A History of Pizza in 8 Slices!

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  1. canadmexi says:

    Is Rugnetta an Italian name?

  2. Jenny Maridowe says:

    I stumbled upon this video and cried because I miss idea channel….

  3. corrda1993 says:

    Im pretty sure 'doobly doo' is copyrighted.

  4. Roger Crouch says:

    That "first delivery" thing is bullshit created by relatives

  5. RÉMINO says:

    12:42 True, but Japanese pizza is also often topped with corn and mayonnaise, which is just as gross. That aside, in my Maritime hometown back in Canada, we have what we call “fisha” (fish + pizza?) which is what you think it is: pizza covered in seafood. Many like it, but seafood is not my thing.

  6. Randy says:

    Wow. So awesome. Thank you for this video.

  7. GarrusN7 says:

    How is pizza in the same lineage as tortillas?

  8. dill papa says:

    What about pizza toothpaste?

  9. half unlit says:

    fry that cold pizza in a pan and its like when you bought it

  10. Outwardpanicjoe says:

    Do hamburgers next

  11. Rafael Ribeiro says:

    The pizza is very delicious! Different kinds! In my country, for example, chocolate pizza, baiana, bauru and etc. The Pizza in nowadays get in our routine and your lives.

  12. Kenzie Tysl says:

    "My favorite toppings are pineapple and jalapeño…….not a joke"

  13. TheBlanco951 says:

    Pizza is a sacred food source, so fudge off!

  14. choncy barbosa says:

    You misunderstand Chicago pizza culture. It's not about deep dish, it's about the variety. Yes we have the best deep dish in the world, and we invented that shit, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. We make the best Sicilian slice in the world at Freddy's, and we make the best Neapolitan style at various places. Beyond this, Chicago thin crust and tavern style pizza are equally good. At the end of the day we do every style of pizza better, because we are better.

  15. Didier 619 says:

    Pizza with pineapple (aka Hawaiian pizza) was born/ invented in Canada.
    The closest thing to a real Hawaiian pizza will be spam.

  16. M A Y I T O says:

    Pepperoni, Ham, Jalepiño, extra cheese deep dish is the way to go.

  17. Not Ok, but Ok says:

    He should have had eaten one slice of all pizzas at least ..disappointed

  18. Sonny says:

    Vegan Cheese! Poor Cows. ☹️

  19. Seth Fitzgerald says:

    Great. Now I WANT PIZZA.

  20. TheFlipBros says:

    Thank you so much for publishing this video! I used it in my Gr. 10 Foods class as an introduction to a unit on dough and pizza. Awesome information. Great job!

  21. nirvgorilla says:

    4:43 – what embarrassing dialog. Yikes.

  22. ojideagu says:

    Why do Americans call Pizza a Pie?

  23. BluntForceTrauma ss says:

    ( • _ • )
    /)🍕/) want some pizza?

  24. Ooops Memes Have Short Life Spans says:

    Am I the only person that enjoys cold pizza?

  25. vilko skorlich says:

    Most foreigners don't realize that pizza was not meant to be good, but to help you survive, it's part of "cucina dei poveri". The pizza you guys eat is for sure much better now than it used to be back in the days. The ingredients added were not so well studied like it is done today, instead they were ingredients that people had available in the house.

  26. Ed Keaton says:

    "The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4 a.m." -CHARLES PIERCE. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🌍🌎🌏🌎

  27. Snehal Trivedi says:


  28. Vault Boy says:

    new York pizza is the best, suck it Chicago

  29. Alex Perez says:

    How the hell did the spelling "Neopolitan" make it into this video more than once without somebody slapping their forehead and redoing the titles?

  30. Curt Popejoy says:

    That was not the grandma slice. Cheese on the bottom and strips of tomato on the top on the grandma slice.

  31. LDog Dued says:

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate pizza it's nasty nasty nasty

  32. Taizu314 says:

    Now I'm hungry.

  33. Jay's Brick Co. says:

    pizza maker bicycle delivery extrodinaire at your services

  34. Jay's Brick Co. says:

    leftover pizza is like a hangover, you save a swig of liquor for the morning to shake the hangover just like you save extra pizza for later

  35. Bhaskar Behera says:


  36. phoebecatgirl says:

    I want to say "Pineapple on Pizza? No no no1" BUT, I have not tried it, so I may be wrong.

  37. Charles Dean says:

    I liked this video till he mentioned his favorite toppings.
    Then I had to close it since his opinion didn't matter after that

  38. fireborn says:

    You have not mentioned St. Louis MO style pizza. Nothing better than Imo’s and Budweiser!

  39. laboomerang says:

    Pizza is not a pie… You don't buy it in slices, you buy A pizza because it has to be freshly made.

  40. Siddharth Jain says:

    Mike that was a great video! Love your style of presentation. Pineapple and jalapenos is a killer combo..

  41. Steve Wilson says:

    Original idea was olive oil on focaccio or some bread with toppings-Roman era perhaps, before tomatoes were known.

  42. Steve Wilson says:

    Original DiCarlo's Pizza upper ohio valley,unique style.

  43. Erasmus SixFiftyFour says:

    Is it wrong that watching this whilst partaking in the above stated food makes it TASTE better?
    Cause I AM…….
    And it DOES! ⚠️🍕🤫🍕⚠️


    Deep dish? Ahfahgedaboudit

  45. Anurania says:

    Does Chicago's pizza count as pizza? Is there anything like that in Italy? It's a tomato pie that resembles a quiche.

  46. Detomaso Pantera says:

    Lou Malta???😂😂😂
    Malnati lol…

  47. Geranamooo Senna says:

    Sad to say The Chicago pizza was the first “pizza” made in America. the GI’s who knew about pizza from the war most likely came back to the United States before the Italian immigrants did. New York wouldn’t have its style of pizza until the Italians came

  48. RondelayAOK says:

    Chicago pizza! OMG! Love at first bite!

  49. Aaron Slater says:

    I've got this idea about pizza; I imagine trying to compare modern pizza to the ancestor of pizza in rustic Italia. If I went back in time and ordered some ancient pizza or medieval pizza I'd still probably end up saying "Damn that's good"

  50. Dianne Uriarte Cabrera says:

    I just ate pizza lol🤣😂

  51. Games TV says:

    How can this guy talk so much with all that yummy pizza in front of him?
    I will go all out mad.

  52. Bob Donovan says:

    Sorry but his speaking cadence reminds me of a boring high school teacher.

  53. Brian D d says:

    I like the video, but this guys trying to be someone he's not, and he needs to stop lol.

  54. Odd Eagle says:

    Eating pizza now…totally works as an impetus to eat more pizza.

  55. Mercury_Mad_Dog says:

    I never liked toppings unless I was really hungry. The cheese is what I was after

  56. alex ojideagu says:

    Pizza is not a damn pie it's a flat bread. Why do Americans keep calling it a pie?

  57. Marcin Zalewski says:

    USA has Nothing to do with the origins of Pizza.

    If you want to have a true pizza, just go to Italy + the rest of Europe. Nobody cares about some american fake alterations, and nobody should care.

  58. Boe Dillard says:

    I've been to NYC many times – not a big fan of the bland pizza there. Pizza is best with a mixture of cheeses including provolone as mozzarella is a bit bland (particularly if the philistines use pre-shredded) . Some call the mixture St. Louis style but there are a variety of mixtures. The dough is often bland and that is why so many NYer's leave the bones behind. Add a touch of honey (or even butter) and it will be as wanted as the rest of the pizza with the topping . Part of the reason NYer's have thin crust is because who wants a lot of that bland crust. I'm not saying it is impossible for people in NY to make a good pizza, I bet they could make excellent pizza if they want as the water supply is mineral rich, however they style so many are use to is the slice style. A good pizza IMHO is better if it only works as a gradma style cut due to the weight of the pieces.

  59. HARKNESS says:

    Pizza time

  60. Nicolas Bentayou says:

    There is no such thing as left over pizza in my home

  61. Nefarious Cookie says:

    After sex sitting on the toilet pondering pizza…. hm 🤔

  62. Vault Boy says:

    I dont wanna drown in my pizza

  63. William Jones says:

    My lover of 34 years, may he RIP, liked any pizza that had pineapple on it. Thank goodness Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa John's would all split the toppings. 1/2 pineapple and 1/2 something that belonged on pizza. That's how we lasted for 34 years.

  64. Ganon Tice says:


  65. Dominion says:

    Pineapple Jalapeno FTW

  66. MagicMaster667 says:

    I will never tire of this episode. It's an all-time classic in my eyes. 🙂

  67. Ric Gonr says:

    It's a busines expense… genius

  68. Richard Ponec says:

    corn and pineapple belongs on pizza

  69. Axgard says:

    pizza is not from italy ,, it was invented in Ny ,,,, And tomato is orginally from mexico no tomato no SAUCE NO PASTA, NO LASGNA ECT…. FACTS PEOPLE STUDY!!! MEXICO IS PART OF NORTH AMERICA

  70. Inglés con Oscar says:

    I’m eating a slice of pizza while watching this

  71. Veronica Obiglio says:

    Lisa mona

  72. TwoKool115 says:

    I’m watching this is a pizzeria who’s waiting for my pizza. Makes the wait even better.

  73. bacarra kris says:

    Hold on this man said five boroughs but they only showed Manhattan….. bring me your editor so I can smack him

  74. Gucci_Satoshi-san says:

    Supreme Pizza, left over, thicker crust. The best.

  75. Greg Moncada says:

    the grandma and the sicilian slice are mis named!! a sicilian slice is the taller of the two and most similar to the sfincione pizza in palermo. the grandma uses the same amount of dough but is not left to rise. a grandma slice typically has a cooked sauce and usually basil or parsley, where the sicilian has no garnish.

  76. Ike Gaming says:

    Pizza will cause world peace

  77. Jake Sli says:

    could you really not make a simple history video without inserting you faggoty political beleifs?

  78. Caroline Chiasson says:

    I have never in my life thought, “who am I sharing my pizza with? Who has the other slices”. Probably because my dad and brother were the other ones… I guess we should have ordered a whole pie! Hahaha

  79. Obi Wash says:

    Awesome video! My pre-ap class enjoyed the hearing cool new facts about pizza. Kinda making me hungry!!!

  80. Obi Wash says:

    Thanks for uploading! My 2nd period ELAR class enjoyed learning about the various types of pizza from all over the world.

  81. J wilson says:

    Are we seriously gonna have a guy who enjoys pineapple topping educate us on pizza!?!? I think not

  82. Zoe Kirk says:

    Honestly NY and Chicago pizza are both awesome for what they are

  83. Rimuu Williams says:

    10:45 LITERALLY HAD A LOOK OF GUILT ON MY FACE HAHA. I had two-day old pizza in the fridge and could not bear watching this without a slice 😉

  84. Tosin Yadeka says:

    Who likes pineapples on pizza….smh

  85. Dylan Kelk says:

    This is a fantastic and super comprehensive video! If more people were watching videos like this instead of the next clickbait garbage the world would be a better place!

  86. Austin,Lorenzo Young says:

    how about Mexican pizza man come on gotta have that bean and chorizo pizza

  87. Risky Shand says:

    Do not watch this video if you have the munchies

  88. wuddyduddy says:

    Bro you got your slices mixed up. The one with the basil is grandma slic smh…

  89. alex ojideagu says:

    Americans please stop calling Pizza a pie, it's not a pie, nobody in Europe calls it a pie, it's a flat bread.

  90. alex ojideagu says:

    Pizza was already popular in Europe outside Italy before American pizza arrived. Pizza Express began in London in the 1960's before Pizza Hut came in 1973.

  91. israel flores says:

    hamburger + jalapeños+ pineapple= the flores pizza (circa 2004)..try it, y'all can thank me later!

  92. Zombie Reaper101 says:

    Peter Parker:Pizza time

  93. Badas Unicorn says:

    I didn't think I cared and… Well I don't, but this video was so well made. It's sort of perfect.

  94. Syntheon says:

    So this is all interesting but the thing i learned that shocks me is that tomatoes were not native to italy…this completley shatters my small american mental image of what itally is…
    *guy in leather jacket yelling in italian at pope on top of the roman colloseum floating in the venice canals while tossing a pizza over the hills of tuscany.

    Dont judge you know you thought it too at one point…

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