ASMR MUKBANG 집밥 앵그리너구리 라면 계란 흰밥 통스팸 문어다리 먹방 KOREAN HOOM FOOD EATING SOUNDS!! 家庭食 Cơm nhà

home cooked meal Please turn on subtitles in settings spam egg Ramen Hello, I’m “SuniMom” 😍 Today’s food Spicy Ramen, egg, kimchi, octopus legs, seaweed, rice, spam, hibiscus tea Let’s eat delicious 😂 Please Subscribe and Like 😍 😍 Hibiscus tea Cheese Cheese Ramen Delicious 😂 kimchi The kimchi has been fermented well 😆 spam Salty and delicious 😁 Good good !! 😆 Wow it’s delicious 😆 egg Is the egg shape pretty? 😆 It’s yummy 😁 It’s so crunchy 😄 Cheese Ramen + Egg Does it look delicious? 😊 seaweed It goes so well with rice 😁 Spicy sauce Octopus legs be well seasoned 😆 Chili Sauce Hibiscus tea I enjoyed the home meal very well 😂 Have a nice day 😍 Please Subscribe and Like 😍

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