ASMR 단골집 참치 회와 참치 초밥 먹방 [EATING SHOW] MUKBANG

Hi guys
Welcom to sowoon asmr channel. Today’s food is fresh tuna fish and tuna sushi from my family’s favorite restaurant. Tuna sushi is delicious because tuna and rice are mixed well in your mouth. Sesame oil with salt is much better than wasabi soy sauce. So let’s get start! Please subscribe, Like and comments^^*

5 comments on “ASMR 단골집 참치 회와 참치 초밥 먹방 [EATING SHOW] MUKBANG”

  1. 섐록 says:

    참치킬러 sowoon님

  2. SongByrd ASMR says:

    Such beautiful visuals and food!

  3. ss vas says:

    In India, to my knowledge, no one eats raw fish. But watching you makes me feel that I should try raw fish especially tuna or salmon once in my life time. Your food looks so good. I like it. Lots of love from India.

  4. Postposterous says:

    Wow – your growth has been exponential. Ok – back to real life. Fan!

  5. 정혜정 says:

    참치도 좋아하시는군요..ㅎ정말 잘 드신당.

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