A STRANGE way to eat a BIZARRE looking fish. Catch and EAT

Alright, everyone, last week we caught a Mexican Hog Fish and a Giant Hawk Fish, and now we’re bringing the fish back to our hotel to cook up for a really nice meal. I don’t know about you guys, but one of the best parts about fishing is eating your fresh catch. The way that we prepare this fish is not your typical catch and cook. Get ready to meet my big, crazy, chinese family. [Erin] Is this our fish? [Senko Dad] Yup. [Brendon] So right now we’re cutting out that bone line we got from the ribs, right? The stomach?
[Senko Dad] Mhmm. [Brendon] Ooh…. [Senko Dad] Not too many… [Brendon] What are we making, Dad? [Senko Dad] I don’t know, um, are we making ceviche or are we making sushi? [Brendon] Or ramen. Or ramen… Comment below guys, what should we make? Ceviche, sushi, or ramen? With our fresh fish… We’ve got a hogfish in here and a hawk fish in here. … and we’re here at our beautiful resort in Cabo San Lucas let me show you guys the view. *Chh chh chh chh* Tying up rigs right now for later… and here’s our view! Oh my goodness…. That’s-that’s what we’re fishing, right there. Where’s my sister…? [Yelling] Samantha! Oh, there she is. [Senko Mom] Hello, beautiful. [Brendon] Wooow. [Senko Dad] We don’t have a lot of ramen… [Erin laughing]
this is the only thing we have… [Erin] Yeah, we don’t have too much, we might need to be conservative with the ramen… [Senko Dad] This is a typical one that we like. [Erin] Wooow… You look like a professional. [Senko Dad] Ha! No, far from it. [Erin] So how do you slice this? It looks like you’re slicing it very thinly.
[Brendon] Oooh…. [Brendon] Sashimi style. [Senko Dad] With a Japanese Sashimi knife. [Erin chuckling]
[Brendon] Very sharp. [Senko Dad] Very sharp, watch your finger. [Brendon] Watch the peter, don’t put the peter on the board… [Erin] Brendon! [laughing] [Senko Dad] Ooh… [Senko Dad] This is my sushi rice. [Erin] Mhmm… [Senko Dad] You’ve got to stir it up… mkay, so they steam it again. [Erin] Fluff it up? [Senko Dad] Yeah, so otherwise it get stick together… [Senko Dad] So we’ve got one piece of fish in there, maybe two… [Senko Dad] Dab of wasabi… [Senko Dad] For the camera girl. [Erin chucking] [Brendon] Oooh!! Give me a bite, give me a bite.
[Erin] Mmm… [Erin] It’s really good.
[Brendon] Is there just rice in it? [Erin] No, it has–
[Brendon] Mmm! Mmm!! There’s fish in there! [Erin] Whew!
[Senko Dad] It doesn’t taste fishy no more, right? [Brendon] Mmm-mmm. [Erin] Wasabi killed it–ohh! Whoa! [Erin] So much wasabi–
[Brendon] Open your mouth, open your mouth! [Erin laughing]
[Brendon] Does it help? [Erin] Not at all, thank you, though, I appreciate—haha [Senko Mom] Wow! [Brendon burps loudly] [Senko Mom] Woah!
[Erin] Brendon! [Brendon] I thought it was going to be a small burp. [Senko Mom] Try one, it’s so good. [Auntie Kim] Let me wash my hands first… [Senko Dad] Cooking ramen is very difficult, I tell ya… [Senko Dad] The most difficult thing to do… [Erin] Woah, that’s a lot.
[Senko Dad] No, Brendon. [Senko Dad] You waste it!
[Brendon] Let me do it! [Senko Mom] Let him eat whatever he wants… [Brendon] For myself. [all talking indistinctly] [Senko Dad speaking cantonese] Okay? That’s it. [Brendon] Okay, okay, that’s it, I won’t waste anymore. [Senko Dad] Sam, I’ve got some jook for you on the other side. [Brendon] Whoo! [Erin] You didn’t want any soy sauce? [Brendon] Hot!!! [Erin laughing] Brendon! [Brendon] I put too much wasabi… [Erin] Chow time? [Brendon & Senko Dad] Chow time… [Erin] Woow, it looks so nice… [Brendon] Mmm, yum. [Brendon] Oh my gosh, more sushi. [Brendon] These two fishes gave their lives to feed one, two three, four, five, six, seven. My family of seven. and we thank the fishes for giving their lives. [Erin] …. Six. Six people here. [Brendon] Okay, I meant six.
[Erin] That’s okay. [Brendon] I usually got a C or… yeah, usually got a C average in math… [Erin] Okay, let’s eat. [Senko Mom] Okay…
[Brendon making tazmanian devil sounds] [Erin] What? [Brendon] Mmm… [Senko Dad] Very good? [Brendon] Very good. [Senko Dad] Very good. [Brendon] Mmm… [Brendon] The fish is so fresh. Mmm… [Senko Dad] The roasted seaweed’s so good, right?
[Brendon] Mhmm… [Brendon] I really like the texture of this fish. A nice, white meat there’s hardly any blood line in it and the bloodline was cut out [Erin] Your dad pulled out all the bones.
[Brendon] Yeah. [Erin] One at a time.
[Senko Mom] He pulled out all the bones?
[Erin] Mhmm. [Brendon] Mmm… [Senko Mom] Mmm.
[Samantha] What kind of fish was it? [Brendon] Hog fish. [Brendon] Erin, you’ve gotta eat, let me–you want me to feed you one? [Erin] Yeah.
[Brendon] You want sushi? [Erin] Yeah.
[Senko Mom coughing & choking] [Brendon] Wasabi?
[Senko Mom] It’s spicy! [Erin] Thank you. [Brendon] You guys want a bite? Take a bite. Not that much! Okay, I’ll dip it in wasabi for you, here. [Brendon] So this one is a hawk fish, this one is a hawk fish, and this one’s the hog fish. [Senko Mom] What’s the difference? [Brendon] One of them is a little bit chewier and a little bit saliter. [Samantha] Which one? [Brendon] Alright, guys. We’re going to go.
[Erin] I’m hungry. [Brendon] Thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed it Let us know below, in the comments, if you want to see more catch and cooks like this we had a great time doing this and um, I figured why not record it and share it with you guys? Thank you for watching our show, we really appreciate everyone’s support our job here at Senko Skipper is to help as many people get on fish and learn how to fish and interact with nature in our favorite way, um, we’ve got a lot of stuff on our website, senkoskipper.com to help you guys get on fish and have a good time outside. So check it out. See ya, guys! Say bye, everyone. No, say it.
[All] Byeeee!!! Byeee!!!
[Senko Dad] Ciao! [Samantha] Ciao!
[Brendon] Ciao.

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