ASMR 모듬초밥 리얼사운드 먹방 Sushi MUKBANG (寿司の盛り合わせ 食べ放送, 食べる) REAL SOUND EATING SHOW


21 comments on “ASMR 모듬초밥 리얼사운드 먹방 Sushi MUKBANG (寿司の盛り合わせ 食べ放送, 食べる) REAL SOUND EATING SHOW”

  1. Chloe says:


  2. SongByrd ASMR says:

    I could go for some sushi!

  3. Sarah Park says:

    와~~ 엄청 좋아하는뎅!!! 😋😝 진짜 대박 맛있겠어용!! 다 좋아하는데 전 연어 엄청 좋아해요 💛 ㅋㅋ

  4. Joshua’s Loving ASMR n’ Games says:

    I don’t like sushi but great video as always

  5. BD K says:

    초밥 최고최고!! 소리 좋아요~

  6. ななそら says:

    お寿司!豪華ですね(//∇//)美味しそうです^ ^

  7. くれよん says:


  8. 106FM Catt says:

    Looks amazingly delicious 😋 nice eating my friend 👌🏽😊👍🏽27

  9. Gloria Kromo says:

    This sunday i wil do hotpot with my Friends, but now you make me want to try sushi😅❤❤❤❤

  10. Gökhan Özvariş says:

    Nice💚ı am from turkey💜

  11. Hungry Cheeks says:

    What a delicious sushi platter you have. It looks amazing 😁

  12. 솜이 says:

    저도 어제 초밥먹고 왔어용😆 오랜만에먹는거라서 너무 맛있었어용👍😍

  13. Coco Vanderbilt says:

    Love your beautiful earrings

  14. bell pepper says:

    here from saudi ASMR

  15. bell pepper says:

    annyeonghaseyo ^-^

  16. bell pepper says:

    naneun hangug-eul maeu salanghanda.

  17. bell pepper says:

    do crazy food in korea no one eats haha

  18. Just that guy says:

    Love the tingles👍
    Great video!😁

  19. EatOutWithLex says:

    Looks so good!!!

  20. AZ Family7 says:

    Hello, that sushi sure looks delicious! We have never tried it, but my mouth got watery, Now i want to try it! Greetings from Texas new friend!

  21. 彩果歌い手大好き says:


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