How’s it going guys I’m Matthias And today I’m going to be trying some Japanese foods candies chips, snacks whatever it is I previously tried British, Filipino and Australian foods so check those out happen to be Japanese before you watch
this video right now before you watch it record your reaction because i want to
see your honest-to-goodness reaction and make your face just the whole screen and
my video like up there because i might make it into a video yo cuz i think it’s
just so funny when people react to me and the like my visor so stupid so I got
a bunch of stuff here big thanks to universal Young’s if you guys want to
check them out link in the description below and make sure you stay to the end
because there’s more of this ok so the first one is not characters
that I know how to say hey look there’s ingredients on the back corne vegetable
oils cheese powder so I think there may be like just cheetos cheese flavored I had no idea what these are called hold
up universal Young’s give me a little thing here this is carl cheese is more than a
better version of cheetos oh ok so they’re trying to claim that
this is better than cheetos we will see o most punky huh countries like dollars for Cheetos not
better than she goes but not bad and remember I gave everything a thumbs
up or thumbs down depending on the ball eat it in real life and this one is
really a thumbs-down cheetos imma stick with You cheetahs is snow pea crisps so I either like puffed pea pods green
peas how do they get them to look like chips oh that smells funky it’s like kind of like a crispy texture
here it almost looks like a cheat over green made in a facility that also
manufactures products containing shrimp son of a gun I ate shrimp here we go interesting and like him if
they didn’t take like green beans they have a subtle taste of green peas
for the kind of crispy so if you like green peas I mean this is
your thing but if you don’t want to turn your vegetables into snacks then don’t
eat it and try to get all the nasty stuff out of the way first or the stuff
that might be nasty oh yeah that’s a thumbs down on I’m not going to turn vegetables and
snacks ok now this looks curious it’s called a bone roll a bourbon bottle
roll it’s a little squishy definitely squishy
who most kind of sour smell is almost like a little bit like sour milk but sweet and i’m pretty sure there’s
just a hole straight through it yep I can see straight through it hey
camera it’s like I have a pastry a pastry just
wrapped in frosting mm kinda tastes like some kind of like
hostess that’s like slightly vanilla I mean lemon how do you make those oh
that was a thumbs up I might eat those dads and sons down i
wanted us to our kiss candy the name is a mystery it’s because they sure don’t
days like flowers maybe to do what a great description oh that’s not so good flowers making out with me that’s something you should see Amanda’s
look right now just looking at me like I’m like it an axe murderer alright so we have two flavors of a
small little gummy candies here one is kiwi a one is remove these famous
gummies are set the standard which all the guns should be judged against the
soft fresh and extremely flavorful ok so evidently will evidently removed
is a popular soda in Japan that tastes a lot like lemonade and that excites me to
no end and there’s another one this one’s melon
cool Pallister with melon oh my gosh it’s so
soft oh it’s unsettling we soft tastes like
melon but it wasn’t a good melon is like melon is like not ripe yet next step
Kiwi it’s got a little bit of QE in it always
feels much more firm Mario’s one’s been sitting now all right doesn’t taste like Kiwi I like actual
Kiwis but i don’t know i like Kiwi flavored things you know last one I’m looking forward to this one
of the Moon flavor gummy candy this is supposed to taste
somewhat like a lemonade do but it’s it’s it’s blue hey didn’t dislike limited now that
tastes like flowers oh it tastes like woman mixed with
cleaning solution mix with bubblegum last of the small little candies this one happens to be called kuru army brown sugar candy made from brown sugar
from Okinawa this one kinda looks like a ninja can be look at that so dark luscious and
sensual a foot first stop when you put it in your mouth tastes great taste like
like maple syrup and brown sugar and then the second thing immediately
afterwards it just tastes like an old raisin Oh tastes like a prune wow that is
prominent hi – Fruit Chews sweet stay active eat hi to
look at it these things will make you active I’ve
never tried to hide you before but I actually see him in grocery stores
around so they’re not that hard oh look they’re kind of like different colored
in the center Oh surprisingly sock they’re so far but they have this
resistance to them like like like you bite into them but then your spring
right back like a foam mattress like I’m showing on my mattress I’ve never done that before trust me are
you sure this isn’t dumb but mango player ok it’s got a specific flavor it’s not just
had to it’s good no your thumbs up paki paki paki paki
paki cookies and cream party I’ve had regular paki so i’m kinda excited that
it wasn’t just generic regular paki this one is cookies and cream who cookies n cream jockey that’s pretty good pretty good not great
uh-huh all right i get the thumbs up because
obviously Amanda liked it and gives you didn’t understand that high-pitched
squeaking she said hello panda it looks like it’s like a little crusty
out words of some group ok how interesting you’re like these okay let’s try this what it’s like the inside is coated in
chocolate I was expecting an explosion I mean it’s
not my favorite I mean I’m sure tons of people like this
and it’s not grossed by any means it’s just not my type of thing does that make
any sense bhutan rice candy rice candy that’s a
first they’re like individually wrapped little
things in here oh wait what’s that come with it comes
with a little sticker yeah that bumps it up one letter grade I
like stickers oh so it’s wrapped multiple times it’s into is separate rapper wait do I
eat this rapper i’m not sure i think i do I think this
is rice ok it’s stuck so much to this than i
thought it was maybe part of it how on earth yet we supposed to get off
of this the coolest part about this candy isn’t the free sticker inside all
that was pretty cool or the chilli lemon orange gummies
although they’re delicious it’s the edible rice paper i’m told you it was
edible paper doesn’t taste like anything it’s literally tasteless as the rapper
melts in your tongue you’re going to fake taste of rice and
somehow it makes it can be even better I disagree that’s a thumbs down although
the sticker makes it kind of like this the moment you’ve all been waiting for
shrimp chips now before you watch me eat these nasty
nasty shrimp chips because you know you all know I hate shrimp please consider
subscribing if you’re new so I don’t just do this for no reason at all all all right these don’t have as foul over and older
as before because these have wasabi in them so it’s shrimpy and spicy two of my
favorite things I love it so much it’s not as bad but it’s not good at
something to get to drink it down all right I teal alright guys if you enjoyed this video
make sure you give it a like and subscribe make sure you check out my
other ones which were drawing British Foods filipino foods and Australian
foods and i will see all you lovely people in the next episode remember film your reaction uploaded to
youtube and I might make a video about it because i really enjoy those those
are really funny i love seeing you guys faces it’s so funny all right high five


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