Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Today we’re doing 2 Mozzarella Corn Dogs and 2 Rice Cake Corn Dogs 😀 With Alfredo Sauce and Cheese Sauce! LET’S EAT!! First Mozzarella Corn Dog is all yours! Delicious! Mozzarella with the Alfredo might be my favorite combo First bite of the Cheesy Rice Cake Corn Dog is for you 🙂 So good! I’ve been craving this flavor combo for a while now Let’s try the Mozzarella Corn Dog with Cheese Sauce! No cheese pull 🙁 I prefer the Mozzarella with Alfredo a bit more Thanks for watching!!


  1. World OfBooks says:

    Thailand สวัสดี

  2. Juliet Aliyu says:

    Me: trying to eat the food
    Zack: takes it back and eats it
    Me: bruh 🙁

  3. 汤圆仔 says:

    Where can but this in Malaysian?

  4. Faith Bindadan says:

    Is So yummmy

  5. PUTRI12 WOLF12 says:

    Edan ye koe ki asu

  6. Pixel Master V says:

    im so hungry :^(

  7. Elisha Collado says:

    Mozarella is tasteless… For my tongue (。•́︿•̀。)

  8. eun is me’ says:

    This is Jack In The Box?
    If yes, I will buy 2 corn dogs for me!!
    How much will it costs of that corn dog?

  9. Ashanti Davis says:

    It's annoying when he makes those noises it is irritating and again very annoying

  10. Ashanti Davis says:

    He's all a pig
    He acts like that delicious food is gonna run away

  11. WaZe says:

    Is it me or does he smile while he eats?!?!?!?!

  12. 2222 ahmad says:

    Wow yummy

  13. 2222 ahmad says:

    Wow yummy

  14. Fuu tan says:


  15. Yina Ortega says:

    algyno sabe donde puedo conseguir esto en Colombia, Soy de Santa Marta

  16. Neni Novi says:

    Enak tuh jadi kepengen 😂😁

  17. ๓໐໐ຖliງht ๓໐໐ຖliງht says:

    I want to 😋😋

  18. gacha songs by trina says:

    Are u a boy or a girl your face looks like a girl but your hair is like a boy

  19. كلشي بخص البنات ديكورات و منكير و وصفات says:

    شلون بتنصنع هي 😣

  20. Reska Anggraini says:

    I'm rating it

  21. Brian Balcom says:

    Some alfredo sauce needs to be cooked bc it contains raw eggs. Just letting you know.

  22. Gucci Gurl says:

    When your done eating , but then you get hungry again


  23. Iron Haikal says:

    Apa cuma aku yang dari indo

  24. ましろんなましろん says:


  25. The Pedro 548 says:

    Eres la mejor persona haciendo asmr

  26. Tanya Timmons says:

    Were do you get those

  27. Terezinha Alves says:

    Quando ele bota a comida na tela da vontade de comer

  28. Setiyono Setiyono says:


  29. Chloe Rodriguez says:


  30. Aina Bashira says:

    Uuuuuuu i wuv you Zach

  31. Lauren Zoellick says:

    How are you thin after all that fatty food???????????????????

  32. я чMÖ says:

    Бля куфать захотелось

  33. It's Panda says:

    Would eat it but it has cheese……

  34. las locuras de ediana says:

    Wow like 👍👍😀

  35. Даб да я FFM says:

    Тварь ебаная

  36. gaming -girl says:

    Im eating one rigght now

  37. rayy annee says:

    can you do hot cheetos mozzarella corn dog

  38. darían el crack Sánchez says:

    Tú sí eres un asqueroso perro cochino tú sabes come come bien que hable loco

  39. ELSIE says:

    Where can i get that

  40. Capra Shish says:

    I'm Hungry😭😭😭😭

  41. The gaming koopa 3000 says:

    Now I have a challenge for you zach choi. Before the end of the video. You have to finish your sprite

  42. Roxy Fernandez says:

    who else get hungry when he dose his asmr

  43. maiah potchi says:

    Who is getting hungry with this asmr but when your eating your food your not even hungry at all

  44. Hakan Top says:

    Eşek girsin götüne ayı

  45. gAbito4 The Football KING says:

    Why no speak in all video

  46. gAbito4 The Football KING says:

    But your job for eat all quantity is incredible

  47. Paloma Lopez says:

    Hey asmr were do you get the corn dogs from?

  48. Swipe says:


  49. Prueba Android says:

    En todos los vídeos sale con gorra que extraño? Por sierto soy de Argentina

  50. andro anacris says:

    I'm vegan, why am i here?

  51. rayan Benmerah says:


  52. YÆ Dubs says:

    This dude really love his Sprite

  53. BeratKaan says:

    Kulunatik vs ASMR KİNG

  54. beast mode says:

    Hurry up !!!!!

  55. Angel _Plays says:

    I wanna eat those so bad but idk where to get them ;<

  56. Sussana la crack says:

    cometelo si te lo vas a comer no comas cachito a cachito

  57. nino ozcelik says:

    I know the time where zach got 1 million subs

  58. đào Dương says:

    Lướt cmt thấy toàn tiếng anh ai người việt k😄

  59. •Akemi• says:

    I’m hungry

  60. camila martins says:

    I like asmr 😝😝😍

  61. ••Ocean GachaYT•• :3 says:

    Human body: Has 60% or 70% of water

    Zach’s body: 80% sprite

  62. BeeDaGod 075 says:

    This man act like a girl clicking and clacking his nails

  63. jessica Tamires Sousa says:

    esse cara er muito injuado ficar um ano fzd hora em vez de come logo

  64. Kim Wendyhyungツ says:

    When Zach says "the first bite is all yours," am I the only one pretending to be really eating?

  65. Karoline Ferreira says:

    Alguém do Brasil????
    O que mais deu vontade foi ver e não poder comer!!!! Kkkk
    Asmr é muito bom

  66. Layla Davies says:

    I am sooooo Hungary now x

  67. {Wosp Lord] says:

    Quem é br?

  68. Lauren Garcia says:

    2:06 video starts who else is hungry 😋

  69. Moh Ikhsan says:

    Kalau beli dimana

  70. Spider Thao says:

    i want that food

  71. Macayla Gacha says:

    Zach:first mozzarella corn dog is all yours
    Me:thanks I’ll take cheddar
    Zach:* dips in Alfredo *

  72. I eat chiken 2169 says:

    Imagine getting paid to eat

  73. Лера Дворакова says:

    Сделай асмр видео как ты их готовиш

  74. Mya Grimshaw says:

    I think these mukbang videos are the reason I’m gaining weight. They always make me hungry 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  75. tiffany boersma says:

    This is how many corn dogs zach eats

  76. Sunny HO says:

    I love your videos zach Choi when I'm watching you eating corn dogs I want some too

  77. Egeis xis wobniar Rainbow six siege says:

    Guys keep in mond sprit will never reach out because it a big company it would reach out if zach become more famous then ever make that happen by subcribe to him like share and thats it Ez

  78. goldbrothers criss says:

    You are a good DJ

  79. PhuXd Th says:


  80. Shandria Thomas says:

    It's a crime watching this on a empty stomach !😫🤤

  81. سعاد العمودي says:

    وين ينباع ذا؟

  82. ゆめな says:


  83. Thơ Nguyễn says:

    너는 먹는다

  84. Thơ Nguyễn says:

    미치 나를

  85. Jazmin Guzman says:

    Zach, where do you get Corndogs?? I HAVE BEEN DIEING TO TRY ONE I HAVE NEVER TRIED ONE!

  86. ددعهه رارىى says:


  87. Jelly Candy says:

    Dang bro that cheese sauce was chunky XD

  88. NTP SAVAGE PRO says:

    🙁 im vegetarian and those look so good i cant eat them if i wanted to and i do 🙁 i feel bad for myself

  89. Omg 123 says:

    I wonder what they taste like🤔

  90. Heloisa Santos Reis says:

    Sou só eu ou tem mais algum BR que sempre quis comer um desse ( de queijo kkk)

  91. Ellie Playz says:

    I’m so fricken hungry and it needs to stop

  92. Kk says:

    Can you show us how you make these

  93. Areen Khasraw says:

    I just want to now what is this 🙂

  94. scott montgomery says:

    I HATE Licorice and corn dogs

  95. Julia Kurowska says:



    Can you see the fact the he is look at us then the hotdog back and forth

  97. Oogly Unicorn says:

    We're on a mission to find the cheese sauce,MISSION

    Get it?No?Ok just me

  98. RadiatioN RO says:

    Normal youtuber: face reveal.
    Zach choi: Voice reveal.


    Zach choi: i prefer alfredo with mozzarella
    Again zach: he's continue to get mor salsa cheese

  99. Greg Harris says:

    Where’s the dogs, man🙁

  100. yrevli5 Music says:

    No one:

    The next video on my auto-play: EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MUKBANGS

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