[ASMR] OMG! Giant Drum Fish Fried+Sashimi🐟점성어튀김+회 スポットクローカー 生鱼片 pescado cá tươi Eatingsound Mukbang

One, two, three. Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will be trying a drumfish. First of all, this one is very huge. It has a very hard skin. Let me show you guys first. Check this out! This is the drumfish. It’s also called a red croaker. Hold on! Don’t move! This fish is orginally come from Florida, U.S.A. and near by Mexico. There is a funny part. It has a mole at the tail part. Can you guys see the black dot? Some drumfish has only one mole and the others have many. It has a very thick skin. The fin is very sharp. Please click “Subscribe” and “Like”. Check this out! It’s prepared now. From the head to…. Fried fish, and raw sashimi. This one is fried drumfish at the front. This one is a sashimi. This is the head. Incredible, right? It’s huge~ Its eyes are sparkling. Let me try it now. Wow.. this one is huge. Look at this. Isn’t it very big? I took off all the scales and fried with skin. Just like a washboard… There are some bones inside, so I might need to take it off. Incredible! The meat is very chewy. The fish meat.. Usually, when the fishes are getting fried, they get a tough texture. But this one is just about perfect. This is one of the most soft fried fish I’ve ever tried. It’s very soft. This time I will be trying a sashimi. This is the fish meat from the fin. Wow.. It’s very nutty. This time I will try the skin part. Let me check out the flavor of fish skin. It might be very crunchy. It tastes like chicken. Just like a chicken skin. Let wrap this one here. I’m very surprised. It’s very yummy. How can it be taste like this? This time, I will try two pieces of sashimi. Let me try it. Wow, I’m about to die for it because it’s too yummy. Incredible. Let me try it without any sauce. A garlic. When you put some chilli bean paste on sashimi, it tastes so different. It tastes more like Korean food. Hey drumfish! Why are you so delicious? This one is just incredible! Today I tried a drumfish. Even though I had a rough time showing this fish to you guys, It was just a perfect meal. Thank you guys! I also recommend you guys to try a drumfish! Please click “Subscribe” and “Like”!

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  1. Vanessa Zubia says:

    Se ve muy rico ese pescado😜

  2. 윰니 says:

    처음에 잘 잡지도못하시면서 물고기불쌍하게 그러지 마시구 보여주려고 안하셔도 될거같아요 숨도 못쉬는데 고통스러워하는데

  3. Tiffany Ding says:

    this is a daily thing

  4. churrio gaming says:

    At this point Ssoyoung should be a professional wrestler I mean look at her she has training from those fish

  5. 하히 says:

    어짜피 직접 손질해서 먹을건데 처음에 살아있는 생선을 이용해서 일부로 놀라고 무섭다고하는거죠

  6. Britney Zing says:

    You are my fav youtuber cuz you are funny,beautifull,kind and also always had a wrestle with fish's

  7. 쿙쿙 says:

    언니 저 기억 하시려나용! 그저께 화장실에서 마주쳐서 같이 사진찍었던….ㅎㅎ 진짜 너무 예쁘셨어요ㅠㅠ 영상 잘보겠습니다 화이팅🤎

  8. Neelam Vishwakarma says:

    Me : struggling to earn and eat
    Ssoyoung : struggling to eat and earn

  9. Karma Helal says:

    Imagine she had a roommate.

  10. 장에스더 says:


  11. Mr. TV says:

    "Skip if u don't want to see the alive fish!"

    To be honest I'm coming to see that xD

  12. Me says:

    Does anybody else watch her wrestle sea life…then leave.

  13. scarlet rodrigues says:

    Ssoyoung basically does workout before eating delicious food 😂❤️

  14. Мирослава Матвеева says:


  15. Leah Nguyen says:

    What is the nexts video gunna be “eating a killer whale”

  16. Jess Lovely says:

    I thought drum fish shouldn't be eaten raw due to parasites

  17. Mikayla Hardin says:

    What is the lettuce she uses that’s shaped like a plant leaf?

  18. Syaza Nany says:

    Who is Malaysian?
    "Gelojohnya makan hahahaha"

  19. 이유정 says:

    불가사리 먹방 어떠세요??안나온 해물류 찾다가 생각났네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  20. •Choco Brat• says:

    Somehow I began binge watching these 😂

  21. 진수오빠 says:

    점성어를 어디서 튀겨 와요 주변 동내에 엄청큰 튀김 솥이 있느 매장이 있나봐용 ~ 우앙

  22. Estella and Kaden says:

    I love your asmr vids I didn't even know u had a channel until my sis told me about it they are so funny!

  23. Yoonji_ is _hoseok's says:

    Mooommm our neighbor is acting weird again…

  24. UNICORN Rainbow says:

    Fish bones has left the chat

  25. 환장하겄네 says:

    아니 제발 좀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    왜 맨날 애들 잡아놓고 놓치고 놀래고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    생선같은애들은 나중에 먹을거니까 막 다뤄도 된다는 마인드인가?

  26. Google Akkaunt says:


  27. FAFA김 says:


  28. Anurag Ghosh says:

    She’s like me n the sea life is like life struggles

  29. Un Known says:

    woaaa i love how she included the preparation and cooking parts! ive always wondered what goes on behind the scenes

  30. Charlotte Teillet says:

    Next time she'll bring a whale

  31. Chũdoku-sei No Gẽmu says:


  32. irmanda bayu says:

    Pengennnnnnnnnn akhhh

  33. irmanda bayu says:

    Ngiler cuy

  34. Penguinnn 4life says:

    lol she’s the only person brave enough to fight a fish

  35. Jethro Teece says:

    Omg 😂😂😂 ssoyoung you're the best!!! ♥️

  36. WHRA 21 says:

    안녕하세요 요리사입니까? 좋은 칼 기술

  37. 당 당 says:

    쏘영님 옛날부터 계속 봐왔는데 오버가 너무 심해지셨어요 .. 전엔 알람맞춰서 바로 봤는데 요즘은 너무 오버하셔서 엥 하는 정도
    전에 모습에 훨씬 좋아요 ㅠㅠㅠ

  38. Comiccupid Appleberry says:

    The way she dragged itttt 🤣🤣🤣 LOOL

  39. FLUX PAVALION says:

    💕 💕 MUKBANG QUEEN 💕 💕

  40. tyrh shkr says:

    Give me the head .. i want to make head fish curry hahaha lol

  41. nAyEoN iS sTiLl A BaBy says:

    I just come to see her funny content not asmr..

  42. Emily H. says:

    I notice your mukbang videos, eating videos, whatever you call it are a lot different from other ones! I find then quit funny and entertaining! Normally I cringe at the sound of eating but I quit enjoy your videos because they are kinda funny and entertaining ore then relaxing to me! Keep it up ❤️

  43. Pignoli says:

    When the dead fish went 👁👄 i felt that..

  44. 10k subscribers Without a video says:

    Bruhh thanks for showing me this max l0l

  45. Azim Haikal says:

    This is not asmr this is funny moments 😂😂

  46. Sherly Wulandari says:

    What the title of song at 1.55 ? Please tell me:(

  47. Jennifer Ren says:

    i legit clicked open every video just to watch her get freaked out…

  48. Graham Kun says:

    It has a mickey mouse mole on its tail lol it really came from florida

  49. Creeper Aw Man says:

    Ah yes

    Another ssoyoung sea life

  50. iiBlxeclouds says:

    Totally the funniest mukbanger ever🤣 I luv this channel

  51. Adam Goldenstein says:

    Those fish are fighting for their lives, suffocating and you're dropping them on the ground and shit. Don't think you'd like it if someone handled you like that.

  52. abdullah alshehri says:


  53. Rustam Teunov says:

    Ты убийца

  54. 윤호golden 99 says:

    당신의 표정을 사랑 😄🧡

  55. 취미귀신 says:

    점성어와 콜라보 구독하고갑니당 ㅋ ㅋ

  56. Rome_lbbh says:

    You know the video is gonna be hilarious when the thumbnail has her screaming while holding something 😂😂😂

  57. i stoled Jimin’s jams says:


    Literally Nobody:

    Ssoyoung: Boxing a literal fish.

  58. emixlatte says:

    I ♡ you ssoyoung!!

  59. Reneela Kristine Vlog says:

    where did you get that big fish?
    it looks very strong!

  60. Kendall Gacha says:

    Shes not eating bikini bottom at thsi pint shes eating bikini bottom "AND" the Pacific ocean

  61. ̇ ̊ʚ夢熊ɞ ̊ ̇ says:


  62. Em_ ma says:

    Je n’arrête plus de rire 😂

  63. ̇ ̊ʚ夢熊ɞ ̊ ̇ says:


  64. balck paint says:

    You are soo fun😂but I don t like people eating animals live😭🥺

  65. Raymond Villanueva h says:

    Idk what shes saying but i love it

  66. lolev says:

    How is this not animal abuse? This is why we have animals killed correctly in markets, not for some girl to beat it on the floor.

    How is nobody finding anything wrong with this???

  67. 《Lame_ Ann》 says:

    Is no one gonna talk about the mole on the fish is tail…it looks like mickey mouse,or i'm just seeing things 🤔

  68. YT_Cookiesletsplay yay says:

    Ssoyoung: Hmm a nice tasty fish.. . Don't mind if I do!

    Fish:ummmm excuse me?? WHO IS YOU OH SH-

  69. summer dale says:

    OMG the intro is so funny and were do get does sea foods there so yummy and your so lucky that your brave and strong

  70. GUSSI tae says:

    Is it only me that her videos make me feel better after a long sad day 😂

  71. Sprite Snakeu says:

    When asian people can deal and cut sea food 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  72. Summer Guidry says:

    Am i the only one who came for the asmr?

  73. Dtrix Lamar says:

    I’m sure my parents think I’m watching porn when I watch your videos 😂😂

  74. Asian Girl says:

    Я когда пытаюсь приготовить рыбу:

  75. Lester Andrei says:

    She is so kyeopta

  76. KiwiPines 88 says:

    3:21 I find that oddly satisfying

  77. Elin Hulshuizen says:

    It's so funny😂😂

  78. Lara-chan says:

    I'm wheezing omgggg XD she's so relatable I can't-

  79. Stardoll life by mary says:

    Do you think this is funny ?? This is just torturing… I mean, I'm not a vegan but at least dont let it experience this kind of pain, kill it straight away.

  80. Fatima Fadhel says:

    Sooo funnyy🤣🤣💗

  81. Nivy Liu says:


    Ssoyoung wrestling a drum fish

  82. Ziraf Artz says:

    I thought it was a dumbfish when i first time read the title •_•

  83. اخلاص الزيادي says:

    Hay l Love you so much this is in fish😊

  84. Crystal See says:

    There she goes again. Hahahahahhahahahaha..

  85. aici dert ai mm aici :v says:

    Why am i watching nayeon from twice fight a fish?

  86. Ava Butler says:

    Wow nice dance moves!

  87. BlacKsin says:

    Thank you for making me laugh!

  88. qwq qwq says:

    I wonder if her house smells like fish

  89. Em Luu says:

    Ssoyoung is the funniest but also amazing mukbanger ever!

  90. 안녕,월드 says:

    You're really good at cooking!! waaaa❤😍

  91. 고보씨 says:

    물고기 어떻게 생겼는지 물 안에서도 보이니까 물밖에서 그만 괴롭히고 처음부터 바로 먹는 영상이였으면 좋겠다..

  92. Tiến Đạt Nguyễn says:

    Her face is entertaining

  93. bran says:

    9:36 when she put the flower in her hair😂

  94. OkayEra MSP says:

    when ssoyoung has better dancing skills then you even when shes fighting

  95. Minna Ewelina says:

    Just wait until she goes swimming

    All sea creatures: u killed our friends. Bi**h you're going to pay… with your life

  96. ferberry says:

    flop flop flop FLOP TO THE TOP

  97. vibessw.monaee says:

    let’s face it , we’re all here for her screaming at the animals she’s about to eat 😂😂

  98. Tu Tu says:

    It’s just the food chain

    Don’t worry

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