ASMR 담백하게 연어 회와 연어 초밥 [ EATING SHOW ] MUKBANG

Hi guys
Welcom to sowoon asmr channel. Today’s food is salmon sashimi and homemade salmon sushi. Salmon sashimi is better with a lot of sauce. Salmon sushi is delicious because salmon and rice are mixed well in your mouth. The sauce is horseradish and wasabi soy sauce. So let’s get start! Please subscribe, Like and comments.:)

11 comments on “ASMR 담백하게 연어 회와 연어 초밥 [ EATING SHOW ] MUKBANG”

  1. kami says:

    오호~~~~👏👏👏 오늘은 연어다~~~👌😍😋😍

  2. SongByrd ASMR says:

    Salmon is the best!

  3. Moon Bear ASMR says:

    Mouth watering. Salmon sashimi is my favorite.

  4. Bodhi Tree says:

    good job ~~

  5. SSONG ASMR says:

    연어는 언제나 사랑이에요🥰❤️👍👍 비쥬얼도 좋아요ㅎㅎㅎ🙏

  6. 방먹또 says:

    It looks so delicious
    I watched the video
    I'll subscribe and watch often ^^

  7. くぴまよ says:


  8. Rong Biển says:

    Nhìn món ăn rất đẹp mắt 😘😍😍😍😍

  9. 이재성 says:

    산낙지먹방 해주세용 ~~~

  10. Postposterous says:

    You make it look easy to grow on YT. You should do a podcast. –Your Dad

  11. Melek Cicek says:

    Oh salmon is the best fish best sashimi , love love love

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