Amazing JAPANESE FOOD Feast in Okinawa! BBQ + SEAFOOD and Street Food in RURAL Japan!

[Music] what’s up and welcome to Okinawa Japan my name is Luke Martin with chopstick and today we are taking you on a food tour of this beautiful part of Japan so Okinawa is a tropical island south of the main islands of Japan today we have left to the main city of Naha so as you can see this is our little cottage we’re staying at behind me and also our rental car and we have a beautiful view of the ocean down there we are in a place called moto boo and we’re gonna do a lot of snacking today so it’s breakfast time we are hungry so we want to head to eat some famous Okinawan soba so let’s go there right now [Music] just pulling into the restaurant now it is beautiful driving here in Okinawa I definitely recommend you rent a car if you ever do come here it’s just so easy to see all the beauties of this amazing Island we are sitting down now in the restaurant is a really cool kind of homestyle in restaurant right on the side of the road it’s kind of no no real sort of Japanese restaurant there is some seating on the floor on tatami mat it’s like we are sitting on right now but then there’s also some regular chairs and tables and we ordered these Sookie Sosa from a vending machine as you saw so that is the famous Okinawan soba with pork spareribs we’re just waiting for our Bowl to arrive our bowl of tsuki soba has arrived and Okinawan specialty and this looks absolutely phenomenal so let me show you what we’ve got here in our bowl so we’ve got the pork spareribs you can see they’re just these tiny ribs but we have four big chunks and then we’ve got some seaweed kind of tied in a bow tie on top here and then underneath we’ve got those soba wheat noodles not like some soba where it’s buckwheat this is just regular wheat and these are pretty bouncy and kind of medium thickness and just all in a clear broth this just looks absolutely beautiful so let’s dig in okay let’s try some of these noodles here oh yeah these look awesome let’s try this oh yeah all those noodles have an amazing texture they’re perfectly firm super valency and the bra really sticks to this noodle as well it’s like a fish stock and it’s very light though a little bit salty even so let’s try one of these one of these pork spare ribs bones still in let’s just try that Oh ma’am hold those are awesome those are a little bit sweet almost like the pork belly that we had back in Naha City it almost tastes like caramelized and there’s a little bits of cartilage in there too so it gives it a little bit of a kind of chewy texture but the meat itself is extremely tender and it’s soaked up the flavor of that broth as well all these are awesome noodles so there are a couple of condiments on the table here so let me start with some of this here this is the pickled ginger red pickled ginger open that up and let’s throw some of that on top oh yeah and a couple more things here we’ve got some vinegar and I think this is a chili vinegar homemade chili vinegar there’s little bits of chili flakes rolling around in there so sprinkle that on oh yeah always tastes better with a little bit of vinegar that should be good and also some chili flakes here as well just put a little bit of that to get the heat level up all right that should be good and that looks beautiful so let’s give that a little bit of a mix here oh man that looks awesome I’m gonna get some of that ginger with a piece of that seaweed in a noodle not chili vinegar is awesome that radish was also like a little bit spicy card that ginger sorry is also a little bit spicy seaweed has an amazing texture very very firm alright that was a perfect way to start our day of eating today oh man those noodles were seriously addicting there’s just one woman cooking all of those noodles and that restaurant is quite large and it was completely packed so definitely go try that place it we’re gonna keep going go into the little moto boo town and show you guys that and maybe get some fresh sashimi all right guys we’ve come to a small little village called moto boo it is beautiful it’s picturesque it’s a little fishing town and they have a local market right behind me actually we’re gonna try to get some fresh sashimi there Hopi now is famous for a lot of things and one of those it’s the bitter melons so we actually found some just growing out on the street here so cute so this is the famous Toronto bunch and you can see the tree has been cut just like it would be in real life and they made a little batch out of it it’s really cute okay we bought our sashimi from a little stall on the side of the road this is such a cool little sleepy town and a fishing port so we definitely wanted to get some fresh fish so we ordered up some mackerel sashimi some tuna sashimi that’s awesome let’s open this up and try it we’re just sitting outside on the grass and let’s try this sushi me out it’s very kind of small cut and I’m just gonna put a little bit of soy sauce on there let’s try that oh man so soft very fresh tasting it’s kind of like naturally oily but it’s extremely soft and just falls apart in your mouth and then with that soy sauce just a little bit salty oh man that’s good let’s have another bite with a little bit of wasabi this time and so we try that all that was all these good oh yeah no some fresh to see me [Music] so we have ordered our shaved ice check this out here it is a small mountain of ice and then we ordered the adzuki bean the red bean kind so you can see underneath there those Zuki beans are hiding and let’s just try this get some ice this is another one of those little mom-and-pop style shops here in Okinawa oh that’s nice that is not too sweet whatsoever super cold refreshing those beans are extremely soft they have them soaking in big buckets back there I guess that’s to make them nice and tender like there oh man that’s awesome definitely not too sweet that is just right and I couldn’t picture anything more I would want today on a hot day you know get out about that was absolutely delicious such a good way to cool off on a hot day especially here at Okinawa where is super hot I really loved the concept at the vending machine and that was just absolutely delicious between you and finish it I’m so cold finished off with our shaved ice my body temperature is a lot more comfortable now that was awesome we are going to head to probably the most famous attraction in this part of Okinawa the cha-cha Mori aquarium so we’re gonna go there now and then tonight we are going to have a barbecue back at our little house our little Airbnb so let’s go to the aquarium and show you guys that [Music] so we are walking around the aquarium it is absolutely outstanding the fish are so interesting and there’s so many different types and lots of really colorful ones big whale sharks stingrays sea turtles everything has been good besides the fact that it is extremely busy in here there’s a lot of tourists here kind of pushing and shoving to get the better viewpoint but besides that it’s really beautiful it is a Sunday afternoon so maybe if you come on a Monday morning you would have the whole place to yourself hopefully okay guys we are back at our little Airbnb we had an amazing time at the aquarium definitely recommend you check that out tonight we are going to be actually cooking at home so we’re going to be having a barbecue so we’ve been provided a barbecue with this Airbnb charcoal style so let’s go light it up and then we’ll start cooking and you guys can follow us along charcoal is going so we’ll leave that for about 30 minutes or so get it nice and hot we’ll get the food ready inside and then start grilling up our dinner so here we have all our ingredients this just looks so awesome so let me show you what we got here very simple we’ve got some salmon which I just rubbed with a little bit of salt and pepper and some lemon we’ve got some cherry tomatoes some mushrooms and then two nice steaks which are also rubbed with salt and pepper and then some Japanese barbecue sauce so let’s go outside and throw them on the charcoal grill all right let’s put the meats on the salmon first oh yeah stick [Music] listen that sizzle this is gonna be good all right we added some smaller mushrooms to [Music] and tomatoes cherry tomatoes [Music] all right this looks awesome we will let that cook for a little bit I’m getting super hungry so I definitely don’t claim to be any sort of the chef whatsoever I rarely cook because we’re always eating street food or we’re always eating at some local restaurants it’s really cheap too when you live in Asia to just eat at the small local restaurants but every chance I get I love to do a barbecue or cook at home and barbecuing I think it’s pretty hard to do a really bad job so I’m hoping this is gonna turn out good check that out that looks amazing oh man okay I am totally ready to eat the steak finally our barbecue is done and we have all of our beautiful food here let me show you what we’ve got so we’ve got our salmon which looks amazing with our mushrooms we also picked up a potato salad at the grocery store we’ve got our steaks here what you’re looking awesome probably a little overcooked but that’s all right we cook them slow and then some grilled tomatoes cherry tomatoes with some other small mushrooms so let’s dig in let’s start with the salmon and I’m just gonna top it with a little bit of lemon juice oh yeah all right and let’s have a bite of that that looks like some delicious salmon let’s try oh yeah hmm oh man super smoky a little bit salty and then sour from that lemon you can only achieve that flavor cooking it on charcoal that is amazingly smoky Wow goes to change that salmon with one of these grilled cherry tomatoes try these mm-hmm that’s like naturally sour and sweet and a little bit smoky as well mmm busca and now for the steak let’s cut off a piece this is definitely overcooked I usually like to get my steak medium-rare but this is barbecued so just cook it slow or kind of a low heat and let’s try that mmm that barbecue sauce has almost caramelized on the outside of that steak it’s definitely not extremely tender but I kind of like it a little bit lean super smoky once again mm-hmm it almost has a burnt flavor to it wow that is really really really good and that there’s no a testament to my cooking ability just the ingredients are really high-quality it’s very easy to cook on a BBQ wow that is awesome and a perfect way to end our day so Sabri and I are going to enjoy the rest of this meal and we hope you enjoyed today’s video this is our last video from Okinawa tomorrow we are heading to view coca so make sure you stay tuned we are in Japan for another two and a half weeks we’re going to few coca Osaka and Kyoto so make sure you stay tuned for those we’re gonna be making a lot of videos and we were super excited to bring them to you I hope you’ve been enjoying the Japan series so far if you have been make sure to leave a like and let me know any questions you have down in the comment box and subscribe and if you haven’t seen our videos from Okinawa the links will be down in the description box and thank you so much for watching this video my mouth is watering I’m having a hard time talking so we’ll see you again from Japan very soon thanks for watching guys bye bye

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