ASMR. 최고급 참치회 “참다랑어” TUNA SASHIMI & SUSHI Mukbang♡

Hello, I’m going to eat delicious tuna sashimi today Take a good look. Thes are about to change. Ta-da! Pretty cutting cutting~ I’m looking forward to it! Shiny.. It’s a tuna fatty flesh. Wow… It melts in the mouth This is head flesh. It’s like looking at raw beef Soft and chewy This is tuna navel flesh. Is it really pretty? Wow so chewy taste The that white part looks like beef marbling really feels like eating a gristle. rakkyo Tuna oil runs freely Tuna fatty flesh is so good because it’s large in quantity ^^ Sesame oil flavor is really good I’ll eat it with seaweed Dip in sail-sesame oil The taste of savory is gone up a notch Pretty navel flesh Dip a lot in the chili paste Soo delicious..! make wasabi soy sauce Sashimi can’t help but mingle with wasabi soy sauce Today the navel flesh is really delicious The biting sound This’s about 50,000 won in total This quantity is so abundant. The price is good, right? But expensive tuna~ I can’t eat often Seaweed and tuna sashimi are a pair together. right? It’s kind of chewy and crunchy. Wasabi I want to make sushi Wasabi on the vinegar-added rice… should eat sushi when it gets greasy It’s like sushi sold really Delicious and dddelicious.. @,@

21 comments on “ASMR. 최고급 참치회 “참다랑어” TUNA SASHIMI & SUSHI Mukbang♡”

  1. Kenny Rogers says:

    Wow! Sooooo huge tuna. I don't really like tuna. I prefer salmon. 😧😧 Salmon is always my favourite food. Soooo good. 😋😋😋 Taste fresh and tender tuna. Great meal. Enjoy your tuna and see u next time.

  2. For Food's Sake, ASMR says:

    I always enjoy eating tuna sashimi! It’s really refreshing when freshly cut and chilled. Sounds delicious 😋

  3. SongByrd ASMR says:

    The lighting was so beautiful on the tuna!

  4. Hân Guitar says:

    Wow looks so Delicious My Friend

  5. KKINIPIG 끼니피그 says:

    Pretty tuna… so fresh… yummy…💕

  6. みーたん says:


  7. Michelle Liang Eats says:

    Wow those are really fresh and pretty tuna 😍.. watching you savoring them deliciously makes me craving sashimi now 🤤.. i have never had that many parts of tuna.. love the textures of the navel meat the most 😆.. great video, Sua nim~ 💕

  8. lulu Asmar says:

    Please subscribe to my channel thanks guys

  9. AHTasmr says:

    The tuna looks so fresh!

  10. Brant Frans says:

    Excellent video quality. So delicious.😋

  11. sally Ahmed says:

    It's meat ?

  12. moon junhi says:


  13. 佐藤太郎 says:


  14. Дневник Янкиной says:


  15. INAK - ASMR says:

    New friend🔔🔔🔔🔔
    I like ur video👍👍
    Lets be friend, lets connected 🤝👍❤️
    I Will always here to support ur Channel ,support my Channel plz🥰

  16. Gulsara Musuralieva says:

    Сырое мясо ужас, как хищник

  17. 스폰지밥인데ᄏᄒ 《뚱이분들》 says:

    으앙 ㅠㅜ!!! 내가 좋아하는 참치 회!! 비싸서 못먹는당 ㅠㅜ!

  18. Junie ASMR 쭈니 says:

    Beautiful tuna👍~

  19. Alexa MSP says:

    Thats some fatty tuna

  20. PaPaMin_ASMR says:

    찰지고 쫀쫀한게 소리로 넘잘느껴져요~
    달달한참다랑어 먹고싶네요ㅠㅠ

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