Andrea Tomlinson: General Manager for N.H. Community Seafood

“New Hampshire Sea Grant has been integral in helping us promote our local seafood, as a New Hampshire seafood product. And that effort by Sea Grant to basically do a lot of outreach and education towards getting our local Seacoast residents more interested in our underutilized species, which is primarily what we sell through New Hampshire Community Seafood. Without New Hampshire Sea Grant, I feel like it would be comparable to going to a national park that didn’t have any maps on any trails, and no trail guides. So New Hampshire Sea Grant, for me, and I think for a lot of our citizens here in New Hampshire, they are the outreach and education piece to explaining our vast, beautiful coastal system that we have and that we cherish that’s part of our livelihoods, and part of our heritage and our culture. Without Sea Grant, there’d be a real lack of understanding of what that is to us as New Hampshire residents, and what it is to our children.”

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