[ASMR] Huge Hamachi Sashimi 🐟거대한 대방어 회 먹방 刺身 món gỏi cá pescado crudo cortado 生鱼片

Buy a yellow tail I’m ready to have a drink! It was 7.5 kilograms in defence. It was so big that I gave it to the neighbors. I just, you may eat only set aside. Well, I really enjoyed the meal! High level yellow tail meeting. Look at this Color really looks delicious. It’s really yummy. It’s art. belly fat My stomach is really good. the flesh of one’s flesh It’s the best. The texture of the chewing This texture is absolutely delicious. I’m impressed now. Crazy It’s really delicious. Crazy It’s really good. For yellow tail, super spicy sauce is better than soy sauce. I can’t take a bite to eat. I forgot to put on the lemon. lemon-sprung yellow tail You did a good job of U-Tubbering. You’re really good at U-Tube. There’s a little bit of ash on your head, too. It’s So Young again. It reminds me of the old days. I touched my eyes and my eyes went like this. Defensive hair tastes milder than tuna hair. Tuna has a bit of a scent, but the yellow tail doesn’t smell like a fish. yellow tail is truth. Everyone, make sure you try it. It’s the best since I started ASMR. It’s the best fish. Let’s go get some protection from tomorrow. first-class sitt second-class belly a third-class dorsal attack Thank you for the defense. It’s your defense is in season these days. Be sure to try. I can feel the emotions in. Subscription, press OK. ♡

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