[ASMR Mukbang] 문어가 통째로? 해물찜🐙(Spice SeaFood) | Realsound Eatingshow 먹방 [Ssoyoung 쏘영 ASMR]

You can hear even better sound if you wear arms! It’s heavy. Octopus. Hello, I’m Sso-young. Today, I prepared a seafood steamer that you recommended. I really like the smell. Subscribe, all right, please push now. There are various kinds of seafood. There are so many. I’ll explain it to you while I eat. Well, first of all, the first thing that stands out. Oh, it’s heavy. Octopus. I’ll cut out the octopus and eat it. This is really big. I’ll try octopus legs. Smells spicy~ I think I ate too big a leg from the start. The octopus is very soft. It’s chewy. It’s chewy. And, there are so many. What should I eat first? I’ll try abalones and abalones. Is it too big? I’m going to cut this one It wasn’t abalone. It was fish. Fish. Why does it look like abalone? This time, shrimp this time. The seasoning is evenly cut, so it’s so delicious. This is Fish eggs There are a lot of women who can’t eat this. I like it. It’s full of nutrition. You should eat the Fish eggs with bean sprouts. They’re crunchy. with bean sprouts So Goni Goni is so delicious. It’s very moist and soft. What looks like may be a little unfriendly. I’ll try mussels. I didn’t eat squid! Squid It’s easy to eat. If you look in the back, there’s a cuttlefish. like an onion ring be very good Cut it into rings like this way. squid ring scallop shell It’s so good. I don’t know what this is. It looks like seafood, but I’ll try it. It’s like a shell. It’s like a clam cut. Seafood stew should not be left out. I’ll try scallops. Mussels I don’t think I’ve ever tried this before. I think it’s the gills of the fish. It’s chewy. I thought it was a scallop, but it blew out of my mouth, so I was surprised. These days, you’ve been recommending items to me. I’m not worried. I’m enjoying my meal. Thank you for recommending many items. Thanks to you, I ate delicious seafood stew. I really enjoyed the meal.

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  1. Fĺôřêñ Ťîñà says:

    mpok lo ngomong kek lagi nyolong kecil bener😂😂😂

  2. paramitha arifin says:

    ngapain bisik2 sih bicarax😂

  3. 잔노비 says:


  4. 맹뎅 says:

    오디서 시켰어용??

  5. Kimm Thoaa says:

    Mũi của bạn đã qua phẫu thuật??

  6. Li am says:

    아디서 주문하신건가요? 언니가 드시니까 엄청 먹고싶아요

  7. Diệp Ngọc says:

    아주 맛있는

  8. 최대욱 says:

    눈주변에 핏줄 나올때 너무이쁘심.

  9. Trang Suri says:

    Nói bé qua nghe là mất muốn xem rui
    Nó giả tạo sao sao ý
    Như kiểu bị câm

  10. Ariadna Zaideth Soriano says:

    q rico💖👍

  11. Fifi & Vin says:

    I so like it… I feel like to get it…

  12. Izzbella 19 says:

    Oh my god…I'm so hungry noww…

    P/s you got new subscribers

  13. May ann Fernandez says:

    What the meaning of asmr reply pls

  14. karl says:

    at the thumbnail i thought it was Yeji–

  15. Najla Haura rayyan says:

    Sma ska seafood

  16. abby eleyn says:

    why are they eating the shell of the shrimp?

  17. 엥엑우 says:

    ㅜㅜㅜㅜ쏘영님.. 진짜 썸넬도 잘잡으시고 다 좋은데 소리가 조금 빈약한 부분이 있는 것 같아서 피드에 영상 뜰때마다 너무너무 항상 아쉬워요…ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 조금 더 리얼하게 소리가 났다면 충분히 구독자도 늘 것 같은데ㅜㅜㅜ….

  18. Nam Nguyen says:

    나는 조금 불편 해 보인다. 갈망이나 기분이 들지 않고 먹는 방법을보기 위해 표류하는 것을 먹고 두려워한다. 그것은 비공식적 인 의견이다.

  19. LaDonna Sofranko says:

    What is that red sauce?

  20. ASMR spooky says:

    She is stunning very beautiful😍

  21. Allahverdiyeva Kemale says:


  22. Novie Ariestha says:

    Kok semua video anda tidak semua bahasa indonesia aja

  23. Novie Ariestha says:

    Eh maksut saya adalah semuanya subtitle Indonesia

  24. SAKURA TREE says:

    You look pretty when u r eating. You don't look like most "mukbang" YouTuber who stuff too much in their mouths. 😍😍

  25. minh phương mai says:

    Em là người việt nam chị biết chữ chứ ko biết nói ạ

  26. ANI CHANEL says:

    VN diem sanh

  27. Julia Andrea says:

    A question :

    Do u guys eat shrimp with the shell on or no?

  28. Hue Mai says:

    Con lạy mẹ, mẹ nói to dùm con. Như kiểu doạ ma

  29. Tiên Tiên says:

    I from VietNam .. i love u ^^

  30. Huyền trang Nguyễn says:

    Ngon quá chị ơi

  31. Tailele Tailele says:

    Xinh quá

  32. Samya's World says:

    You look like Hyuna ❤️❤️❤️

  33. セラムペコ says:


  34. v x says:

    Salfok sama idung

  35. Mylene Podador says:

    You look like kang mi-Rae from the Korean dramas of My ID is a Gangnam Beauty. Your pretty.

    Ps: I like seafood too it's my favorite.

  36. Mai Anh Nguyễn says:

    Cảm ơn chị đã vietsub 😁

  37. Nhi Linh says:

    Mới bật vào :
    " Nếu bạn đang đeo 'cánh tay' thì có thể nghe thấy những âm thanh tốt hơn" ?
    Xin lỗi nhưng tôi không hiểu? -.-

  38. Sakura Bediones says:

    Wow! I like she is careful not to worry wiping, shes a beauty

  39. Asenlkr 75 says:

    Eating 20% Acting & Talking 80%👏

  40. DLISH says:

    You look really good when you eat ☺️ 예쁘시네요 ❤️

  41. Hiep Nguyen says:

    Bọn hàn quốc ăn như cứt

  42. xXAgnes gachaXxツ says:

    Ur so beautiful you should become a model 😍🤗

  43. ライフガード says:


  44. 김이슬 says:

    우와 해물찜이네여 맛있게 드시구 힘내세여 화이팅♥

  45. 진수 says:

    와 해물찜 해산물 여러가지니까 골라먹는 재미네요ㅋㅋ

  46. 진수 says:

    저도 고니 랑 알 좋아해요 진짜 맛있어요~

  47. lition Demo says:

    키조개 잘라놓은거같진않고ㅜ오징어 몸통아닐까요?

  48. 5LeeOn says:


  49. 5LeeOn says:

    해물안조아하는데 먹고싶네여ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  50. k쌍 아 says:

    언니 ㅠㅠ 예전 영상들보면서 계속 느낀건데 블러셔 너무 예쁘세요 뭐쓰시는지 알려주세용 제발 ㅠㅠㅠ♥♥♥

  51. 예솔 says:

    어디 해물찜인가요 ㅠㅜㅠ 직접 방문해서라도 먹고싶어요 ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  52. 갱수와져니 says:

    넘 조아하는 해물찜 쏘영님이 드시니 더 먹음직스러워보입니당~^.^

  53. 김도연 says:

    저는 원래 해물을 싫어하는 편인데 쏘영님의 영상을 보면 되게 먹고 싶어져요..🐙🦑

  54. Nidia Augustea says:

    When you eat with scissor, that's so funny 😂😂 u are so natural and you look beautiful. I like your video, btw im from Indonesia 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  55. 채연ᐕ says:

    전 이거 못먹겠던데 ….

  56. KIN_KINDA says:

    How can i make this sauce?

  57. Sera Tan says:


  58. Myat phone Pwint says:

    I normally watch ur asmr when i m hungry late at night cuz i feel like i m eatin with u lov u i m from myanmar

  59. R rainsmoke says:

    쏘영님은 사랑입니다♡

  60. a weird kpop stan says:

    This is educational and satisfying at the same time. Gosh i love your vids

  61. 귤귤 says:

    사드신건가요 어디서 사신지 좀 알려주세요 제발 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  62. 백종후 says:

    새우껍질째 드시네요
    저도 그러는데
    더 고소해요

  63. Samantha Balladares says:

    I hate sea food but this looks so good..

  64. Denny Gray says:

    맛있게도 먹지요

  65. jing kaung lee says:

    9:34 소라 입니다

  66. Unaducated Solider says:

    문어랑 낙지를 상당히 좋아하시네요

  67. Jennifer lalnunfeli says:

    Ava han tui hmel em em ve aw…… It's looking like spicy and tasty… I'm feeling so hungry now

  68. Norin F says:

    Plzz eat complete

  69. ROSÉ says:

    진짜 역대급으로 맛있어보여요ㅜㅜㅜ 직접 요리하셨나용? 아니면 혹시 구입처 알려주실 수 있으신가요?!

  70. Юленька АСМР says:

    О боги кто это переводил???

  71. BangtanKoya :3 says:

    I drooled all over my blanket watching this

  72. Đơn Cô says:

    Chị đẹp ơi

  73. Đơn Cô says:

    Em yêu chị ❤️❤️

  74. ForeverForever 031 says:

    She's voices is soooo…

  75. Nguyet Anh says:

    Fear of losing lipstick 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. 베리 says:

    안 맛있을수없는 비주얼이네요

  77. ai ortega says:

    you look like vj sunny in myx philippines! so cute and adorable 💕

  78. Viktoria Kandarczyk says:

    This looks soooooooo good ever since I watch her kill the poor squidys lol, I’ve been obsessed with her and I don’t like this type of stuff but she might just changed my mind.

  79. Viktoria Kandarczyk says:

    Also where do you get Octopus, people say I’m born to be Korean but I was made American 😂

  80. 해물왕 says:

    우왕 ㅠㅠ 침샘폭발

  81. Ashley Warren says:

    I'm new to the channel and I would like to say that I absolutely love your presentation and how you have everything set up. You are beautiful and I'm glad that I was able to come across your channel. And for all else that also love to watch asmr mukbangs here a re a few interesting and satisfying channels that you can take your pick from. #Beastmode #bloveslife #eatwithque #flavasbydamedash #LLIPS #Quan Tran Enjoy #lychee #yummybites #simplyfoodbyty #Pink #itssogood # #stephandtasha #kimichi enjoy c(;

  82. 달콤 says:

    수르스트뢰밍 드시는거보고 맛있는거 드시는거 보고싶어서 왔어요….

  83. Ria Loho says:

    Kok dia bisik2 ya??? Untung ada translatenya .. 😆

  84. 박샨 says:

    아 비타민같은 쏘영님… ☺️

  85. 혜령hyeryeong says:

    항상 재밌게 잘 지켜보고 있습니다 기분 우울할때마다 쏘영님 영상보면 기분이 맑아져서 어느순간 제가 입꼬리가 올라가 있더라구요 ㅎㅎ 웃을때 너무 이쁘세용 항상 응원합니당

  86. 찌니 says:

    꺅~~~ 너무 먹구싶어요 ㅋㅋ
    어쩜 뭐든 맛있게드시는지.. 닭발영상보구
    끝내 시켜먹었는데~ 해물을 너무좋아해서
    영상모는내내 못참겠네요 ㅎㅎ

  87. Akainu Inari says:

    That looks reaaaalllllyyy good! I'm getting hungry! Great vid!

  88. Merryle Lou Ronquillo says:

    Omg she ate the whole shrimp 😁

  89. emily payumo says:

    Nice, so good.. But its better you finish your food to satisfy peope watching you…

  90. Phuong Anh says:

    Không biết ai sub tiếng việt :)) sub sai tùm lum :))

  91. Wonchipem Ngasainao says:

    Plz don't speak too much ,,,,n plz eat freely, the way how u r eating is sooo uncomfortable,,,,,

  92. VamPlayz Roblox says:

    Ssoyoung: Smells spicys

    Me: Its a spicy food HAHA

  93. Beby MIIKAAr says:

    hahah funny!

  94. Jack Ko says:

    Did anyone notice that she doesn't peel the shrimp

  95. Ver Nice says:

    Goni looks like ramyeon 😆😆

  96. Jennifer Mason says:

    Hi from Texas! I would really love to know what sauce you use. It always looks so good!!❤️

  97. 조승준 says:

    Wow !!

  98. prxncessF xo says:

    how do you manage to eat such large quantities of food in your videos?♥️♥️

  99. luna_PLAYZ uwu says:

    AMAZING VID!!!!!!i love your channel sooo much!!!!!and you are soooo underrated!!YOU GO GURL!<3

  100. Sukruthy Mechery says:

    I like the way you eat everything so peacefully 😍

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