Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 This is Burger King’s new Angry Whopper! Does it look mad? Gonna have a little dessert today 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! Yummy! Whopper + Bacon + Jalapenos? Can’t go wrong! Have the first Chicken Nugget 😉 Thanks for watching!!


  1. juan Arthur says:

    Quem não sabe o objetivo dele deixa like

  2. Grinshy says:

    I lové you

  3. Montrell Parker says:

    Just asked my friend to bring me all of this

  4. JOHN KWIGWASA says:

    Can you do a mukbang that is healthy am worried thats all


    tbh I thought I was the only one that dips their burger into BBQ sauce ( it can be anything but BBQ is my fav)

  6. POtaToe CHIpS?! says:

    I'm always scrolling through the comments while watching. 😁

  7. Eat pills grizzly ! says:

    All this is doing is making me horny for Burger King

  8. Mariela Delgado says:

    The Angry Whopper looks fantastic. 🍔💓👍🏻

  9. Psycho_ Squad says:

    How is he not fat?! 😱😱

  10. Ruthy Yourgirl says:

    @2:11 the eating starts

  11. Ricardo Milos says:

    Esto me da muchaaaaa!! Hambreee

  12. I want to Sleep says:

    This is why I stick to korean mukbangs Americans just take it too far

  13. alanna robinson says:

    I wanna now how you sound like when you talk.

  14. lu lu hicky says:


  15. lu lu hicky says:

    That’s it!! I’m ordering Burger King tonight!! Double whopper, extra onion, cheese and a side of chilli cheese bites and chips (fries)

  16. Thanh Nguyen says:

    Thăng think lm mau me

  17. TANAKTON CH says:


  18. bianco says:

    I think he loves himself!!

  19. Laura Ibarrola says:

    Es una mentira los ruidos

  20. IRMAK GACHA says:

    Türk olan +1

  21. Stanislas Robson says:

    Saplin pta suce bite petasse

  22. Miqueas Lima says:

    gusanoo lol 2:12

  23. ALANFULL f says:

    Mandame una a burge sa sabias que yo fui el primer sub

  24. ghostydude says:

    Has good water bottle
    puts sprite in it

  25. Emiii bustito xd says:

    I didn't like the dessert 😅 me 11 minutes

  26. 2019 still no flying cars says:

    You have one of the best intros

  27. Hédi Makara says:


  28. FAKTA OM ALLT says:

    You are soooo good on youtube⭐️

  29. Isabelle Clark says:

    zach: “have the first chicken nugget!”
    me: “oh thank you!”
    zach: “hA siKE! yeEtUs iT miNeE”

  30. Lily Hoang says:

    Just a little spice….and

    BAM the perfect whopper!

  31. khloe brown says:

    So yuum Zach you the best of luck

  32. Gurnek Singh says:

    You are going to die from diabetes

  33. Emre K. says:

    Who watches this shit

  34. bob trimmr says:

    Ey boi gimme som

  35. Nova says:

    This makes my mouth water

  36. ZAKARiA says:

    Thanks bro

  37. jade c says:

    I want some junk food now thanks zach 😭

  38. Naila’s World says:

    Keep up doing what your doing and your channel will succeed even more

  39. It'z Mia Ok says:

    5 mins and 8 seconds to finish whopper 2:17–7:25

  40. games yes bad users no caydens Channel says:

    Who's getting hungry watching this

  41. Yoonmin is real says:


  42. Cali Smoka says:

    Now THAT’S real BK… lol Jerry asmr ain’t got shit on this channel

  43. Lucão Bike Vlog says:


  44. Jai’s Mashups says:

    Omg they have the same thing in Hungry Jack's!! Even the same font and colors! "Hungry Jack's is the Australian version of Burger King"

  45. Nyone says:

    100 likes = a cheese burger and chicken nuggets for you

  46. Vincent Nguyen says:

    U noob u don't even know how to eat properly

  47. Cristina Abajo Campama says:

    Only 11 min. For him… THAT MEAL WOULD BE HOURS FOR ME!!

  48. Gloria Vargas says:

    Why you getting Sprite all the times bro get water at least

  49. I'm Sxlty says:

    Who else eats while watching these

  50. Levie Alfathan says:

    Good job

  51. jimin park says:

    No se ingles. Mi parte favorita fue la de la torta. Si alguien ve esto y sabe ingles le pediria por favor que la tradusca

  52. Cash Hunter says:

    You don’t need to show every side of the bag that’s just… WEIRD

  53. Iaraイアラ says:

    ¡!¡!Pleeeeease angry whopper is my absolutely favorite!¡!¡

  54. aly says:

    Why am I watching this while being hungry asf

  55. F_keTroller YT says:


  56. Cookie Merchant says:

    Lol when he puts the food close to the camera I end up trying to eat the screen lol

  57. Baguette Provoquante 972 says:

    Me after the dinner

  58. BISS BANG says:

    For me he post is at 6:12 p.m.

  59. Rozacky yahya says:

    Next video asmr car

  60. Dioksi says:

    Русские ребята залайкайте этот комент что англичане подумали что тут что то интересное

    +я не лайкодрочер 🙃

  61. Meziane Aissa says:


  62. Batata Voadora says:

    Golden chicken Nugget baked in the oven since there was 2 people that got stolen 😀

  63. Blue Boy - Craft Edition says:

    Zachchoi is the GOAT

  64. ari says:

    Somehow, I don’t know, but I don’t get hungry when I watch his mukbangs.

    Am I human?!

  65. moonshine. taylor says:

    That buger looks good….like your videos😂😂

  66. Habon Hayn says:

    Who else watches mukbangs when they are hungry?

  67. stephy M says:

    Gosto de ver vídeos de pessoas comendo ainda mais quando é asmr 😍

  68. Nurhayat Mutlu says:

    Allah belanı versin asmr canim çekti anneme dedim yok dedi ben senin amcığini sikeyim

  69. حياوي HaiAwi『DRK』 says:

    والله ابو ثرب هذا 😂👌

  70. Kaitlyn says:

    How does he eat so much

  71. Gi0 Batt says:

    How are you skinny?

  72. Chante Williams 2.o says:

    Oh thanks for making me more hungry than I’m already am it feels like a haven’t ate in day because of you

  73. Gricelly Rodrigues says:


  74. Alyssa Garcia says:

    Great video Zach loved this video so much looked delicious

  75. Savvy Frost says:

    The coldest water
    He pores sprite

  76. Peter Marcin says:


  77. Zah ngamuk says:

    Bikin vlog jalan jalan ceria ke jangan makan terus bosen:v

  78. Sebastian Wojciech says:


  79. Neide Teixeira says:

    I want a hamburguer now ir you dont give me i gonna be so angry. BUT PLEASE GIVE ME A HAMBURGUER

  80. şahin akdogan says:

    ben türk I am türk

  81. Tr OPs aDaM Ol AY 30 PRo OYuN PRosU says:

    Senin ananı bacını babanı teyzeni ananAneni dededeni babanneni sik8m

  82. kiera Rose says:

    This channel makes me hungry

  83. möth lämp says:

    Me big burger hmmmm

  84. Cengizhan The Legit says:

    Yavaş ye it

  85. ishannita mukherjee says:

    How is he still so hot and fit with no double chin even after having so much of food and here I am smelling a chicken nugget and gaining 1 kg😭

  86. Lee9118 says:

    gimme some pls 😭

  87. Nathalie Velna says:


  88. ayca a. says:

    Why the turkish isnt hear i am turkish but i know nglish and i like your videos

  89. Ali Omer Cansizoglu says:

    Abi çok iyisin abi oruçlu oruçlu seni izliyorum like atıyorum abone de oldum

  90. XxPurex ShardxX says:


  91. Nuko says:

    I hate pickles, who else did?

  92. FendiYT says:

    You're actually a Savage if you read more. 🐐🐐🐐♥️

    Now your 2019 is full of good luck, like to activate!😂

    Łïkê this and šùbśčrïbé to me and your blessed

  93. Rahmat Sanjaya says:

    happy bridays

  94. Little Bear Kings says:

    Can you do some vegan junk food?

  95. Leticia Perez says:

    I’m so hungry and I’m still watching this while starving!😭😬 But can we just appreciate that he doesn’t throw all the food away and actually eats it.

  96. Viktoria 12bb says:

    Ооо как это вкусноооо😍😍👍👍👍👍

  97. Benny Agyeman says:

    Why do you say the first bite is yours when you know very well that I can't eat it😢

  98. My Rossie says:


  99. My Rossie says:

    I think you’re in the heaven.

  100. Jade Murray says:

    I always fast forward to the end to see if he finishes all the food before watching the full video.. anyone? Haha

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