Hey guys, welcome BACK to another video! Hope, you guys are doing well Today, I’ve got some Japanese food I’ve got eel with rice I’ve got an assortment of sushi and I’ve got takoyaki Hope you guys enjoy this one! Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe LET’S GET THIS (I just realized the camera didn’t focus on the eel don) Delicious! It has a nice chew but still remains tender Btw this is the first time I’m trying eel Let’s have some takoyaki, this is my first time trying it Nice flavour and not too overpowering It’s also really light and the Japanese mayo and takoyaki sauce really top it off I wasn’t planning to have 4 in a row But I can’t get enough of it lol I’ll enjoy some more of the eel now Takoyaki is basically octopus balls for those who did not know The Fanta flavour is kind of like peach and orange mixed together This inari looked really small in the package- I can taste the fried salmon followed by the cucumber and then the wasabi kicks in wait let me get some wasabi… I tend to add a lot of wasabi to my sushi I bought this from a Japanese store in London Nigiri, and even sushi, in general, is simple but delicious The sauce on the eel is kind of like a sweet soy sauce The rice hardened up slightly but it still goes really well with the eel I wish there was more eel Next time I’m gonna try to make this myself (eel nigiri) Btw, I mixed a lot of wasabi into the soy sauce This inari sushi was filled with crab Last sushi! I hope you guys enjoyed that one If you did, make sure to like, comment and subscribe! I’ll see you guys in the next one Peace!


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