[ASMR] Fresh Thick Long Salmon Sashimi

I prepared a salmon sashimi It’s so delicious. Big bite I don’t think salmon get tired of eating every day. It’s a cube salmon. in soy sauce BIg bite I love it in soy sauce again It’s cooler, so it tastes better. I’m going to eat it with the raw barbeque. a big bite My nose is frowning. in tartar sauce So good It’s so delicious That’s the last one.

25 comments on “[ASMR] Fresh Thick Long Salmon Sashimi”

  1. Kazy ASMR says:

    Wow 😋

  2. Gấu Trắng says:

    Ngon ko ban

  3. くれよん says:

    サーモンの咀嚼音好きだからたくさん投稿してくれて嬉しいです✩°。⋆⸜(*˙꒳˙* )⸝

  4. KKOM's LIFE [ASMR&VLOG] says:

    연어가 이렇게 얌전하게 넘어가나요 … 👍😍

  5. Saša Přichystalová says:

    beautiful subscription and like ❤️ ♥ ️😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘

  6. Saša Přichystalová says:


  7. بنت ابوها وضلعت اخوها says:

    احكي معي عربي

  8. Putrii Azzahra says:

    Hallo i from indonesia ♡♡
    I like you:)

  9. Melissa Van Rooyen says:

    It's not often that I like the look of the "sashimi" people eat. But this salmon looks stunning and delicious

  10. 달나라유트버 says:

    소리가 그 누구보다 짱 이에요!!!

  11. Lillian Matthews says:

    So good!

  12. MORU NAMI says:


  13. SongByrd ASMR says:

    You cut that salmon wonderfully!

  14. Арина Магомедова says:

  15. Ilham Azzafzafi says:

    Love tha way yu eat 🥰

  16. Melek Cicek says:

    Its really delicious with the soy sauce soo good

  17. zahra atikah tikah says:

    ……. So good

  18. GV Eats says:

    New sub 💓💗 salmon sashimi is the best

  19. stin&star ASMR says:

    Salmon is the best sashimi, at least in our opinion.. 😉

  20. Yennhi206 93z says:

    From Vietnam
    Love you ❤️😘

  21. KKiniz 끼니즈 says:

    It's better than A bear.

  22. Matilde Motta says:

    Love from Itay❣️🇮🇹

  23. อรัญญญา อินศวร says:


  24. 박상윤 says:

    누나 컨텐츠 보니까 전부 연어네용 집에 연어많이 사셨는데 남으셨나요?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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