All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan!

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  1. Kevin Kesler says:

    Any chance you can do a more secretive follow up where they don't know you're filming?
    Ginza Steak's Tripadvisor page has several reviews criticizing the slow rate of meat availability (1 at a time), quality of meat on all but the first piece, not actually unlimited (5-7 pieces max allowed), and lots of hidden fees/charges.

  2. Ragnar Holten says:

    "Go all barbaric on the steak" lmao epic.

  3. Fexer Rexer says:

    These 737 dislikes are vegans

  4. Andrew Kennon says:

    "but you know what?, this could be really good…." i like your outlook. positive.

  5. AntiAgingTips says:

    Drooling like crazy! 🤤🤤🤤

  6. Eve 123 says:

    So, that griller thing is what Ariana grande tattoo on her palm?

  7. Anthony Dinh says:

    I went to that steak Ginza place a couple weeks ago. Best meal I’ve ever had

  8. Ethaniel Chong says:

    Ow gawd he eats with his mouth open 😭

  9. RUSLAD says:

    How younger Jackie on beef diet

  10. Dioscoro Joel Urian says:

    Wow…he can consume the whole cow

  11. Aye Maung says:

    "If you guys know that you only have an hour, you could really do some damage to that place" 😅

  12. Lulu, Drinker of Coffee says:

    Yep, I'm sold. Going to Japan next month this will be on my list. Generally we eat cheap but this can be our splurge.

  13. Peter 212 says:

    if i was there , i will be like sir give me each of everything or 2 of everything

  14. Cavren’s Channel says:

    Kobe steak=like

    Wagyu steak=comment

  15. Tianyu Lu says:

    Probably the best video on YouTube

  16. Jason Manners says:

    A very informative video that will help out anyone going here, thanks for the good information.

  17. Jordan Waka says:

    MAAN!!! I cant watch you videos, My mouth waters so much and I get so frustrated cos all want to do is try that food right now but i cant cos im not there its only a video D:
    But seriously love your videos and cant wait to visit some of these place myself!!

  18. Ganit Ant says:

    I'm eating Indian samusa while watching.. vegetable samusa..😉😏😏

  19. keeper01 says:

    you didn't even talk about the omega 3's or the incredible heath benefits to wagyu. its not just fatty, it actually contains a lot of Oleic acid.

  20. Colina De Piedra says:

    kobe is the type of cow….

  21. brian william says:

    759 vegetarian watched this video.. gg

  22. Anna says:

    I'm literally having meat sweat watching him eat.

  23. jim surfnfish 808 says:

    Japanese meat butter, melts in DA mouth 😍🍻

  24. tomomi takayama says:

    😂😂😂ロースand カルビ

  25. TaliiLars says:

    F*** you. F*** you so much. I want this. At some point in my life, I want this.

  26. Jerry Hsieh says:

    The lenny face in captions hahaha

  27. Aurthur Morgan says:

    What in the name serves almost all the meats but has a freaking timer I mean like bruh

  28. T Money says:

    We’re going to Japan next week!! Can’t wait to get into a food coma when I’m there🤤

  29. Luisito Arcilla says:

    Mike you need to try "BAGNET" in Vigan, Ilocos, PH, your not going to like it, your gonna LOVE IT!

  30. Billstonson son says:

    Whats the first place called?

  31. Pei K says:

    What killed the dinosaurs? Mikey Chen! 🙂
    Is it me, or does Japanese food look sooooooooooooooooooooo yummy?

  32. Ali Douha says:

    I'm fasting while watching this):

  33. Superman04p says:

    Shiiiii….pay $120 and kick back for 3hrs !!!

  34. Gino vaffanculo says:

    Seeing you wearing a CANADA Shirt, brought a tear to my eyes. CANADA the best place on EARTH

  35. Mitze James says:

    where is this all uou can eat wagyu for $62? is it in shinjuku

  36. eL Bee says:

    How called restaurant when you cooking yourself, please? Or some list of these restaurants in Tokyo?

  37. Official Firemage says:

    Where’s the rice or noodle meat isn’t good without it

  38. Stacy J. says:

    Hahahaha. Someone invited Dustin Diamond to an Avengers party. Omg. Mikey, you're so funny

  39. Nirja shrestha says:

    Nope i dont eat beef, i am here for his expression

  40. Jinxy Doll says:

    …the gems popping up in the captioning have made this video 300x better than normal.


    wch is better beef vs chicken vs pork
    which tastes better
    comment below

  42. thikimthoa pham says:

    Can you sleep well after you eating so much beef ?? It was so delicious

  43. Kealohilani Ho says:

    Try gyu-kaku here in Hawaii just above rainbow drive inn I went and got the all you can eat buffet for 35 dollars

  44. Valentino Nguyen says:

    Now, through an edi in and it will feel like ur eating thing of gods

  45. Terri Ellis says:

    "Probably won't see each other again until I come back to this country." Nope. I'm pretty sure you'll see it again. At the toilet.

  46. Kami Kun says:

    Hire me for a job please

  47. HappyMV says:

    Mike – I am living the premium beef, noodle and ice cream experience through you. Just love watching you enjoy these delectable dishes but dang….my heart and wallet could never afford it!
    Keep the vids coming. They are so much fun to watch.

  48. Odeya 13 says:

    Anyone thinking about Shokugeki no Soma? Wagyu beef.

    Naaah, just me.

  49. Jack T says:

    Imagine going to a restaurant to see this cunt sat next to you filming himself. Hope someone punches him in the face one day

  50. Kyla Aya Woo says:

    I'm eating my sponge cake imagining that I'm eating those tender and juice beef in your video.

  51. Kailyn Bradford says:

    cries because I can't afford a trip to japan for really good steak

  52. Wei Hao Huang says:

    How do u eat such hot food like that?

  53. Wei Hao Huang says:

    I don’t like fatness on the meat so

  54. Clan Symbiont says:

    Honestly, too much Wagyu is too much Wagyu. It's too rich to eat more than 14 oz. in a sitting. After a while, you get used to the taste, and it's almost like eating a bacon steak.The first few bites, however, are phenomenal—especially the back end and after taste of these bites. Wagyu is best in slices shared with a group of friends. Time has to pass in between bites to fully enjoy it.

  55. The iller says:

    Do u know wagyu can be that delicious ? Even my peanut that i'm eating now taste like wagyu…..

  56. Wong Kobe says:

    I will literally do anything for Kobe Beef even if it’s raw

  57. Charles Li says:

    He seems to like Japan more than his own culture lol

  58. Spartanunit117 says:

    From review of it seem that it kinda scammy and racist place where the people eating good a5 for the first course and next course they get the lower grade one. It's really doubting that this really good place.

  59. iliquify says:

    This place has horrible reviews on TripAdvisor

  60. Hate goo gle says:

    Honestly, I can NOT listen to that Epidemic Sound without wanting to beat myself to death with my car keys.

  61. G Kim says:

    I’d rather spend $10 on Korean bbq place.

  62. Yan Yancy says:

    Here is the actual address to the restaurant: 焼肉 武蔵、〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座7丁目2−20 パシフィック銀座ビル4F. You can find it using Google Maps Go instead.

  63. Joshua Audie Depositario says:

    Ok, time to pack my bags and live in that area. :p
    Love the vids. Keep making other people drool. Hahahahaha.

  64. mouse jerry says:

    are your reaction's staged…?😅😅I know Im a few years late🤣

  65. Sefuro Lema says:

    I'm in Tokyo right now. Does anyone know the name of this place? I may have found it, but the price has gone up to $100+ 😍

  66. Jillian says:

    Dream job. Ready to drop everything for this

  67. mister man says:

    Holy crap i know a5 wagyu is really good actually u cant even sum up how good it is but its nothing to cry over

  68. Booyahkahshah shah says:

    @strictlydumpling…..Didnt your mother ever tell to not poke at your meat? Hahahahaha so tender

  69. Robby Mallal says:

    How does Mike eat like a horse, and still stay so slim. Love his reviews

  70. Fältbasse says:

    I think Mikey just wet his pants at 10:11 , jk great video!

  71. Jerry Hsieh says:

    Mike when he wins a lottery: normal
    Mike when he eats good food:

  72. Heaven Sector says:

    Aitchbone is a bottom round!

  73. Adam Dauer says:

    Every time I watch one of these videos, my desire to travel to Japan grows. There’s so much beautiful about this country, and I fall more and more for it each time. Thanks for this and all your other videos, Mike 👍🏼

  74. Shaka Bono says:

    This guy is such a drama queen

  75. Michaelpro814 zhang says:

    Other youtubers: Kobe beef and a5 Wagu completely melts in ur mouth
    Me: but ur chewing it like gum?!

  76. Rasheed Huggins says:

    Wow, mike you look like Jakie Chan MOFO.

  77. PeriNKinG says:

    You mother fucker. I have to eat ramen noodles.

  78. Boricua Joe says:

    I truly living vicariously through your eating experiences, your videos are a pure joy to watch.

  79. Minna Piña says:

    Eat, don't spend too much explaining to people about the beef if you only have 90 min….I wouldn't be able to talk…lol…. because of my mouth full of cooked beef….

  80. Minna Piña says:

    Next time just subtitle what type of beef your eating and at the end just go back and explain the what type of beef it was …this way you get your full 90 min….

  81. Galo Arizaga says:

    I would demolish this place

  82. Galo Arizaga says:

    What's the place called?!?!?+

  83. LudicrousEducation says:

    Hey, can we just praise, and thank mike for taking some time to record in the 90 minutes he had to eat the steak?

  84. Wolfgang Hood says:

    they stop serving you beef after an hour but yet it's all you can eat beef for 90 minutes = 1 and a half hours not an hour = 60 minutes LOL

  85. Greene says:

    I will order a whole cow!

  86. mike johnson says:

    It’s fake meat no way all you can eat!

  87. mike johnson says:

    Hahaha heart attack … 🤣

  88. Grace 9 Helava says:

    love your show
    love Korea ❤❤

  89. mahnu172002 says:

    I feel bad for Dustin Diamond…

  90. E hhh says:

    This dude has literally proven that eating lots of beef will not give you heart disease

  91. Tasil Last says:

    Do you ever feel bad at all you can eat's – that you eat more than what they can make profit from – i mean if everyone did what you do – all you can eats wouldn't exist (maybe thats not a bad thing anyway…)

  92. Tasil Last says:

    i guess there is also the carbon footprint given all the meet you eat – also would be unsustainable if everyone did it – and you profit from it…

  93. dragonslayer015 says:

    So in Ginza how does it work? Can you skip the filler dishes and just order rounds of steaks?

  94. Ed Rodz says:

    That meat is so beautiful I feel like crying .

  95. PapaLuLa says:

    "We thought you loved us, why the hate?" – Pork Belly and Chicken

  96. Herb Bot says:

    I'm going ! thanks for all the tips Mike

  97. Greg Brosh says:

    I could do some damage in 90 minutes at a buffet.

  98. Ebi Lopez says:

    Garnacha squad 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  99. ian schmidt says:

    Is serving raw chicken on top of the beef cool?

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