ARGENTINE SEAFOOD BBQ FEAST on the Pier in Mar del Plata, Argentina

well good morning guys and windy Mar Del Plata we have made it to the coastal city and of course today we’re
going to be having seafood because what else would you have here exactly we’re
gonna be having seafood and we’re finally going to be checking out what
the city is most famous for all of its beaches so the plan is to eat a lot of
seafood and then do a lot of walking burn off all those calories on the
beaches yes and we’re going to a particular restaurant that you guys
recommended in the comment section on YouTube it’s called Espigón de Pescadores and it’s out on a pier out on the water so yes it is almost noon we’re
feeling hungry let’s go eat seafood and then reached on it guys I have to say it is freezing when
you’re walking around in the city because like the streets turn into wind
tunnels but now that we’re on the beach standing on the sand the heat is like
reflecting upwards I’m not freezing anymore my feet are warm now I
understand why people are actually swimming I couldn’t understand it from a
distance oh yeah it’s not so bad Sam a question for you if you were wearing
your swimming trunks would you actually go in the water with this away and
underneath I think I would it’s starting to warm up a bit and the winds died down
slightly so far I’m only seeing kids in the water
a few brave children so something that I find really interesting about the beach
here is that a lot of families have come with their little tents to shield
themselves from the wind so that they can still enjoy the beach on a windy day
and this reminds me a lot of the beaches in northern Germany we spent some time
there one summer and it was really cold really windy but they also had these
like I think they’re called like standoff kind of like these little
baskets or little tents where you can shield yourself from the wind and still
enjoy a sunny day at the beach even if the winds blowing like crazy like here
and there you have it that’s the restaurant we’re planning to eat out
today out on the water it’s time for the bread and we have this
rule that we should try not to eat too much bread before the main’ arrives
because when we just can’t handle it all yeah the bread is so delicious fresh it
comes with butter haven’t you yes anchovies or sardines no those are
anchovies salted anchovies nearly lost the butter there same to guys don’t
worry I saved it some fatah but we always
stuff up in the butter and then on top of that we’re gonna grab one of these
little guys just one just one I feel like we’re starting off this seafood
meal right starting off the seafood meal with seafood fish wine selection has been made wine
selection has been made we decided to go with Norton 1895 classic oh this is a
pretty common table wine that you’ll find in a lot of Argentine restaurants
had it a couple times before I like it it’s also tends to be one of the cheaper
wines – and we got half a liter yeah we got some sightseeing to do yeah
otherwise we’re gonna end up napping after work we did a whole bottle we
going backwards yesterday yeah we have too much more into the yeah it’s a nice
wine it’s it’s very drinkable I mean it’s obviously not like a high-end wine
but it’s a nice table wine like to me you’re not gonna be too disappointed if
you try this one our fried fish on tree has arrived fried seafood entree this
isn’t just fish and you know what they told me the names for all these things
but to me it sounded like Italian if they’re not Spanish words I recognize
this I think it’s something like corn a little which is a small theory this one
I think she said calamari day which is a baby calamari yeah and then we have the
actual calamari and all it looks so wonderful we’ve squeezed lemon juice
over top you have a bit of salt you want to make it saltier
this little guy had an all peeling off that is nice is it I don’t think I’ve
ever put a whole fish in my mouth before oh I have you can eat right through the
bone no problem it has a nice flavor well yeah with those little fish you
could they’re mint they’re meant for like one bite yours
yeah he’s nice it reminded me a bit of anchovies but less salty calamari so
nice with lemon juice fresh out of the fryer I’m just trying to think back to
the last time we were enjoying like really good seafood on the regular I
feel like it was back in Croatia yeah travel there that’s what it was
last year it’s yeah it’s been over a time flies guys has actually been over a
year since we were there guys well they were eating it yeah I even remember
trying something like this in Croatia at a seafood restaurants back there they
were like stuffed right now just having fried baby calamari
we tried everything though I’ve tried all right so good so good huh
all right time for me to try the mixed fried frost gets over here this was
Sam’s selection yeah we were trying to decide on an appetizer and – sounded
really good to be trying trying this I’m having a double fish oh yeah
crispy on the outside salty what do I know to be honest Somu I look so good
look at this guy’s a giant piece I think they said that one’s called the condom
anything or something like it’s still juicy
I really like the batter as well is greasy but in a good way
mm-hmm I love this kind of food like whenever I went to headline of Canada
doesn’t specialize in and this kind of like deep fried seafood so it’s a very
familiar taste I remember from my childhood telecom oh it’s just the
appetizer like we still have a whole sequence Arabic we actually on the
barbecue the grill is yet to compensate gracias the seafood areeda will make you drool
we need to give you service it is humongous
there’s a lot of shellfish in here I’m just like what a wonderful presentation
I don’t even know what to say Abel so first of all we have a bed of golden
yellow potatoes they’ve been sliced and fried very nice we have oysters yeah we
have scallops we have shrimp the bees down there
we have clams we do we also have calamari hiding there in the bottom
yeah prawns me and I have red peppers some squid chunks of fish wow this is
like an assortment of everything you could possibly imagine look at this
chunk of fish is a gift that keeps on giving
yeah this is more goodness buried on top of goodness anyways thing is there’s
lots to keep us busy over here we go ooh that came in right off very easy I’m
gonna peel this off because I’m a picky eater guys I take off
besides check that out you know they brought us
cherlene which is a must when you’re having an Argentine barbecue and they
also said we have a nahi sauce that isn’t spicy and of course lemons I think
for this one I’m going to go with a lemon just squeeze it on the gallop
beautiful scallops wonderful so tender so fresh just how it
should be beautiful presentation with the shell just about yeah that’s
beautiful let’s see what else I see fish Oh again I’m perfectly content with a bit
of lemon juice though maybe since we are in Argentina to mature a little bit of
chewy might be an order why not very nice good I think this may be my first
time in my life having a seafood Farina this is the first being documented for
you – what is this in Argentina well some roasted red peppers so much going
on here our daily vegetable intake yes got some of these clams fresh off the drum that’s very tasty
though Vince it’s all very fresh I mean we’re right on the water so of course
they have access to wonderful seafood honestly so far I’ve been really
impressed I probably should I got white wine but you know what we like I read
probably but we’re in Argentina we drink read let’s see something I haven’t tried
yet look for new things let’s write this massive oyster
especially oh my gosh that’s so good normally I don’t love boys tears but the
way it’s been cooked it’s almost like it has a pudding texture created too creamy
you better try it the first time I tried them it was raw yeah I’d uh this out of
bar in a glass do you remember that I think it’s like a gin bar or something
and we had booze there way back one huh yeah well maybe like a year and a half
ago and one of these little orderly called langoustines shrimp
yep same string prawns giant prawns I feel like those are just asking
have some time on camera everyone’s head off that’s the way to go anything but
rapper but enough to try some here I was like next-level tender and buttery if
you’re like come to mar del plata in your life so I try to seafood should I
not absolutely gonna have it it’s so delicious I think for people that don’t
even normally like see if you get just so much it’s worth giving a shot shot
tasty here another thing to mention this restaurant
has easy as possible unknown yeah it’s a bit more typical really well guys it is
time for price point let me just say that was a wonderful
barbecue first-ever for me it was delicious we had some food leftover we
list we couldn’t no room for dessert either Oh No
No we’ve learned to say no to dessert when we can’t do it otherwise it’s just
a coma situation all off Geneva’s but let’s talk about the price the total was
thirteen hundred and ninety pesos which came to 36 US dollars which I thought
was really good yeah for seafood and why master source came with like all the all
the bread soda water red wine really nice appetizer yeah really good mean our
main hot potatoes it had some roasted peppers so it was a lot of it was good
highly recommend the police not only pay the food but for the views the ambiance
just being able to look out at the beat it’s incredible must be quite
spectacular at night it’s a one-of-a-kind location or restaurant on
the pier yeah over my shoulder I’m not stretchy cheese yeah you can see it to
the left you know it kind of reminds me of that restaurant in Lima that we’ve
been to few time that Wilson LT got also set out
on a pier on the water you can watch the surfers yeah same deal here basically
and yeah it was a lot of fun we really well now we’re gonna hit the beach we’re
gonna walk obviously we’re not dressed to go swimming I’m not sure I’d want to
strip down anyway in this wind oh my gosh I’m hot in a t-shirt
insurance I don’t know how you can y’all bundled up you’re ridiculous so I just found the statue of the sea
lion and posed the next to it feeling pretty proud because my dad lived in the
city for a few years as a kid and he told me they used to take photos next to
that sea lion so I was like okay need to track it down get a photo of the next
generation standing there and we found it well guys and that is our outing for the
day there’s a lot of cool stuff happening along the boardwalk lots of
different musical performances people hanging out three performers you can
come here any time of day and they’ll be something different happens yeah yeah we
just had some ice cream other people were enjoying mottaz and yeah how are we
thinking with the water but we enjoyed the beach well I did I dipped my toes it
I can confirm his icicle anyone who’s swimming there is that
there’s a medal for bravery for sure re-raise it we’ll say bye for now and
we’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s video you

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