Arigato with sushi from Jon von Tetzchner

Konnichiwa! We have been seeing very nice
growth in Japanese user base and I would like to welcome our new users. And thank our users
for spreading the words. I am very thankful and so are all of us at Vivaldi. So I am going to
celebrate. I’m gonna celebrate. To do that, I am going to have one of my really favourite dishes,
Sushi. Itadakimasa… ah…(laugh). This is terrible.. I don’t know how often I have to
say that word to get it right.. Itadakimasu. Better?

4 comments on “Arigato with sushi from Jon von Tetzchner”

  1. Piter432 says:


  2. WolvenSpectre says:

    Congrats Japan for getting the word out…

  3. David Po says:

    Haha, I just changed to Vivaldi from google chrome 😀
    Is the best web browser right now.
    And I hope you can add a Battery Saver mode for the Notebok users
    You're doing a great job! Keep it up!

  4. 114aragami says:


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