ASMR Eating (Mukbang) | Tuna & Salmon Sashimi Fillets, and Seaweed Salad. Savage Eating.

Subscriber Food Requests! Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today, I’ll be eating Tuna, and Salmon. And also seaweed salad. Thanks for watching! Alright everyone! Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed the video. See you next time! Bye!!!!

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  1. MSP Eats ASMR says:

    Video Highlights Timestamp

    Drone Intro – 0:12
    Subscriber Request and Shoutout – 0:22
    Whisper Intro – 0:35

    First Bite (Wakame Salad) – 0:51
    First Bite Tuna Fillet – 1:44
    First Bite Salmon Fillet – 3:24
    Last Few Bites – 9:07

    Pleasing Chopstick ASMR – 8:12 (also sprinkled throughout the video)

    The entire video is CASUAL eating. 0:51 to end

    No Timelapse Eating!

  2. 은이와팽이 says:

    드시는 소리도 완전 좋아요~~^^
    nice video~~~👍👍👍❤❤❤

  3. Eat Life With Kimchi says:

    Yumm! I love eating sashimi this way. Salmon is definitely my fave. They both look delicious though. 😋😍

  4. BINGS - ASMR says:

    Great video as always, that salmon and tuna looks really delicious. 🤤

  5. KIKI EATS says:

    The sounds though#!!!…..yaaaaas!!!!👍👍👍👍

  6. meg asmr says:

    i jst love the sound when someone eats salmon 🙂

  7. The Day ASMR Girl says:

    Nice video!!😋💛

  8. Eating with the Dudes says:

    Great video

  9. TamJam Eats says:

    You are Amazing!😍🙌🏽🙌🏽 I love everything on your video especially the Tuna sashimi!😍👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Thank you so much! I feel super special!💕Keep those amazing videos coming! I’ll be on look out for that next notification bell!😍😍😍 Have an awesome day my friend!😘

  10. 진태씨TV says:

    Tuna & Salmon
    The combination is too good.

  11. 뮤즈리 Muse Lee says:

    So nice …. i like that food 😍😍❤️

  12. Shy Girl ASMR says:

    This is a great meal!!!!💜💜💜💜💤💤💤

  13. Asmr S.A Eats says:

    what software you use for editing your audio? it tickles! lol great video! i love sashimi!

  14. HungryWeasel ASMR says:

    Super video, my friend! #29 like.

  15. NarsiEats ASMR says:

    Yuuum! Wonderful as always!

  16. HOPE ASMR says:

    The tuna looks like raw steak! I’m sure it’s fresh, made me drool 🤤😋😋

  17. Fábio Devi Naka says:

    Love sashimi

  18. KIKI EATS says:

    Just saw that kiki video….I like it….drake looks different….

  19. Laine A says:

    Nice video, I like the combination of the squishy fish and the crunchy seaweed sounds. 🙂

  20. ASMR Foodie Lover says:

    Love your editing, I really appreciate your work ❤️

  21. lovinqkrystell says:

    Wow you deserve a better amount of views! I love this channel! New subscriber!

  22. Ice Detoizkie says:

    this makes me drool.. thanks for sh a ring! You're always w e l c o m e to v i s i t my p a g e.

  23. Dominic YT says:

    Awesome eating!

  24. Zoey ASMR 조이 says:

    Very nice 👍🏻👍🏻 looks fresh. 😀

  25. Quiet Family-asmr says:

    Nice sound~~!

  26. Crypto One says:

    Hey.. MSP Eats ASMR, I'm likeee n susbbs.. backkk yaa plisssss

  27. Tasty Mukbang Eats says:

    Very Tasty I never ate raw meat before!!!!

  28. Blessing2112 says:

    I like the sound.

  29. VIVI ASMR says:

    # 613 I loved your video I signed up for your channel.

  30. AMY-ASMR says:

    Love it 😍

  31. Qei ASMR says:

    i love your sounds rn brother, it less bg noise.. keep it work brother, i always support! 🔥❤️

  32. veeEats ASMR says:

    those look delicious! yum!

  33. The Adventures of DonnyKipp says:

    Looks so good! And sounds so relaxing lol.

  34. MyASMR diary says:

    Amazing video

  35. Denesse Salumbides says:

    looks yummy!!!!

  36. Chrispy ASMR says:

    "The secret project" haha! love the setup 👌🏾

  37. Stella ASMR says:

    Looks yummy my friend 😋😍👍🏻

  38. The Food Eye ASMR says:

    Love the sounds!! Great editing too! 👍🏼👍🏼😀

  39. IDR-ASMR says:

    thats sound is good,, made me hungry

    Im new subcriber 🙂

  40. Bad Misty says:

    This is all I dream of doing, but I'll just watch you do it instead

  41. RUKA Channel says:


  42. kikyo hinamora says:

    I liked the sound when the chopsticks touched the green thing…

  43. Hello Chippy says:

    Really looks delicious 🤤

  44. Thiên Tước says:

  45. じぶん食堂MY EATING HOUSE says:

    Thank you for commenting on me.
    Your comment has become spam and I deleted it with my mistake. I'm sorry.
    Your videos are wonderful with pictures and sounds that look delicious.
    I subscribed to the channel.
    I am happy if I can properly communicate because I use the translation function.

  46. KATELYN M says:

    Look so yummy 😍😍😍

  47. Crunchy Sayuri ASMR says:

    Salmon looks amazing!

  48. Food Express says:

    dear friend…..wonderful presentation.. super video …. please…. keep… supporting…….. friend >thanks4

  49. K-Dee says:

    Thank you for dropping by my channel and leave your comment yesterday.
    those are good choices to make delicious sticky sound, hahah 🙂

  50. Anne ASMR says:

    I love the crunch! Yum!

  51. Teetee Kells says:

    The salmon looks great. Cool video

  52. Papern In-US says:

    Such a great eating sounds looks so yummy 👍🏼

  53. peachyy tearss says:

    O me gawd it looks so gooood!!! U deserve a LOT more subscribers

  54. Hef Vlog says:

    Looks delicious, sounds good, nice video, subscribed. Check my channel thanks.

  55. Kirah Ramedies says:

    New subscriber🙋❤

  56. pauline trimor says:

    this is mouthwatering! also, congrats on your growth! Excited for you to hit 1k!

  57. EatWithJas91 says:

    Omg that tuna looks amazing! But I would have to go with Salmon it’s my favorite!😋😋😋 awesome video!

  58. Mi novio el pan :3 says:


  59. Angelicwarrior37 ASMR,Natural hair,Makeup says:

    Food looks Yummy. I've really enjoyed watching.

  60. YeeSu ASMR says:

    Whoa! Those fillets are HUGE!Just subscribed and hope we can support each other.Great work!

  61. Nora Tapsin says:

    Hi nice video😘 by the way I already sub on your channel hope you sub back😘 Thankyou#704

  62. Nora Tapsin says:

    Hi nice video😘 by the way I already sub on your channel hope you sub back😘 Thankyou#704

  63. Ollie Gough says:

    Woah, thanks for checking out my channel! I love asmr so I’ll definitely be watching your videos. I’d be so thankful for a shout out or something as I am trying to build my way up as well!

  64. Living With The Lee's says:

    Mmm this looks so good I just want a big bite of the salmon yummy

  65. 기여운KD클마 says:

    L love this program

  66. crème pâtissière says:

    Where did you buy your wakame and that delicious looking salmon? 😻

  67. cook one says:

    I'm impressed
    So i am going to subscribe

  68. April ASMR says:

    That tuna looks bombbbbbb

  69. johnrei tv says:

    Nice bro

  70. Hulio Hulio says:

    Such a quality video! Keep up the amazing content ❤️

  71. Pantera Roz says:

    Im so sorry, but fuk you , you are the beeeeest, i love you soo much, GOOOOOOOD JOOOOOB

  72. Pantera Roz says:

    Im so sorry, but fuk you , you are the beeeeest, i love you soo much, GOOOOOOOD JOOOOOB

  73. Naho Takamiya says:

    Loving your channel already 🤗

  74. 리롤 says:

    Ohmygod! Sound good!!♡♡

  75. Keeping up with the Joneses says:

    Love it yummy I'm New sub please check out my channel

  76. Callme Keis says:

    Subbed. Will appreciate if you do the same.

  77. Callme Keis says:


  78. เจาะข่าวดัง says:

    Very nice sounds… i really like it❤️

  79. 양양튜브 Yangyangtube says:

    That tuna&salmon looks yummy!!!

  80. ASMRwith JAI says:

    Amazing video!! Just subbed to your channel❤❤ Lets stay connected 😊😊

  81. 입만한 says:

    크.. 소리 짱이네 good sound

  82. Gary Mitchell says:

    Good vid I liked and subscribed!

  83. RJ DC says:

    That is so delicious! Im hungry right now haha

  84. Emoji Cam says:

    I saw u comment on Aja video 😀

  85. Alexis Auger says:

    tomorrow im having this same meal

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    Hi Yummy salmon

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  90. Rolax Roblox says:

    really good video! maybe next time don’t have music in the background?

  91. Mason Basnett says:

    Can you do the 20 piece nugget challenge please😁

  92. Killer Beast says:

    Gimme some tuna and salmon 👐

  93. Sahira G says:

    Did your stomach hurt after ?

  94. Jyoti Dhoundiyal says:

    Wow, new subbie here lets stay connected

  95. Janah Louh Galagaran says:

    Don’t let your tounge out when you’re eating

  96. Moon Bear ASMR says:


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  98. Diamante Dea says:

    Come back

  99. solada says:

    You should do a spicy rice cake mukbang next!

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