ASMR Mukbang|오징어, 문어, 가리비, 전복 등 다양한 해물을 넣은 해물찜~ 오랜만에 먹어봤어용!

Hello~ I am G-NI (Kani JJANG)~❤️ Annyeong~😄 Today I have prepared Haemul-jjim (Braised spicy seafood) I will eat well~^^* This is abalone. What I put on abalone is milt. Milt is a part of reproductive organ
containing sperm of male fish. When boiled, it tastes mild and soft. In the previous video, many people asked me
if it is a brain. ^^* Now you may know what it is. And there are many cultures that use milt as food. This is fish eggs. It is protein itself. Can you guess how many eggs are there? This is not salty or spicy. It tastes very mild. In Korea fish eggs are used for various foods like seafood soup or egg omelette, etc. If you listen to the chewing sound, you many know
fish eggs are not juicy but dry inside. This cucumber chili can provide me with
some moisture. And it also refreshes my tongue. This is squid. Red sauce on this seafood may look very spicy to you. But it tastes rather sweet and salty. and slightly spicy. Because each restaurant has its own sauce recipe, I can’t say this is the general taste of Haemul-jjim. I just bought this from a restaurant near my house. and I like their sauce. What I did for this food is just adding steamed scallops. This is shrimp. I usually eat shrimps without peeling skin. By the way, it made many foreign friends surprised before. And I was surprised at their being surprised ^^* But finanlly I could find many colleagues that
eat shrimps without peeling skin like me. This is scallop. Scallops were not included in Haemul-jjim at first. I added them myself. Here I have a question. When I uploaded a video of eating scallops
for the first time, many people advised me to remove the intestines. But when I removed them in the next video,
many other people advised me not to remove. Which one is correct? ^^* This is pen shell. If you like chewy texture, pen shell would be better than
the scallops that I ate a while ago. Scallops are very soft comparing with pen shell. And I prefer scallops. Vegetables under the seafood is bean sprout. They were well mixed with the seafood at first. But I separated them and put under the seafood
so that I can show you the food well. Here is another half of pen shell. After I ate the previous half, my jaw already got tired. My jaw will need some rest
after chewing the remained half. Sorry for the making pig sound. ^^* This beverage is called “Milkis” I was born in 1991 and milkis was born in 1989. Mlikis tastes like sprite mixed with
small amount of milk. This is octopus. I am worried if this seafood restaurant is in trouble. Because they put in smaller octopus and squid than before. They seem to struggle to save the cost. ^^* This is very small octopus. These are very small but all grown up. Sometimes there are people who criticize me
that I eat the baby seafood. I never eat baby seafood.
Please don’t worry about it. ^^* This is shell. I don’t know the exact name of this shell. This is not so big and not so small. I will call this medium size shell ^^* Its tastes is not very different from other shells. Please enjoy the remained part
and have a nice weekend~❤️ I have prepared Haemul-jjim today
because of many request. Have you enjoyed that? I hope you will have a great day with nice food. It was a good meal~
See you again~❤️

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