Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Ahh Mozzarella Corn Dog, my old friend.. The white coating is sugar! Sorry, I had to skip a bunch of the ketchup. It kept splattering everywhere D: LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! I swear Shrimp Cocktail is my favorite seafood! Wow, the Cheese Pull Gods favor me this evening 🙂 Thanks for watching!!


  1. Max Thewatchingod says:

    Good thing im eating shrimp while im watching this

  2. Geovana Valladares says:


  3. türkiyekorean tv says:

    Sprayt sponsorlugu mu aldin abi her yemekte sprita iciyon

  4. yeet skeet that hurt my heart beat says:

    Zack: you can have the first bite

    Me: omg thank you i haven't eaten all da-

    Zack: eats the first bite

  5. Wanni Dendani says:

    Qui sa donne trop envie

  6. Linda Mirich says:

    Is that a plastic straw

  7. Olivia Chika says:


  8. lynnci craft says:

    O pior e que eu sou alegico a camarão

  9. Ray Nestor Ramos says:


  10. Brisa Kent says:


  11. Yoongi•Suga says:

    plot twist: zach is secretly j-hope

  12. เจริญลักษณ์ ยศพล says:


  13. นาวี พรมตื้อ says:


  14. BigD0916 Avation says:

    Where does he get the MOZZARELLA CORN DOGS????

  15. *v i c t o r i a* * a l l e n* says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I gained weight watching this video,
    And so did you

  16. Isa Dances says:

    Teacher: if you could be any person in the world who would it be?? 🤔

    Me: thinks of Zach 😃😎🤩

  17. 黒と白DarknessOverLord says:

    Omg, I always watch this when I didn’t even eat dinner! Now I’m starving to death. Hope to see you guys tomorrow if I’m still alive.

  18. ليلي الشيخي says:


  19. Valerie And Pauline says:

    Isn’t hard to eat and not talking

  20. gabrielle rowan says:

    looking at the amount of cocktail sauce zach dips his shrimp in made me realize i maybe way over do it. not a big fan of that particular sauce tho

  21. Juan Guerrero G says:

    My question is how can he eat that fast

  22. Pavle Kokosar says:


  23. Mario Pop says:

    Me in the bed:☺
    My stomach:NOT AGAIN

  24. Zhusubalieva channel says:


  25. เรืองฤทธิ์ ดวงพิมพ์ says:

    กูรู้ทําไมคนดูเยอะเเม่งใส่เสียงกรอบๆเเล้วดูตอนเเดรกกุ้ง กุ้งบ้านพ่อึงกรอบหรอสัส

  26. Demi Gean says:

    Can sprite just sponsor him already🙄

  27. Khalida momin says:

    U look handsome guy

  28. Mate Zagyi says:

    Fuck you noob

  29. lazar babi says:

    Is good food !!!

  30. maria angela vargas peñaloza says:

    Se esta comiendo un perro

  31. I'mWalkingHere Ha says:

    tHis is hOW maNy pEopLE hAve uNORigiNAl coMmENTs 👇👇👇

  32. Casandra Aleman says:

    5:48 just gonna leave this here

  33. Doggo Henriquez says:

    He eats everything he wants everyday but i only eat dog poop

  34. Pucci Games says:

    LIAR, you made a noise in your video with your mouth, it said no talking you ruined the experience, shammmmmmeeeeee

  35. Duh Bragaa says:

    Queria uma golada nesse refrigerante

  36. Bella Mia says:

    Whenever he holds the food up to the camera and says u have the first bite I always think I wish 😂 lol

  37. iidani Avalos says:

    Roses are red Violets are blue I wish I could eat that food😪

  38. febbry yan syah adrian Saputra says:

    Hello my name is: febbry 🇮🇩

  39. Joshya says:

    Who the hell drinks sprite with a big mother fucking straw like.m that

  40. Shakr Asia says:

    Love ur vids
    This is how many of u scrolled down to read comments

    Edit: thnx m so happy for so much likes i have not got so much of these b4!!

  41. Iqbal Querishi says:

    Who ❤zach asmr

  42. Dukkzy says:

    That Mozzarella corndog looks GOOD

  43. Dukkzy says:

    The Cocktails are my fav

  44. Jennifer Cabrera says:

    Cheese pull. So satisfying

  45. Puchita Giardili says:

    Ma sto qui non ingrassa o si sente male per tutte ste schifezze?BHA

  46. KingHack says:


  47. Bao Ton says:

    Are the white things on the mozzarella corn dog sugar?

  48. AHMET şen says:

    adamın yemek yimekten gozleri donmüş

  49. klebe riano says:

    Uhummmmmn tô Like good

  50. saki y ayano lol says:


  51. Fake Noob says:

    Every time I see your vids I'm thinking: give me that food damn that's looking f*ckind delicious

  52. Ta'Najah Lee says:

    I’m I the only one who doesn’t like corn dogs but the way he is eating it is making me like it

  53. Brit Love says:

    Shrimp cocktail is my favorite as well

  54. The Bota says:

    Аузы не деген дау

  55. Elite Yahya says:

    At 7:53 min i was going to die

  56. FISHY_SM says:

    Is that a reusable straw in the sprite???!!! 🐢

  57. Marco Antonio Garcia Arriaga says:

    What it is crazy

  58. Mãśtèrmäñgøłd 13 says:

    Were too buy????

  59. VibesWith Tt says:

    y u stare at the screen so much

  60. notcool ali says:

    Zach:Relaxed by eating food

  61. Sofía janeth Reyes Rodríguez says:

    Bueno no ablo china ni coriano pero ese chinito está bien guapooo like si a las español

  62. Sean Elsmore says:

    Who else thinks that the crumbs look like cinnamon sugar??

  63. Mandie Piiee says:

    The C H E E S E P U L L G O D S Have done me a f a v o r

  64. Reese Ymogen says:

    Im getting hungry..

  65. BENIZEE XE says:

    my ear cum

  66. DogCreative 1234 says:


  67. yunhan cha says:

    Sinilah kita berkumpul bersama para rakjel kaum missqueen seperti aing :"

  68. SANDRA Mara says:

    Quem é brasileiro e ta assistindo em 2019 curte

  69. Xxgachagurl xX says:

    I’ve wanted almost everysingle one of you videos with those. Mozzarella corndogs I want one SO BAD

  70. antonia couto says:

    I Love this

  71. Selim Kara says:

    I am not here because the asmr i am here because the food

  72. Kasım Azun says:

    Yarram ye

  73. Graziela Monteiro says:


  74. Rey Principe De La Casa says:

    Where you from

  75. Renzo Odina says:

    Love your vidz😍😍😍

  76. Andrea Jimenez says:

    Comes como cochino aquí nadie va a querer

  77. Honey Sa says:

    Your making me hungry 😋 yummy 🤤 food 🥘 there Zach I wanna eat it too >:)

  78. Julieta Pedraza says:

    This is my Sister. This is my brother we are sample

  79. ホワイトモーニング武田 says:


  80. Ahmed Salem says:

    Zach Play roblox

  81. Payton Crossley says:

    Sooo good

  82. Hellen Isme says:

    Dari indonesia mana suaranya??

  83. Farrel Duta says:

    Abis makan asem kgga bang?

  84. TheEmeraldGamer says:

    I bet the gods are watching him on bed and drooling all across the floor

  85. Babygurl. Niya says:

    Sounds are amazing

  86. Lucas caputti Caputti says:

    Eu Lucas sou BRasileiro

  87. alana addie says:


  88. Assiel's Dream says:

    This how many people never taste mozarrella corn dog but want one now 🤤

    Autolike for not disappear


  89. Ema Dickerson says:

    How does he eat so much fatty foods and not be on my 600lb life? Lol

  90. Theresa Mae De Guzman says:

    First bite is all yours.. but then continues to eat it.

  91. Travis Sabur says:

    I WANT NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!😤

  92. Lunar Playzgames says:

    My body is deceiving my brain, because I know these type of vids make me so hungry when I just keep on watching them.

  93. Alex ITemp says:


  94. Alise c says:

    I love how in every in almost every video your left with alot of sauce

  95. Gamer Ghoul says:

    Beginning of ASMR intro:playing with food like a car

  96. Mizuki_ animefan says:

    Parents- Zach keeps on eating we should stop him it's too unhealthy
    Zach- hold my corn dogs and the 29 mil I made from mukbang asmr vids
    Parents- O_O

  97. Xłòśérbway:3 Mallo BDM says:

    No strechy cheese oh men

  98. Thuy Hua says:

    Em còn lứa tuổi học sinh nhìn ngon qúa

  99. joan mercier says:

    R.i.P la table

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