Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite of Cheesy Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Fried Chicken is all yours! Yummy! I didn’t know hot cheetos and fried chicken could work together, but its so good! Thanks for watching!


  1. Sans The skeleton says:

    Could I make these with out the spices and just use flower

  2. LOS OSTIA says:

    Come bien pinche cerdo limpiate el puto hocico

  3. Stealth_Coolaid says:

    I want this now lol

  4. Pan Masala says:

    this is how much times i swallowed my saliva
    likes is answer

  5. Елена Гниатулилллтлнп says:

    Ау русские

  6. imtiaz khanji says:

    Day 19 of requesting lasagna and pizza with chicken wings

  7. Joshua Gonzalez says:

    How many bags of Cheetos does my man buy?!

  8. Busi Ness says:

    I had a stomach ache and when i watched this it got cured wtf

  9. Fatima Oviedo says:

    Seré la única que latina que ve?

  10. Guadalupe Melendrez says:

    Alguien q me responda si la crema amarilla es mostaza ?🙂

  11. anel valeria de la rosa serrano says:


  12. Morgan L says:

    He always got that sprite

  13. THREAT MUSIC says:

    i never thought watching a guy eat fried chicken could help me sleep when my anxiety is high, also i’m pretty jealous of your tats

  14. felicia shuman says:

    1000 what the fuck thaw Todd and 😎 cool

  15. みらいみらい says:


  16. Dia Danae says:

    Yeo Zach you gotta wash your meat before doing that

  17. Ethan //Bazic says:

    He be barley dipping it

  18. daisy lopez says:

    How do these people eat a lot of junk food And not gin weight!

  19. Nirmal Mathew says:

    Dude! How you eat is disgusting. It looks like somebody ejaculated on your face. Why was this in my recommendations?

  20. Ice Bear lover says:

    That looks so goooooooooood! 🤤😘 I really want the hot cheeto chickens!!!!!

  21. Ikonik 10S says:

    I did and it was good

  22. Ybn JT says:

    I really need to make this b4 I go crazy ong 💯💯😩

  23. Lady Bugz says:

    love how he show us how he makes it then eats it

  24. Супер Hacker says:

    Ты мразь

  25. Kim Hyoyeon The Dancing Queen says:

    He eats so many chickens now

  26. Paisley Pool says:

    This is Zach 👦🏻
    Zach LOVES sprite one like means one more sprite for Zach

  27. hmoob lub neej tshiab says:


  28. Mariam Qadumi says:

    The best asmrtist

  29. thicc says:

    I was going to make this buuuttt I have no egg oof

  30. Oscar A. Fregoso says:

    My anxiety is getting to me. I was taught to cook the chicken first on boiling water. Once is cook then I add all the ingredients he did. Finally the frying. That chicken still looks raw from inside. Trust I know uncooked chicken. But I still enjoyed the video.

  31. Andrei Versan says:

    U are eating like a pig

  32. Dylan Carey says:

    U animal

  33. Tori says:

    Cutie. 🥰

  34. Dawson Justice says:

    U eat like a fucking pig

  35. ふふみゆ says:


  36. Mileia Shanire’ says:

    Favorite video !!

  37. COPY CAT GACHA says:

    I'm drooling wow wow

  38. Rin maley says:

    Aint nobody gonna talk about the eggs tho? 🥚

  39. Helez Selim says:

    Thatttt loooks sooooo fucking gooooood

  40. Avan Rizaldi says:

    Like yg nelen ludah doang

  41. Namoh Gaming says:

    His hands shakes all the time otf

  42. HighChewy says:

    Is anyone eating cheetos right now? I am lol

  43. Joshua Eyer says:

    hey zach nice work i am having that stuff for dinner.

  44. M Aditya H Aditya says:

    Zach choi minta ayamnya dong

  45. unicorns forlife says:

    U could put hot cheetos and chocolate with any thing and i would like it

  46. Hugais Zu says:

    Dude i swear I wanted to eat it soooooo bad

  47. Video funtik tv says:

    Very good high eating

  48. Cris Phan Tiktok says:

    chicken very good

  49. K'ristian Mixon says:

    OMG he have his self a whole meal they should make this at KFC like if you agre🤔🤓😲🤤🤤

  50. Latisha Brown says:

    zach why yo face look like that

  51. Theresa Sanders says:

    sooooo every time me and my BFF watch him we in up cracking up and we still be cracking up when stuff he do not even funny we are soooo goffy

  52. •memerdoodlist• animations says:

    what if he mixes the regular cheetos with the hot cheetos?

  53. Khel The Star says:

    this guy makes my mouth water

  54. 혜빈 says:

    First bite 3:45

  55. ketsadaphon Thompson says:

    Yay 😁 he gave us the first bite 🤯

    Like if you’re happy 😊 bye

  56. Bram Van Der Spijk says:

    I just realized Zach literally always wears black….

  57. April Tahlee says:

    That looks soooo good

  58. Boba 1011 says:

    When that first KFC in latvia will open up, imma run there and make this, cuz im hungry

  59. Britney Lee says:

    If you feel to buy chicken will finish wAtching make the like button blue

  60. TriTriChan Lol says:

    I really want to try this recipe

  61. Hazeem Sani says:

    i want you do challenge drive thru at bo n tot

  62. cook1007s yay says:

    Can we please trade XD

  63. Shawna Kenon says:

    Love you soo much, i need to stay more active w your videos too ❤❤

  64. Tasnim Himi says:

    I love chickens very much!!!!!!!!!

  65. オイケの森 says:


  66. Cierra Chantel says:

    I gotta make me some 😫🤤

  67. jeampierre 22 says:


  68. galxysheep 709 says:

    I only watch this because I like when people finish all there food

  69. Alicia I will yor Smith says:

    Need food

  70. Bettye Ricks says:

    Do you save you oil🍗🍗

  71. Cherisse Jaeger says:

    I’m definitely trying this.

  72. Силина Ольга says:


  73. Airhead says:

    jesus fuck, would you like some chicken with that cheese?

  74. XxIt'sYaGirl_RiRixX says:

    Me eating hot Cheetos: HO-HO-HOTTTT
    Zach: …. This is nothing

  75. BIGPUN4EVER says:

    Is this any good?

  76. GamerBR 2006 says:

    2019 alguém brasileiro??

  77. Purple pickle says:

    Looks so good

  78. firewolf39 roblox and plush video's says:

    Why always Sprite ;-;

  79. Anant Dubey says:

    How can someone eat so much cheese id honestly puke

  80. Drex PorLaJe says:

    It's my birthday today can you give likes?

  81. Angel Star says:

    After drinking so much sprite how does he not have any bumps!lol

  82. Linda Rocha says:

    You can’t call this “Food” 😶

  83. Stephen Boone says:

    Do you guys think about the stomach egg this guy has

  84. Sarah Izuegbu says:

    You eat like an animal (compliment)

  85. hmoob lub neej tshiab says:

    Muaj kev nyuaj siab dab tsi los ua si es kuv yeej xav Kom koj nyob kaj siab lug thiab nyob luaj ntxhi xwb os ntawv koj thiab kuv wb ces tiam no ces ntshe tsuas yog phooj ywg lawm xwb 🙄 ●•●•●•●•●•●•●•●•

  86. Beat Scream! says:

    Tengo hambre😔

  87. ‘xXFrenchFrie_EditsXx’ ‘ says:

    Eating starts at 3:45 hope this helped

  88. Jamaica Grant says:


  89. crip drip says:

    Who else is writing the same comment on every video trying to get likes because you laugh everytime you write it

  90. Angry Angel says:

    Why do I watch this late at night I get so hungry 😅

  91. Alessandra Marie Imperial says:

    Can you pls buy us your fans some mcdonals spicy chicken and spicy noodles each

  92. Pastelbluesx Editzz says:

    Now im suffering from hunger

  93. Ariana Jones says:

    I’m just waiting for a vid were he talks

  94. Ashlee Saenz says:


  95. T’challas Queen says:

    Ok now his recipes I’m trying!!!

  96. Phêonïx wølf says:

    Its 1:00

    In the morning

    Up late

    In bed

    S T A R V I N G

  97. Giulia Laganà says:

    I am on diet…

    Choi video

    I was on diet…

  98. Forget me knots says:

    I mc friggin love his tattoos

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