46 comments on “Are Microplastics in Seafood a Cancer Risk?”

  1. Lohit Kapoor says:

    Do seaweeds also get contaminated with plastics? What about hydroponically grown greens? They use sometimes plastic holders for veggie plants to grow in.

  2. sarah burks says:

    I feel bad for the rats. Plastic put on their organs experimented on this innocent animals😢😢

  3. Vito Corleone says:

    please provide a short answer besides all those information.

  4. Lichtblick says:

    There is no seafood on my plate.

  5. Eelke Aptroot says:

    Didn't they feed by-catch and rotten fish to chickens in the US or something? -That would explain how the PCBs end up in the human food chain…

  6. Citizenthirteen says:

    Human beings are so arrogant they actually call creatures living in our oceans " seafood" LOL. They think the oceans are there for humans to harvest. The only way this is permitted is everything is hidden underwater. If it were above ground we'd realize we are causing the greatest extinction ever. The oceans are our toilet and garbage dump. Can you imagine if cows were fed garbage , plastic and feces ? Stop eating "seafood" . Leave it to the sharks . Oh yeah, we are making sharks extinct too. The human species should get an award for the biggest brains not used in the animal kingdom.

  7. Fools Gold Found says:

    I eat sardines, bottom of the food chain, full of omega 3, it’s a trade off sure.

  8. Reverend Al says:

    Eat carbohydrates, not hydrocarbons.

  9. Charlotte B says:

    Poor rats☹️

  10. grk70s says:

    don't have plastic dioxins that leach out?

  11. Mad Chaos says:

    I have not eaten any fish or seaweed since I was 13 years old and never will.

  12. Vito Corleone says:

    are sardines safe to eat ?

  13. Ashfaq Gul says:

    Can you please start a international ban of plastic microbeads petition? We all will sign and bring it to United nation's forum.

  14. marakima says:

    People can stop using cosmetics completely until the industry rids itself of microbeads and the plastic containers for its products.

  15. BASH is obsolete. Python is my new gf. says:

    fortunately, i only eat dinosaur shaped fish bites. nothing artificial in dinosaurs.

  16. Gabriel G says:

    But they banned plastic straws must be ok now , no ?

  17. Tree Floraken says:

    Saw you live at VegFest yesterday (28 Apr, 2019), and it was great! Thank you SO much for both this site, and for the talks you give. Thank you for helping save lives!

  18. Alva says:

    Yet, vegans think this microplasrics in clothes are better than wool…

  19. Lauren Burger says:

    Eat fish and get a side of plastic… OK !

  20. mariadamedecoeur says:

    Well , I think we are breathing the microplastic particles everyday so…

  21. A J says:

    Oceans are the humans garbage dump. You'd be mad to eat out of it. I'd rather eat out of a public toilet bowl.

  22. sooooooooDark says:

    fun fact: plastic bottle water is in a plastic bottle

  23. mike clarke says:

    Each of us can do something. Next time you go to the dentist and they hand out toothpaste, you can inform them about micro beads in these commercial toothpastes and they enter our waterways and wind up in the food chain. You can get bead free at your local coop or natural food stores.

  24. Priya says:

    I always feel bad for body- builders and ‘health conscious’ people buying cans of tuna at the grocery store. Wish I could tell them to put it back and get some veggies n beans instead!

  25. truefuschniken says:

    Of course- thank you for this!!

  26. Don Jabra says:


  27. Charles Jensen says:

    I hope not. CMJ

  28. Sidilicious says:

    Can we please get past this polluting phase in our evolution, ASAP?

  29. Celina K says:

    0:40 only 10 %

  30. Nova Europa says:

    The Maldives consume (by far) the most seafood, yet according to wiki their cancer rate falls outside the TOP 54 countries ranked according to new cancer cases per 100,000 population.

  31. MrWicked61671 says:

    It’s simple. Vote with your $, people. Stop supporting these industries at all costs and watch them change quicker than Superman in a phone booth.

  32. Iron Vegan says:

    In my evolution into a herbivorous eating paradigm, seafood was one of my final hold-outs, thinking at the time that it was healthier than land animals. I have been studying this micro-plastic topic for a while, and I am happy to no longer be eating seafood any more. Thanks for sharing.

  33. sheena Montalban says:

    Only the meat addicts dislike dr. greger's videos

  34. jacqui cleijne says:

    I was buying tin tuna, a sustainable one here in Australia but, I’ve decided months ago to go meat, and dairy free. I had some blood tests while eating Tuna and my mercury levels were high as were my heavy metals. All ok now since eliminating from my diet. As for micro-plastics in seafood. There is proof that we ingest some microplastics so it’s another reason to avoid seafood. I did find small green plastic in my tin of Sardines and Mackeral, both from sustainable organic practices.

  35. jacqui cleijne says:

    How about the chemicals from plastic floating around,? I read that the chemicals do get into seafood as well.

  36. GrummanPilot99 says:

    Please start making your videos in 60 frames per second. It is much smoother and you've done in the past

  37. Emillie Moon says:

    The microplastics are a cancer risk, yes. But the fish itself, coming from a wild source, eaten in moderation is not.

  38. David Engelkemier says:

    So what about the bottled water I brought home in a plastic bottle? Or what about the frozen blueberries and broccoli I brought home in a plastic bag?

  39. TheStewieGriffinShow says:

    When I was in college, I worked in a plastic factory that made plastic bags. The whole factory had a very odd PVC smell. Thank goodness I only worked there for the summer. It turns out that workers who worked in those factories for 20 years came down with liver cancer just from breathing the fumes.

  40. Carl Brophy says:

    Your last few videos have been outstanding.

  41. Adnan A says:

    I hope not 😂

  42. Niko says:

    Ban the DDT

  43. Gary Lowell T says:

    This really makes me upset, because I like tuna, and love Alaskan salmon. To avoid ingesting too much mercury, I've already limiting my fish intake to just about 5 to 6 oz per week. (That's about two "5 oz" cans, after draining all water weight.) And I only buy products marked as wild caught, and sustainably caught. But it sounds like now, even wild caught fish is contaminated with pollutants — probably(?) just in lesser amounts than in farm-raised fish. Now I'm wondering how much of these toxins can really be removed from the body by taking chelators like EDTA, spirulina and chlorella? Sounds like it's time to eat less fish and even more organic eggs and plant-based proteins than I already do. 🥚🥜🍠🥦

  44. Scott Gabelman says:

    Try eating no food wrapped in plastic for one week!

  45. dogfight156 says:

    Wait! There's more we can do! Bury the evidence! Call everything "fake news" or a conspiracy! Tear down regulations that have protected us for generations! Call everyone who thinks for themselves a communist! Eat more plastic! Eat everything! Deregulate and/or privatize everything else! EAT THE PLASTIC! EAT THE PLASTIC! EAT THE PLASTIC!

  46. ukcurlygrl1 says:

    Looks like I cant eat anything unless I've got alot of money and can afford to go vegan which I cannot

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