ASMR Mukbang|용인 신봉동 맛집, 연평도해물탕에서 푸짐한 해물탕을 사먹어 봤어요!!

Hello~ I am kani jjang~(^^*) Annyeong~❤️ Today~ Today I have prepared haemool-tang, albap and kimchi. Let’s enjoy~❤️ I bought this at a seafood restaurant. Korean seafood restaurants usually serve
seafoods alive to show that they are very fresh. Such way might be considered
to be cruel by some people. I hope they would not be offended by this video. Korean word “Haemool” means seafood
and “Tang” means soup. So if you want to taste this when you come to Korea, please search for “haemultang” on Google
to find the right restaurants. This is “Albap” In Korea, egg of every animal is called “Al”
and “Bap” means rice. But in almost all cases, tobiko is used for albap. The black bowl of albap is made of ceramic
that can keep the heat for long time. So you can fry the rice with other ingredients
for a while even after it was served. This is abalone. Abalone is very popular ingredients
for any seafood in Korea. They are not very cheap but not very expensive either. I like its chewy texture. I saw some people who had advised me
to chew longer for my health. Thank you for worrying about me (^^*)
But I chew quite well. But I usually cut chewing scenes partly
because long chewing scenes make the video boring. If I include all the chewing scenes,
my video will last more than 30 minutes (^^*) Haemool-tang is quite expensive food in Korea. What I bought cost 100,900 KRW (92 USD) But considering that this haemool-tang
can be shared by 4 people, it might be reasonable price. Not every seafood restaurant can serve
this good haemool-tang even in Korea. This restaurant locates a bit far from Seoul.
But people living in Seoul visit here to enjoy nice foods. I am gonna show this restaurant on my outdoor mukbang video in the near future. When eating haemultang, soup tastes the best. Broth extracted from various seafoods is
really deep and refreshing. Koreans usually express such taste as “siwonhada”. Siwonhada has meaning of “cool” as well. So many foreign students studying
Korean language get confused when they hear Koreans say “siwonhada”
while eating hot soup. (^^*) Somebody would wonder why I write
both “haemultang” and “haemool-tang” “Haemultang” would be generally accepted spelling. I wrote “haemool-tang” to reduce
pronunciation confusion. This is not brain. (^^*) It is milt. I have to explain everytime I eat it.
Because there are always new comers. (^^*) If you don’t know what milt is,
please search the word on google.(^^*) This is clam. This clam is called “Mosi jogae” in Korea. It is used very often when cooking soups in Korea. The clams are very useful to make refreshing soup. Recently I am adding intro sent from my viewers. I want to make good memory for my viewers
adding their intro in my videos. But it might take long time
to show every video that I received. I am sorry for it and thank you
for sending me many videos (^^*) If you dip the seafoods in the broth
just before you eat, you might feel more juicy. I think scallops are perfect for any seafoods cuisuine. I can’t count how many scallops I have eaten so far. Now I am scared of their revenge. (^^*) Personally, I prefer steamed or grilled scallops
to the ones in the soup. This is pen shell. I don’t know if this shell is popular in other country. But in Korea, pen shell is quite popular
ingredients in Korea. Moreover it is very cheap. You can buy one pen shell
at about 1,800 KRW (1.5 USD) This is turban shell. So many seafoods were in the soup.
But you may not be able to find any fish. Fishes are seldom used in haemultang. This is pollack roe. This is called “al” or “goni” Its texture inside is quite dry. So I recommend you to eat it with the soup. It would be much more yummy. (^^*) Although I am a big seafood lover,
this big bowl of haemultang was too much for me. But my husband was waiting for me
to finish the recording. (^^*) He is also a huge seafood lover.
And he successfully finished the leftover. Next time I shoot a outdoor mukbang video
in this restaurant, I will show you more various seafoods (^^*) Have a nice weekend everybody~(^^*) I haven’t eaten hamultang for while. Why did I forget this food? Seafoods were so fresh and yummy today. It was nice meal.
See you again~(^^*)

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