그런거 신경 안쓰셨음 좋겠습니다ㅜㅜ

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    니들 하는짓이 일본새끼들이 한국 김치가지고 기무찌 타령하는거랑 다를게 어어 병신들아

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    이거 육회로도 나쁘진 않은데 이걸로 육전해먹으면 진짜 개꿀맛임 육사시미 먹으려고 샀다가 전부 육전 해먹음 ㅋㅋ

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    육사시미는 간 대파 한숟가락 간마늘 한숟가락에 초장 원하는만큼 해서 섞어먹으면 제일맛있어요 고깃집 알바하면서 배운거..

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    안주리뷰 참 좋으신데 벌써 코가 빨개지는 현상이 나오시네요 직업이라 그렇지만 술때문에 이런 증상이라면 건강에 많이 안좋아졌단건데 병원가보세요 걱정됩니다.

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    몇번을시도해봐도 계속품절…사장님 녹진이들한테 제대로혼나고계신듯싶네요^^

  71. 헤헤햄 says:

    인트로 호우! 할때 크림히어로즈 아닌가요??ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  72. 꾸꾸 says:

    맛은 있는데 엊그제 시켜먹고 장염걸렸어요ㅜㅜ 열나고 계속 설사하구.. 여름에는 조심해야할듯해요! 차라리 가까운 식육점에서 사서 금방먹으세여~~

  73. 주형민 says:

    그러니까 육우니까 8900이란거.. 역시 이유없는 저렴은 없다는

  74. 김영환 says:

    10000원도 안되는 육회라…. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  75. 이진희 says:

    젖소하고 한우는 하늘과 땅 차이죠,, 먹이 사료부터가 다른데.. 품질관리도 안되고,, 젖소가 아무리 처음에 우유+육용으로 들여왔다고는 하지만 이제는 한우가 일반화되서 젖소 찾는 사람이 없으니까 싸게싸게 넘기는거죠,, 가성비라기보단 그냥 싼거를 싸게 먹는것뿐,, 차이없다고는 하지만 한우 육회는 저렇게 먹다가 안남깁니다, 질리지않고 맛있어서 저거 한접시 뚝딱 다 비울정도,,

  76. 이성현 says:

    도시에서는 아무래도 육회는 힘들죠..
    시골에서 갓 잡은 것아니면 전 피합니다..

  77. 성창훈 says:

    와사비 > 고추냉이

  78. 무릉도원 says:

    참!참!참! 크으으~
    육회에 소주는 진리입니다~^^
    참피디님 덕분에 소주한잔 크으으~~~

  79. 김상민 says:

    왜? 와사비라햇다고또뭐라할건가 코리안맨들 고추냉이아니라고햇다고 삐질것인가 코리안맨들?

  80. 박따봉 says:

    두개 사서 하나는 육회 하나는 육전 해먹어야지 ㅋ

  81. 탄산수 says:

    7:18 아기 만드는 소리

  82. 푸른하늘에 says:

    신선한 육회꺼리는
    맑은 초코렛색이난다

  83. 홍만기 says:

    다음엔 SIXTIME 말고 6 X 4 = 12 도 해주세요

  84. 우울한짱아찡 says:

    근데 육사시미는 어떻게 불러야해요??육회는 이미있잖아요 정말궁금해서 그래요 간없는육회라고 표현해야하나요?

  85. 앙잉ᄋ says:

    아 배고파아ㅏ

  86. 1 23 says:

    핏물은 어떻게 뺴나요?ㅠㅠ

  87. 떵뚜 says:

    형님! 돈 먹은 거 아니시라면 더 싸고 괜찮은 곳 '이겼소' 리뷰하시죠? 메일도 장문으로 보냈습니다. 제가 3군데 다 먹어봤지만 확실히 육질이나 식감, 가격! 이겼소가 제일 저렴합니다.

  88. 떵뚜 says:

    형 13만일때부터 여태껏 리뷰 보면서 왔는데 CJ측이랑 계약을 언제부터 하셨는 지 모르겠지만! 이대로 계획대로 솔직한 리뷰 하시는 척 한번 해 보시죠ㅎㅎ 곧 컨텐츠 만들어서 먹방리뷰 디스 컨텐츠로 형님께 다시 인사드리겠습니다 CJ! 곧 봅세

  89. 차동주 says:

    육사시미 초장에 찍어먹으면 그냥 생선회맛남 ㅋ

  90. Dynamic Shalom says:

    와사비도 일본말 아니어요??

  91. 김웅희 says:

    0:18 엌 할때 모모 코코

  92. 민이세상살이 says:

    와 최고네요 ㅎ

  93. 멋진주디 says:

    역시나 무조건방송보다 바로주문해야할듯 지금소소한형제 들어가보니 살수가 없네요

  94. A Cup of Pia says:

    I’m told Beef Tataki is delicious with Ponzu sauce! Maybe try it some day.

  95. 훅중새 says:

    2개월이지난지금도 품절

  96. 박밍코 says:

    0:17 엥 크림히오로즈였에욬ㅋㅋㅋ

  97. H S says:

    그냥 육사시미라고 하셔도 될것같습니다. 김치라던가 치즈닭갈비가 일본에서도 그대로 쓰이는거처럼 고유명사이기 때문이죠. 간혹 일본에서 기무치라고 바꿔말한다고 하시는 분들이 있는데 일본에는 ㅁ 받침이 없기때문에 한국어를 공부하지않은 일본인은 아무리 발음해도 기무치로 들리기 때문입니다. 한국인이 일본어의 츠를 발음하지 못하는거 처럼요

  98. 진대진 says:

    사시미는 생고기라고 하면 될것같아요ㅋㅋ

  99. 루그 says:

    사시미 타다키 그냥 써요 순수한국말이면 날소고기지

  100. 박규태 says:

    아직까지 품절이네 ㅠㅅㅠ

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