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what’s up everybody… today we’re checking
out Kura revolving sushi bar in Garden Grove California they serve every kind
of sushi you’d imagine and plenty of stuff besides sushi if you aren’t into
raw fish I went with Reina Jun and Matt from reckless eating so be sure to check
out their YouTube channels like down below to see their experience at the
sushi bar our goal for lack of a better term was
to see how many plates of sushi we could get through in a single sitting
it sounds simple enough but there’s so much choice at a place like this you
just reach over and pull plates off of the conveyor belt that’s running past
all of the dining tables and that’s it that’s how you get your food you don’t
need to place orders and there’s no waiting this was my only my second time
eating at a revolving sushi restaurant and I’m sold on it the concept is
awesome the hardest part for me about eating at a normal sushi house a more
traditional one is waiting for the food between orders but on the flip side
you’re also competing with all the other people you’re eating with for the
variety you want so many of the plates that are sliding past you will be empty
and usually it’s the one that you want the chefs in the kitchen work hard to
keep those plates stocked you also have the choice of ordering food while a cart
off of the computer screen this next to your table that’s what we’re reaching up
and touching when you see that computer screen up there and I thought that was
pretty amazing I ordered several rounds of squid and
salmon off the screen and was impressed at how quickly they filled those orders
the plate shoots over to your table and stops so how many plates do you think I got
through alone and how many did we get through as a whole table leave your
guesses in the comments section below I’ll have the answer for you at the very
end of the video we ate plenty of things that wort sushi that weren’t fish we
also got plates of plates of sesame balls we got steak sushi which is just
beef on rice or steak on rice watermelon shrimp tempura and of course
sweet dessert the dessert here is at least as good as the sushi is they serve
up mochi ice cream in several flavors I remember we had peach there was a green
tea and there was mango they also have soy Donuts scoops of vanilla ice cream
and takoyaki which is a fish shaped cookie filled with a red green red bean
paste it’s delicious despite the fact that is
it doesn’t really look like dessert they don’t have anything chocolate here but I
can live with that unfortunately what’s tough is my
microphone battery died in the middle of this video so but that singles triple-a
battery lasted for at least 40 videos so I won’t complain too much
there’s no salad for much of this video so for better or for worse I have to
leave it in silence or speed it up there was a funny conversation I mean Rana was
picking on me for eating so much sooo sushi which is funny because she doesn’t
enjoy eating raw fish sushi on the other hand is my favorite food this wasn’t a challenge but what the
hell boom goes the dynamite I managed to
clear over 50 plates and combine as a table we cleared over a hundred plates
I’m also counting the bowls and platters since they all come off the same
conveyor belt the servers are wonderful here and the food is extremely
satisfying this is a place I’d come back to and thankfully they have several
locations so if you live somewhere in Southern California there’s probably one
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stay in school don’t do drugs and eat like a freak

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