ASMR Mukbang|연어회와 광어회로 만든 예쁜 회 케이크와 신라면 Super Spicy!! 먹방!!

Noryangjin Fish Market Flatfish Salmon Hello~ I am Kani jjang~(^^*) Annyeong~❤️ Today I have prepared sashimi cake that I bought at Noryangjin market. and seafood that I got for free. There are sushi and Shin noodles too.
I will eat well~(^^*) How do you think of this cake? (^^*) Isn’t it beautiful? If I prepared this cake for birthday of a child, the child will be very disappointed. (^^*) But if sashimi lovers get this as present, They will be so happy like me. (^^*) This cake was made of 2 kinds of fish. Salmon and flatfish. Green leaves were made of wasabi. And white noodle thing is a kind of seaweed. Flatfish is called “Gwang-eo” here. It is very popular fish for sashimi in Korea. Gwang-eo sashimi has a bit hard texture
and very chewy. It has savory taste but tastes better with warm rice. Especially belly part is the best and tastes very savory. Salmon sashimi has relatively soft texture comparing with flatfish. It is quite juicy and has deep taste. You can sometimes feel it a bit oily. So eating with onion or wasabi would be better. All kinds of sashimi goes very well with rice. In such point of view, I want to recommend you to try sushi first if you didn’t try sashimi yet. This is rice mixed with tobiko
and wrapped with perilla leaf. Everytime I went to market,
I could get some free service. I could get these perilla wrapped rice and the shrimps for free this time. Merchants in the market seem to be so generous. There is “Select and Eat” system In Noryangjin market. Try to buy any seafood and tell the merchant
that you are gonna eat it there. Then he will guide you to a hall with lots of tables. Then the seafood you selected will be cooked
and delivered to your table. Please be noticed that fee for renting table will be charged separately from seafood cost. But table charge is not so big. And it is such a merit that we can choose
fresh seafood by ourselves. Many foreign travellers also visit here
to taste various seafood. I also recommend this place for you. But before deciding where to buy, check the prices
at more than 3 places. Then you can minimize the risk of being overcharged. When I travelled Vietnam the other day, I found this Shin ramen super spicy
in a convenience store. Shin ramen is Korean noodles. But we don’t have Super spicy in Korea. So I got curious about the taste. I think it is spicier than ordinary Shin ramen. It also has thicker soup. But I don’t think it deserves the name “Super spicy” (^^*) Anyway I don’t understand why Nongshim company didn’t promote this product in Korea. Nongshim company seems to love Vietnamese people more than Koreans (^^*) When reading comments, some viewers
seemed to wonder why I didn’t upload vlog videos about Vietnam But I just returned to Korea and need time to edit them. I think 1st video about Vietnam can be uploaded
on coming Friday (^^*) So please wait for me for a while. (^^*) Everyone~ Have a happy Sunday~(^^*) Today I tried sashimi cake. They say this is for 4~5 people. So it doesn’t seem to be reduced although I keep eating. But today my parents will visit here.
I will finish the leftover with them. This was very nice meal~(^^*)
See you again~!!

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