( ASMR Mukbang ) Eat 10 Korean ramen with Big Marvel , Yumimi , Jimi / 한국 라면 10종류 먹음 Spicy

I’ll try Shin Ramyun yummy Sesame ramen Squid Champon Sesame ramen All done Jin Ramen Tempura udon so yum Jin Ramen I ate four I’m going to eat with my friends one by one How does Seaweed soup ramen taste? I like seaweed soup so it’s delicious I’m gonna take a bite of that. Do you like it? I want to try the soup. It’s a taste that makes me feel comfortable Bottoms up I ate 10 kinds of ramen It was all delicious

46 comments on “( ASMR Mukbang ) Eat 10 Korean ramen with Big Marvel , Yumimi , Jimi / 한국 라면 10종류 먹음 Spicy”

  1. kris says:

    Oh I definitely thought you filled up a ramyeon cup with coke for a second… 😅

  2. AOORA 아우라 says:

    From 5:52, the ASMR microphones come out.
    5:52부터 ASMR 전용 마이크 버전으로 나옵니다.

  3. Laraib Haider says:

    I want some ramen now

  4. Kathe M.C says:

    Simplemente me encantas 🌼💞

  5. Becky Lowther says:


  6. Boglárka Lénárt says:

    Omg😅🔥 why i cant stop listening this?😂😂😂❤❤❤

  7. Marcela Pereira says:

    Lindooooo💚💛 te amo tanto poxa.

  8. hey there demons it’s me ya boy says:

    Hi, step on my neck, please. 🥺😂 I’m kidding, but thank u for blessing us with your cuteness once again. 🥰 Your smile really brightens my day.

  9. Melissa Kennedy says:

    Did you get a perm?! Love the glasses! Eat up!

  10. Fortheloveofcobs says:

    I’m hungry 🙁

  11. Grace Lane says:

    This is making me so hungry

  12. Nia Norton says:

    I thought he's going to pour cola on ramen 😆😆

  13. Sandra Albert says:

    I love you 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. annisa maulidina says:

    Race and skills

  15. Karen Shi says:

    Ohamgeeeeee I am craving for ramen… 😭😭😭 🍜🍜🍜Why a mukbang at this hour… It's making me hard to resist eating…. Hahahahahaha!!!! ❤️❤️❤️Aoora should do more mukbangs… He eats food so deliciously.

  16. Tania Smett says:


  17. RookieCouch says:

    You must be one of the most good looking YouTubers I know ❤️

  18. Hi Hello Its Me says:

    사랑해 아우라 💜💜

  19. Hi Hello Its Me says:

    I love that at the end you can see the regret in his eyes after eating 10 cups of ramen

  20. Julia Charlotte says:

    you look so cute! Also i’m craving ramen now☹️

  21. Daniela Alvarez says:

    Love you wish i was there eating💓💓💓💓💓

  22. Becky Lowther says:

    I love your videos so much aoora I’m such a big fan I wish I could meet you I have one question how are you so handsome 😂❤️❤️

  23. Ana х says:

    Bon appetit 😊😅

  24. Baseeth Kashif says:

    Omg it all looks so delicious! Love your glasses! ♥️🌸

  25. Jasmin says:

    Omg this looks soo good 😍😍 please do more in the future 🐣

  26. ميسم المطيري says:


  27. smit says:

    Aoora giving us the quality content we all needed😊😊

  28. Monse K-Pop says:


  29. Hanan Wasfi says:


  30. Yunhoeee says:

    I had to cook some noodles for this ❤️.

  31. Ninni the Fox says:

    Which one was the best? You look amazing, please take care of yourself 🥰

  32. Pu!ny NIght says:

    I- I'm not even gonna question how this idea came up

  33. Shaela Le Blanc says:

    Watching this video after I ate made me fuller. 😂 (is the green veggie kimchi?)

  34. Adiaaa 22 says:

    he looks so cute even eating ramen like wHat-

  35. stuffed crust yes says:

    I like to think Aoora just likes every comment even when he doesn’t know what it says-

  36. Sae Bommie says:

    Aoora moli yeppodaaaa😆🥰

  37. Shonda Clark says:

    Okay I was wondering, but I kept watching cuz you are lookin good in those glasses

  38. Shonda Clark says:

    Your curled hair is adorable! Lookin good!

  39. Secret Army says:

    I found you after finding Eddy's channel… I think I love you

  40. Nobody Captain says:


  41. Quason Miles says:

    It’s like I had a dinner date 🥺💛

  42. Quason Miles says:

    Aoora your hair looks so pretty ahhh I love you so much

  43. Fujoshi Here says:

    ahhh this is going to be me one day,,, just eating 10 ramen noodle cups from stress 🥰

  44. Merlin Of Avalon says:

    Aoora you're perfect and I love you, okay?

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