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This time, I will introduce Yakiniku restaurant in Asakusa. It starts from Don Quijote on Rock Street. Walk right, with Don Quixote in front. There is a delicious kushiyaki shop on the way,
but please endure now. Walk to Hisago Street. If you don’t know Hisago Street,
walk to Hanayashiki. So that the faces of people passing each other are not reflected The camera is shooting downward. I’m sorry it’s hard to see. “Hanayashiki” is visible in front. On the left is the entrance of ”Hisago” Street. Because I want to eat fast, I walked fast and the screen was shaking, but please forgive me. Turn right at the first crossroads. After a short walk you will see a restaurant on the left … Here is the Yakiniku restaurant “Itoto Gyu” introduced here. The menu at the store is Japanese,
but there is also an English menu inside the store. ”kanpai!” I ordered “changja” and “kimchi”. “Changja” is a cod stomach pickled in red pepper, sake,mirin and etc. “Kimchi” is made from salted Chinese cabbage,
It is pickled with seafood extract, red pepper,garlic and etc. Meat has been brought. This is beef tongue salt. Most yakiniku restaurants are 6 pieces for one person. If you bake the sauce-meat first,
the sauce will stick to the net,
so it is recommended to bake from the salted meat. The restaurant here is charcoal grilled,
The roasted meat is light in fat and has a light taste,
and the meat taste is solid. Since charcoal fire has a strong part and a weak part,
Bake and eat so as not to overcook. The meat in this restaurant is fresh, but please bake it well. It is a good way to bake
it so that the pink part of the meat disappears. Beef tongue salt is delicious when eaten with lemon sauce. This is Loin, Harami and Kalbi. Loin is the meat from the shoulder to the back,
Harami is the diaphragm,The Kalbi are rose meat. This is “Sanchu”. How to eat … Put the cucumber on the leaf, Add a little green chili and sliced garlic, I put “Tenmenjan”. “Tenmenjan” is sweet miso. Finally put the roasted meat, wrap and eat. Because you can eat vegetables together,
it is a healthy way to eat. After the salty meat, bake the sauce meat.
This is grilling beef loin. Sauce meat is eaten with yakiniku sauce. This is “kalbi kuppa”. “kalbi kuppa” is a stewed rice with seasonings, vegetables and beef. I will share it because my friend wants to eat. This shop is open all year round and lunch on weekdays from 11:30 to 14:30,
Saturday and Sunday lunch from 11:00 to 15:00 Dinner on weekdays from 17:00 to 24:00
Open Saturday to Sunday from 4pm to 4pm. Because you can enjoy Japanese yakiniku very reasonably and deliciously,
Please go if you want to eat yakiniku in Asakusa. Finally, my friend wants to introduce this way of eating,
so I will introduce it! rice … With grilled meat … Roll up! Hahaha···

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