Hi, fellow birdies! Today, I’m having macarons! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Let’s start off by drinking some coconut milk! Let’s try chocolate caramel! First bite is yours! Very sweet! Reminds me of a Snickers bar! I got all of these macarons at Whole Foods. They were $36 for two boxes of 12. This one is Passion Fruit. Looks like dragonfruit, huh? It melts in my mouth! It reminds me of fruit punch. It sure does make my mouth messy! I believe this one is Apple pie! It’s definitely got that pie taste! It feels creamy, too. Some of them like to fall apart, but the taste is worth it. I’ve got another one here. Let’s enjoy it! I am very surprised at how good these are. Worth the money, for sure! Do you like the slight crunch of macarons? This is Dark chocolate. I bet this will be my favorite! I was right. That subtle chocolate taste is just right. It also has chocolate sprinkles! This is literally the most macarons I’ve ever eaten in one sitting. How many can you eat? Let’s try chocolate mint next! This would probably be my husband’s favorite one. Certainly would be! I’m not a huge fan of that flavor, but it packs a punch! I’m so happy getting to try out these flavors! Some are harder to bite into than others. I’m not sure why! I thought about dipping some in milk to soften them. But I forgot to! What would be your favorite flavor? This was my breakfast. So I was very hungry! These also go well with tea or coffee. I’m going to drink some more milk to wash things down! I think the sprinkles help give it an extra crunch! Plus, they’re just prettier! I feel like I’m in heaven. These are delicious! I’m only eating 18 of these. There were 24. I saved the rest for my son and husband! Before I bought these, I’d never seen a macaron like this before. It has spots! It tastes like ice cream inside. A fruity ice cream. It’s also making my fingers messy. But that’s fun! Only 6 left! I’ve got plenty of room to spare. I think this one is Vanilla bean. I’ve already lost track of the flavors! There were so many different flavors. But I will say that this one reminded me of vanilla and with a hint of coconut! The trick is to take smaller bites of these so that they’ll last! If you haven’t tried macarons before, you don’t know what you’re missing! I’m gonna move on to some more good chocolate now. These didn’t have any sprinkles on them. Only 3 left. We’re working our way down! I wonder what flavor my son would like? Maybe this one or Apple Pie! He hasn’t tried too many yet. So I wouldn’t know. I saved some of the best for last. These are very pleasant! One more left! Let’s eat it! I think 18 is definitely my limit. But I enjoyed it! Be sure to check out Whole Foods if you want a good selection of macarons! Satisfied with sweetness! Let’s drink the rest of the milk! See you next time! Bye, birdies 🙂


  1. SongByrd ASMR says:

    I'd been wanting to do this video for a long time, and I was lucky to find so many varieties of macarons at my local Whole Foods market. They were expensive, but totally worth it!

    Do you like macarons?

  2. TRU-ASMR says:

    I could eat some of these right now 😋

  3. PHTummy ASMR says:

    OMG sis this is one of the prettiest Macarons is ever seen;) i love the red one

  4. marshmallow says:

    You’re so lucky to eat so many macarons! Macarons are my favourite desert, but none of the shops in my area sell any. There is this one shop that does though, but they’re expensive.
    Thank you for another amazing video! 🙂 Have a nice day!

  5. - 蜜糖 says:

    wait you’re already at 91k?! omgggg ahh u deserve all this love and more, we’re so close to 100k 💓💓💓

  6. MR EATS says:

    Ive never seen some of these macorons before! They look so good 🤤

  7. Naomi Halidak says:

    Wow it looks so goodddd

  8. Juu ASMR says:

    I love macarons! I would definitely love to try the caramel one!!

  9. Lightin' Breezzez says:

    I would just grab a handfull and shove it in my mouth,buttttttt I'd choke

  10. Natalie and Nikki Hanh Nguyen says:

    The desserts look delicious

  11. Yuliana Mendez says:

    How much money was that omg. Macaroons are really expensive.

  12. kpoptrashie says:

    you’re so close to 100k subs!! rooting for you 😀

  13. CURIE. ASMR says:

    love to try passion fruit one !!!

  14. 마리아 says:

    Where did you buy these?

  15. sunflower butterflies says:

    Ahhhhh this made me hungry it looks so gud

  16. Carmen says:

    I've been searching for a nice macaron video for a few hours now and I come across this! Amazing.. thank you so much ♥️

  17. SKRRRT_ SKRRRT says:

    I love after u take the first bite your face lights up and in your head your like

    dis is gud
    😂it's so cute❤❤

  18. Luna ASMR달콤루나 says:

    I like the color of macaroons as the saying goes, “A good looking rice cake is good to eat.”😋❤️

  19. Maddison Winks says:

    577th like and 440th comment! ❤️

  20. relaxing eating show says:

    l have not had macarons before. They look very good. Subbed

  21. Bun ASMR says:

    These Macarons are so beautiful and their colours are so vibrant 😍

  22. mira ASMR 미라 says:

    Love macarons~

  23. uni_Cici says:

    Made a horrible desicion to watch this at midnight. The macaroons look so good and the left over brownies in the kitchen are calling out to me. Must… Resist…..😂

  24. MINJI ASMR says:

    macaron party 👍🤤

  25. Antonius Faskal says:

    Maracon mukbang 😋👍🏻

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    Hi SongBryrd ASMR

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    Wow ,,, that sounds really good !! 😍❤❤ I might not be good at English because I am using a translator ,, 😂💧 You're so pretty !!! 🌹❤ Thank you for always making good videos 〰 🤗❤❤❤❤❤

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    Sorry im late but the macarons looks sooo good! 😍

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    great video as usual!!! also happy birthday to your son Evan :))

  39. Aleyna Suna says:

    I actually love how she always finishes her food 🙂

  40. Ralla asmr랄라 says:

    You're really amazing.😄😄😄

  41. Naomi Par says:

    Wow she ate 18 macaroons

  42. *브롱이 says:

    That is very good sound!

    (I am sorry for my poor English..)

  43. 여주의 먹TV_Eating Show says:

    Hi! I am watching your video on the computer today.

    Your image quality is so good that I feel as if a macaron is in front of me.!!! : )

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    I just found your channel from one of those “underrated asmr channels” videos and I’m so glad I found you! Really enjoying your videos ❤️

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  48. Riana Alam says:

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    I've also bought those same ones from my local whole foods, and yes they were crazy expensive. The mochi was even more expensive. However what I noticed about those macarons is that some of them are over the top sweet. Some varieties I've tried have tasted great and were not too sweet. Unfortunately these ones are packed with tons of sweetness and they didn't sit well with me. Glad you enjoyed them though.

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    Aahhhh so close to 100k! Ur the strongest woman!! I love u so much!😍❤️

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    I'd also like to say your content is great, and your videos are high quality. Your smile is also just really sweet!

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