#9 Sushi u mistrza Kim Jong Ila – Rowerem po Pjongjangu, Supermarket w Korei

In the road back to Pyongyang I got a DPRK coke Smells like Polo Cola (soft drink from Poland) What was its name ? Something like that We’ve returned to Pyongyang. It rains horribly again the weather destroyed our trip schedule Bicycle cruising wont happen, we wont go anywhere if it rains so much we will just go shopping, visit a bar and sushi at evening Enjoy the episode ! We got umbrellas from Air Koryo. Thank you Air Koryo It rains horribly Very nice of Air Koryo.Thanks What a weather today – Bad weather huh ? So we won’t ride a bike ? No bikes today. Shame You wanted to ride a bike ? I wanted it so much too I have to praise Air Koryo, the luggage came really fast My bag is the first one Thank you very much Air Koryo. The fastest airline I know We are approaching Kwanbok supermarket where we would swap for a bicycle but we dont know if we would, because it’s wet, and I dont think its a good idea But it stopped raining a bit Soon we will find out what’s next It eventually stopped ! So we are getting on our bikes, we got a few of them Yeah, let’s ride a bike So it begins. Let me invite you for a bicycle trip in Pyongyang ! Let’s go Yong Nam ! You got a nice bike We are riding in a group through Pyongyang A tram approaches – be sure not to hit it ! There are bike lanes in Pyongyang seperated from roads, so you can ride safely You may wonder how much this pleasure costs To rent a bike for a day time here in Pyongyang you have to pay 50 euro But you can cruise around. The weather today sucks, and we are short of time so we probably will only ride for a short bit around the city What are you doing ? Guys here doesnt know how to ride a bike, a dangerous situation occured I almost fell off, very bad behavior Yong Nam, lets race ! Bicycle sharing system, still out of order It’s not working yet Here at right you can see bike share in Pyongyang Those will be opened in August And it would allow to rent a bike, also for tourists We have to get off our bike because of the traffic rules in Pyongyang You have to get off the bike when crossing the road And everybody obey the law – even we do Please tell me how do you like cruising around Pyongyang ? I like it much, the road is wide Also the bike lane, right ? The pavement is sometimes a bit holey but it’s rather flat, so its easy to ride a bike That is my first impression Like he said the road is very wide, so its no problem to bypass somebody You can enjoy riding I think that the city is well-adjusted for bicycle traffic and its easy to ride a bike here But you have to watch out for cars because I noticed that drivers here seem not to notice pedestrians or cyclists And you have to be really careful when crossing the road, because someone can run you over They doesnt really care for pedestrians and cyclists Is it a stadium, Yong Nam ? What kind of stadium ? Football ? Great So big Just like Legia Warszawa stadium Do you know Legia stadium ? Do you know Legia Warszawa ? Legia Warszawa, you know this team ? Football team Volleyball match You can take a peek Be careful with photos here the path is so narrow It would not be fun if you ram into somebody Lovers going for a date Yong Nam ! I almost hit this lady because of you It’s ok I’ll show you how the shore looks like Many people fishing there Today is sunday, a free day so it’s a lot of fishermen. Yong Nam also says its a lot of them Everybody fishing Well, the weather is not bad, I tell you It’s really nice, not very hot, also not raining We are cruising along Taedonggang river It’s great What else can I say I’m really happy we managed to get these bikes because I haven’t been cruising like that in DPRK Mass dance ! We made it ! We have found the mass dance Male students dancing with female students in their beautiful dress chima jeogori A lot of people came to watch it, let’s get closer too ! If you visit Pyongyang, sometimes you can see the mass dance students, Koreans dancing at various city squares This is also one of the things you really wanna see in DPRK We are now going shopping Here outside there are some beer gardens You can eat and drink something at fresh air Many people chill today, since its sunday Now lets enter the store I shouldnt record at store, so I’ll hide my camcorder Let’s see if I can record anything Let’s hit exchange first Here we go – some sweets, candy So much delicious stuff Lets grab something I think I’ll take some sweets Snacks – its so cheap There you go – japanese soy sauce Cookies Wow, these are expensive But how am I gonna pack everything up later ? ‘be careful Stuff from abroad – so expensive Anything from Korea ? Timotei Loads of japanese products What do we have here – Sapporo (japanese beer) 4000 won Korean beer I’ll take two of them Cookies Nope, actually some kind of candy Korean creamy fudge Kwanbok supermarket shopping – check We bought everything we wanted, everybody satisfied so much goods – even too much and no time to check and buy everything properly When you visit DPRK I recommend this store so you can check out what can you buy in DPRK Lets go for a quick beer now into my favourite bar in Pyongyang We already were here, its my favourite place Mansugyo bar, here at Pyongyang, nearby the river There are 7 beer styles of Taedonggang beer It’s interesting that in Korea you just throw away the fish remainings on the table We are leaving now, they are already closing at 8 PM such a pity, and thats why there are not many people around We came for the very end, also everbody sings “Karira” They really got brainwashed in Korea How they are gonna come back to Poland now ? Do you want to visit DPRK ? Message me at: [email protected] We are now going for sushi to the japanese restaurant run by Fujimoto Kenji – legendary chef who used to work for general Kim Jong Il so he really is a legendary person and to see him in flesh it really is something everybody really wanted it So, an opportunity of seeing him its something really unusual so everybody are excited The elevator got stuck Stairs, maybe ? Victory – we are at Fujimoto Kenji’s place legendary sushimaster who now lives in Pyongyang, and runs the only japanese restaurant in Korea and serves sushi, ramen and many more japanese cuisines It really is a honor to be there and watch how the master himself prepares sushi So let’s try the only Pyongyang sushi made by true sushimaster The set looks really gourmet if you’d eat the same stuff, but in Japan at sushimasters restaurant it would be a few times more expensive so its cheaper to go to DPRK and eat sushi made by himself than when he used to live in Japan Its freezed Yeah – the freezed tuna melts at the very moment, when you take a bite Its the first time Im eating someting like this – very good Time for tempura – so beautiful We also got a salad and here we got japanese mayo red bell pepper onion and a cucumber – I have to try it for more But first let’s eat tempura – I love tempura Good sushi ? Try this one, it’s a tuna japanese tuna Dip it, and eat Good Good, you like it ? And this is chawanmushi its an egg mixed with japanese fish stock dashi Lets try It looks like pudding a bit very smooth taste And now main course beautiful set of nigiri sushi 7 types of nigiri sushi, 2 types of fish roe 6 pieces of maki sushi with tuna and tamagoyaki – japanese omelet We also got an eel kabayaki – so beautiful also griled eel guts on stick They say it was good – at least people who can eat sushi not everyone can burn up sushi, but those who can – say it was great and I think they wont eat better sushi ever and surely not a sushi made by Fujimoto Kenji himself who used to work for general Kim Jong Il and raised marshall Kim Jong Un and is still in good relations with marshall and that’s why he lives and works here – in DPRK Thanks for watching ! Subscribe, like and leave a comment if you want to know more about DPRK Bye !

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    Propaganda załamany typie

  81. Barbara Kud says:

    Kiedyś pytałem właśnie o tę czapkę, którą ma turysta chyba Kamil, do jakiej formacji ona należy, bo nie jest to czapka wojskowa, ale zauważyłem, że jakieś formacje mundurowe ją noszą. Nie mają okrągłego ronda tylko takie pomarszczone brzegi no i z daszkiem. Co to za formacja (para)militarna? je nosi? Btw: ceny są dość wysokie, wydawałoby się, że w Korei P. wszystko dla nas za grosze, a tu rower 200 zł ale i inne rzeczy tez nie tanie. Ciekawe dlaczego? Natomiast zauważyłem, że DPRK bardzo się rozwinęła, tzn. centrum Pyongyangu w porównaniu z filmami dokumentalnymi (np. francuskim) sprzed lat. Bardzo nowoczesna i ciekawa architektura. Myślę, że to wpływ napływu kasy ze współpracy z Chinami, i tym samym przybyło samochodów. Starsze filmy pokazywały zabawne sceny milicjantek kierujących ruchem na skrzyżowaniach gdzie nagle pojawiał się jedyny pojazd w postaci faceta ciągnącego wózek (poza notablami zapewne). Czyli chyba współpraca z Chinami mimo embarga przyczyniła się do podniesienia stopy życiowej. O prowincję nie pytam bo tam wycieczki są chyba zabronione. P.S. Wracając do architektury, widziałem filmik na YT robiony przez Koreę P. z otwarcia przez Kima wieżowca z mieszkaniami dla naukowców, szok! Ponad 100 m2 i to sporo, duże pomieszczenia, wyjście na balkony wspólne dla piętra z ławkami, stolikami, zielenią nawet – na miejscu polskich naukowców najgorzej finansowanej nauki w Europie, spakowałbym się i wyprowadził do DPRK może rząd poszedłby po rozum do głowy czym jest nauka w XXI wieku 🙂

  82. Tomasz T. says:

    50 ojro za 1 dzień? Złodzieje atomowi!

  83. Aleksander Kupisiewicz says:

    Interesujący filmik, co do samego sushi, widać braki w zaopatrzeniu. Mrożony tuńczyk to najgorsza rzecz jaką można podawać, zapewne był podany w takiej formie, bo rzadko ktoś zagląda albo kucharz zapomniał jak kroi się sashimi 😛 o sałatce nie wspomnę, jak na "mistrza" to cieniutko. Ciekawe czy spowodowane jest to brakami dostaw produktów czy "mistrzowi" udało się wkręcić "wodza", że jest "mistrzem" 😀

  84. Adical says:

    Tamci turyści nie byli z polski ??

  85. Igor Koksu says:

    legia warszawa

  86. Marcin Kucharski says:

    Zapomniałeś dodać, że tenże kucharz został swego czasu porwany do KRLD żeby kuchcić "czerwonym" zarządcom KRLD. I tak długo tam mieszkał, że teraz traktuje go jak swój dom. Ale mimo wszystko można dowiedzieć się wielu ciekawych rzeczy z Twoich filmików. W końcu i tam się wybiorę, bo zanoszę się z tym od 15 lat 🙂 I najdalej jak doleciałem w prawo to był Azerbejdżan 😉

  87. Piotr Hobbysta says:

    50 Eurosów za rower to bardzo drogo! Regułą jest, że biedne kraje mają ceny dla Europejczyków niskie! Prawdopodobnie żerują na maksa na turystyce bo brakuje im twardej waluty, a jedynym źródłem poza skromnym eksportem pomników i specjalnej strefie ekonomicznej z Chinami, to chyba turystyka na którą postawił Kim Dzong Un? Ciekawe jak wygląda cena roweru w DPRK wobec średniej płacy w tym kraju? W ogóle ile wynosi tam średnia płaca?

  88. Lukzar Lukzar says:

    14:30 Polskie piwo;-) Roger!

  89. sylwester cios says:

    Gość co to kręci to ma układ by pokazywać co lepsze i robić propagandę

  90. Maciej Szymanski says:

    He's not Kim Jong Ill anymore, he's Kim Jong Dead…

  91. Mitch Mann says:

    No to ci zazdroszcze bo jestem fanem Sushi

  92. Mirka Teo says:

    Co to towar cukierki i chemia

  93. Poland Can't into space ? says:

    Sushi mocno zmrożone ???? WTF TO Sushi a la Lidl??? Kolego nie wiesz jak wyglada przyzwoite Sushi.

  94. Cezary Szczepanik says:

    Emi, ile kosztuje rower w sklepie. Ile piwo i jaka jest średnia pensja?

  95. Einar02 says:

    50 euro za dzień na takim wynalazku…Musiał bym być nieźle pojebany. A koleś szczęśliwy i mówi,że przynajmniej pojeździć sobie można..
    Niech ktoś mi powie,że to nie konfident..

  96. Przemysław Zdrojewski says:

    Dania u Japończyka przepięknie podawane. Pewnie też przepyszne.

  97. Dawidos 1910 says:

    Czy Ci wszyscy ludzie w tym supermarkecie to aktorzy, a Ty wkładałeś rekwizyty do wózka?

  98. Fazer Fazer says:

    Dlaczego nie pokazujesz biednych dzielnic ?
    Tylko miejsca gdzie jest propaganda i wszystko na pokaz …

  99. KRYSIAK BYGG says:

    W tej restauracji zjedliscie pewnie tygodniowy przydział dla 100 osób. A węgorza to pewnie Koreańczycy co weekend jedzą

  100. Paweł z Lublina says:

    50 euro za rower – drożej jak w Norwegii ( średnie zarobki miesieczne 13 000 zł )

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