ASMR 연어 회 날치알 어린잎채소 새싹 오이롤 먹방 [CRUNCHY EATING SOUNDS] MUKBANG

Hi guys!
Have a happy day today, too. 🙂 Today’s food is Salmon Sashimi tobiko eggs Young Leaf Vegetable cucumber roll(california roll). Tenderness of salmon the crunching of vegetables and cucumbers. It’s fresh and good. I like the crunchy sound of black tobiko eggs. There’s a space in the cucumber roll, so the sound’s unique. Today’s sauce is a Horseradish Sauce. So let’s get start! Please subscribe, Like and comments 🙂

7 comments on “ASMR 연어 회 날치알 어린잎채소 새싹 오이롤 먹방 [CRUNCHY EATING SOUNDS] MUKBANG”

  1. Yumnen ASMR 냠넨 - 행복한 먹방 MUKBANG says:

    I’m always waiting for the video to be uploaded.😊 And I’m sharing your channel’s video with my friends❗️ I will continue to watch good videos😁 Thank you for the video🙏

  2. SongByrd ASMR says:

    Always love our thumbnails!

  3. Paulinecpk ASMRi says:

    so sharp and nice colour… great sounds beautiful presentation

  4. EatWithJess says:

    great sound!

  5. 대충해쿡The Rough Kitchen says:

    대박 사운드~~ 😭😭 👍👍

  6. Neha 2244 says:

    Just loved the salmon rolls and ofcourse your unique idea of a meal. ❤

  7. Angeles Esparza says:

    I just found you on Instagram and your content is amazing! You deserve a lot more subscribers 💞

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