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Tonight the deep dive one Company’s secret weapon or innovation we went to IDEO the product design folk and said take something old and familiar like say the shopping cart and Completely redesign it for us in just five days ABC news Correspondent Jack Smith tells us what happened next? 9:00 in the morning day one and these people have a deadline to meet so welcome to the kickoff of the shopping cart project This is Palo Alto, [California] in the heart of Silicon Valley these are designers at Ideo Probably the most influential product development firm in the world Ideo has designed everything from High-Tech medical equipment to the twenty-five foot mechanical whale in the movie ‘Free Willy’ and the first computer mouse for Apple; Smith’s ski goggles Nike sunglasses NEC computer screens Hundreds of products we take for granted The point is that we’re not actually experts at any given area you know we’re kind of experts on the process of how [you] design stuff so we don’t care if you give us a Toothbrush a Toothpaste Tube A tractor a space shuttle you know a chair it’s all the same to us we like want to figure out how to Innovate in in by using our process applying it project leader is [Peter] Skillman a 35 year old stanford engineer Project leader because he’s good with groups not because of seniority he’s only been at Ideo for six years The rest of the team is eclectic, but that’s typical here Whitney Mortimer Harvard MBA Peter Coughlin, Linguist Tom Kelly [Dave’s] brother marketing expert Jane Fulton Suri psychologist, Alex Kazakhs 26 a biology major Who’s turned down Medical school three times because he’s having too much fun at IDEO safety Emerges early as an important issue 22,000 child injuries a year which is and so they’re hospitalized injuries. I mean there are many others and Theft [it] turns out a lot of carts are stolen as the team works. It becomes clear. There are no titles here No permanent assignments the other side says give us a lot of help says be safe I’ll give you a big red ball on a on a on a on a post and that says you’re a big guy if you Got a ball your senior vice president. You know what do I get over the desk the red ball. It’s all sink in in a very innovative Culture you can’t have a kind of hierarchy of here’s the boss and the next person down the next person down the next person down Because it’s impossible That the boss is the one who’s had the insightful experience with shopping carts [it’s] just not possible [the] team splits into groups to find out firsthand what the people who use make and repair shopping carts Really think okay, go Probably the plastic card is the wind catches it yeah, and these things have been clocked at 35 across the parking yeah, that’s actually pretty good point the the trick is to find these real experts and so that you can learn much more quickly than You could by just kind of doing in the normal way and trying to learn about it yourself from everything I read these things aren’t that safe either. You know So probably the seat itself is gonna have to be redesigned one of the interesting things for me is looking at how people really don’t Like to let go of the cart except for the professional shopper. Whose strategy is to leave the cart at various places 3:30 in the afternoon and the group is back at I do there is no let-up each team is going to demonstrate and [communicate] and share everything that they’ve learned today [a] Shopping cart has been clocked at 35 miles an hour traveling through a parking lot in the wind we were in the store wet two hours and and It was truly frightening just to see the kind of stuff going up you got to Designate some people to make damn sure that the store owners [Point-of-view] is represented after nine straight hours the team is tired They call it a day, so I’m a cool well. Uh that’s great. Thanks a lot. We had a great time today I do Mantra for innovation is written everywhere one conversation at a time Stay focused encourage wild ideas Defer judgment build on the ideas of others That’s the hardest thing for people do is to restrain themselves from Criticizing an idea so if anybody starts to nail an idea they get the [bell] you know The ideas pour out and are posted on the walls [oh] the blind beat the privacy plain like when you’re buying six cases of condoms you know and suits if it doesn’t nest We don’t have a solution. Okay, nice kid It’s [not] organized [um] what it is is its focused Chaos vote with your post-it not not with an idea That’s cool But with an idea, that’s cool and buildable Um if it’s [worry] if it’s too far out there and can’t be built in a day, then I don’t think we [should] vote on enlightened Trial-And-error succeeds over the planning [blown] genius enlightened Trial-And-error Succeeds over the planning of the lone genius if anything sums up ideos approach that is it Worried that the team is drifting What can only be called a group of self-appointed adults under dave Kelly holds an informal side session [for] five? Four or five times a week, and we give each team a need area It becomes very autocratic for a very short [period] [of] time in defining What things people are gonna work on if you don’t work under time constraints? You could never get anything done because it’s a messy precedent go on forever Back at the shop. It is six o’clock before mock-ups are ready for showing baskets also can be if you think [you] will have more volume baskets can be put in a modular shopping cart you pile hand baskets [onto] things you’ve been tied tech cart that gets you through the traffic Jam a check out that you could mount a Scanner on the shopping cart so that you as the customer as you pull it off the shelf would scan each item one that’s built around child safety and Another that lets shoppers talk to the supermarket staff remotely uh yeah, where can I find a yogurt? But the adults again decide more work needs to be done before the mock ups can be combined into one last prototype [why] don’t we have all the cards come up here for a second? I think you take a piece of each one of these ideas and kind of back it off a little bit and then put it In that yeah in the design the design is still not there But there’s another motto at I do fail often in order to succeed sooner Some of the team will be up half the night trying to put together a design that finally does work So we took the best elements out of each Prototype the cart which is designed to cost about the same as today’s carts is different in every other way, what do you think? Well, I’m very proud of the team. [I] think it’s it’s great this does this work for you works for me great It’s also beautiful the carts wheels turned 90 degrees So it can move sideways no more lifting up the rear in a tight spot And you shop in a totally different [way] the bags are hung on hooks on the carts frame Remember there is no basket here At first I was a little shocked, but I think it’s you have some fantastic ideas here It needs a little refining, but I think that it’s great. I mean we would we would want them She also gave us some really good comments about how we can make this thing better [a] lot of hours Also an open mind a boss who demands fresh ideas be quirky and clash with is a belief that Chaos can be Constructive and teamwork [a] great deal of Teamwork [and] these are the recipe for innovation [tax] place This is Jack Smith for Nightline a Palo Alto, California

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  1. ocomakesmusic says:

    It's amazing that they did this in five days. Normally stuff like this takes months to develop and create.

  2. M Leclaire says:

    I loved the new cart idea. I would love to see these actually in a store. Moreover I loved the way they went about the research, actually talking to "experts" that work, fix and use the products. That seems like it would be a great job.

  3. M Leclaire says:

    this was my homework as well. But it was very cool to see.

  4. sarna87 says:

    Am I the only person that didn't realize there was a mechanical Free Willy? I always thought they used a real whale for the entire movie…

  5. Kristin Gallegos says:

    I like their motto: fail often in order to succeed sooner.

  6. Tim Brown says:

    "but the adults.. wah wah wha" What the fuck. Why do they call them 'the adults'. Weird as f*ck

  7. Joseph Kim says:

    So I had HW on this so yea….Im done.

  8. Dayton Shockey says:

    Is everyone who watched this from STEM… ya im done also..

  9. Kyle Considine says:

    Time to do some homework.

  10. Thomas B says:

    You have that right

  11. Maria Cardarelli says:

    Mr larrick sent me here… am i alone PLTW

  12. Golden Manifesto says:

    Anyone here from Mr. Harris's class?

  13. Multip loop says:

    somebody form mrs. Reyes class??

  14. qwertyuioas8 says:

    All I had to do for my engineering class homework was to watch this video….so yeah

  15. qwertyuioas8 says:

    All I had to do for my engineering class homework was to watch this video….so yeah

  16. Richard Li says:

    Just here for the hw

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  18. Brian Boysen says:

    ENGR 131 up in this shiz

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  20. Evan says:

    They combined all the carts except the intercom one.

  21. Joshua Patel says:

    turn up for late night purdue procrastinators

  22. Brennan Boggs says:

    Can't wait to make some shopping carts for ENGR 131.

  23. TheAmazingRem says:

    Well that was interesting…not.

  24. Eugene Koretsky says:

    Only Purdue Engineering would be dumb enough to make us watch this

  25. Daniel B says:

    2 hours until class… 🙁

  26. Nick Ladocsi says:

    Everyone is here because of Purdue 131 hahaha

    Boiler Up!

  27. DaEliminator says:

    Purdue's new source of revenue: Make a video, force all of us to watch the video, collect AdSense money.

  28. Jessica Jordan says:

    am i the only non-purdue student forced to watch this?

  29. Mark Adams says:

    10 ish people x 5 days = 50 man days. Shopping trolley. Not a mobile phone or app in sight.

  30. Steve Holler says:

    I enjoyed the video and wasn't here for class reasons. The best part of the comments are that I've formed a perception of the makeup of the student body for Purdue's ENGR 131 = whiny, entitled, narrow minded and ingrates. Stay classy Purdue.

  31. TheDaigleathome says:

    Nope. I'm still in high school and I have to watch this.

  32. Tan Tze Hann says:

    From Bristol UK…

  33. Joshua Patel says:

    So you've taken ENGR 131? You know that none of the TAs know what class is on that day? Obviously, since you've made a judgement of us, you do. Then you would also know that it's a weed out course that the instructors want you to fail in, and that it's only a 2 credit hour class that involves 4 hours of class a week, two homework assignments and meeting with your team for at least an hour every week. Shut up and sit down, you uninformed fuck.
    -the "whiny, entitled, narrow minded ingrate"

  34. Matthew Niederberger says:

    I can confirm I'm here for homework, but at RIT.

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  36. Nabil Bela says:

    With teamwork and more idea, we can do better.

  37. Ralph Zoontjens says:

    What a jewel! The very first thing we did with the class on the very first day when I started in design school back in 2001 was watching this video. Great to stumble upon it and see it again.

  38. Ralph Zoontjens says:

    For the haters of the design, I would like to know why you think so. I do see some flaws but no major ones.

  39. Diego Jauregui says:

    Hey look its the guy from The Incredible! 

  40. Green Kick says:

    Love this idea and IDEO. Would be nice to see REUSABLE shopping bags over plastic. 🙂 As an eco blogger, that stuck out for me. But as a shopper, I can see this being a great option. I like the idea of scanning your own items as you put them in the cart. Then just pay the total at the check out. No line ups! Way to go IDEO! 

  41. Hong Zhi Tan says:

    LIKE THIS, IF PURDUE ENGR 131 brings you here !!!

  42. MidroVidro says:

    mega epic

  43. felixthefox says:

    1:31 guy in background's like "don't give us a dam space shuttle!"

  44. Briefest Constitutional says:

    IDEO designs are really really weak. They seem more into pushing design consultations and axioms. 

  45. Rahul Gangwani says:

    That guy is wanted in 9 states for child molestation. 

  46. Errotz GT says:


  47. Destroyaj says:

    "It needs a little refinement" … XD lmao she has no idea what she's talking about

  48. Gail McMeekin says:

    Enlightened trial and error creations in a nonjudgmental environment equals new inventions!


    its been 16 years and i havnt seen SHIT like this damnit

  50. yo yo honey singh says:

    they failed when it comes to storing these carts. Usual Carts go into each other so they don't take to much space in the store. But still i like the idea.

  51. Jakub Ozga says:

    Rep that electro-mechanical major 2016 boiii

  52. p3s00k says:

    This is how it ends, when you mix many "good ideas". Unusable product. This is not how inventing works. If Apple builds phone like this, they would end with another "windows mobile".

  53. Omer Z says:

    No captions for deaf designers. 🙁

  54. Ulti737fs says:

    No swiveling rear wheels. You can't do sick drifts with swiveling rear wheels.

  55. Michelle Zhou says:

    My science teacher is making me watch this video then write a 9 paragraph essay about how scientists work together to solve problems. 🙁

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    Anyone came here from 2.008x?

  58. tdreamgmail says:

    Homer's car is more feasible than this

  59. Mileonaire says:

    Does anyone know if this product made it into the real world or?

  60. cindy chan says:

    i think in the future we will just scan products we want to buy and it goes into a computer system, and into a bag already in the trolley and we just swipe our card and pay. It takes out the time having to take stuff out the trolley onto a conveyer belt to be scanned. But i haven;t worked out how to guard against fraud, unless at the end you have to weigh it all. And if it matches up you can go.

  61. Kakashi747 says:

    4:47 best part

  62. GreyWolfEmber says:

    0:22 start

  63. Sinister Backup says:

    Hey Adrian

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    someone wanna hit me up with the ENGG 200 answers?

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  66. gabrielle woods says:

    All this goes into creating a freaking shopping cart?????

  67. DongMan says:

    The guy who brought in the shopping cart or the blue skirt tie guy looks like the math teacher in the incredibles

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    My communication teacher is making me watch this ugh

  70. Txin says:

    An epic video for showing how teamwork goes failure.

  71. Krish Danger says:

    Very cute video

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  73. S PK says:

    This is very good practices but nowadays, i still see the same shopping cart as before this invention. (shopping cart which this team went to survey in supermarket before done the prototype is same as nowadays shopping cart)

  74. Beichen Liang says:

    18w Washington INFO 200

  75. Simple Ideas Show says:


  76. Colton Hagan says:

    Info 200 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  77. Alex says:

    lots of thin little metal pieces that will break off after a few hundred people bump them into corners or stack them incorrectly.

  78. Yukun Tong says:

    Actually, I don't see Wholefoods or any other supermarkets use this kind of cart design today in CA.
    Well, Cheer for the IDEO Homework!

  79. Nam Nhat Hoang Dinh (Ben) says:

    no captions

  80. Sven Tran The GOAT says:

    watching this for school

  81. Guy Wade says:

    The cart should follow you.

  82. Emerson Cruz says:

    PLTW Engineering- Packet
    1.Form and Function
    3.They defined there problem/ did research and interviews
    4. A. They Grouped and took photos B. Asked questions
    5. A. One conversations at a time B. Stay focused on topic C. Encourage wild ideas D. Defer Judgment E. Bulid one the ideas of others
    6. So that not everyone comes up with the same / boring idea
    7. Sticky notes and build also they generate concepts
    8. Group
    9. They split in 4 smaller teams and are developing a solution
    10. Playful and Fun
    11. Permission
    12. To make a whole product and it also develops a solution
    13. Fail and Succeed
    14.About 14% of the weeks time
    15. to improve the design
    16. Nature

  83. Nyx says:

    anyone is forced to watch this for uni or highschool ?

  84. gravity ASHISH says:


  85. Yuxin Chen says:

    My college asked my to watch this and I do not think it really impressed me. This design do cost similar to current models. However, it would be harder to manufacture due to all hooks on the cart to hang bags. Besides, this good cannot going to each other, it means much more space would be required. So, it is just an idea and it needs much more efforts before they have a Most-Viable Product.

  86. Charli Igus says:

    who else gotta watch this for some sort of science class

  87. moviemagic says:

    And this stuff is still relevant to Industrial and UX designers today

  88. CAPITAN BETO122 says:


  89. Kevin Smith says:

    It seems silly and ridiculous until you realize Chinese unicorns have built self-propelled shopping carts that tailor to your grocery list and make suggestions.

  90. Cloei Reyes says:

    Fail often in order to succeed sooner

  91. Justin Grago says:

    Told my girlfriend that I had to watch this video for some homework.. She fell asleep within 3 min trying to watch it with me.

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  93. Keith Zhang says:

    So the team is 100% white?

  94. Nicholas Xu says:

    The team messed up the basic premise. No shoppers will be paying for a fancy shopping cart, but the grocery store owners. The owners might care more about price….

  95. Colson Xu says:

    Chinese shopping carts can move sideways 800 years ago.

  96. Lori Madison says:

    What about large, bulk items like 16 rolls of paper towels or 48 rolls of toilet paper? We need room for those larger items. Maybe add a bottom shelf to hold those types of larger items….

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    As a freelance writer, i came across this video while working on a client's assignment on Innovation. Quite informative.

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    Edit: NGL, this looks like a great place to work.

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