ASMR Ramen Crusted FIRE SAUCE Pork Sandwich ! * NO TALKING * | Nomnomsammieboy

like and subscribe for more fun asmr mukbang food videos! trim the fat off your pork. it would mess up your sandwich puncture your pork to help it soak up your flavors! garlic buldak nuclear fire sauce !! tons of fire sauce rest pork for at least an hour in the fridge add ramen seasoning to eggs coat pork in egg mixture cover in smashed ramen noodles these will cook at 350 in my air fryer for 10 minutes I am using my favorite martin’s potato rolls lots of delicious kewpie mayo french fried onions for extra crunch so tasty the beautiful ramen fried pork! creamy american cheese fried eggs and even more cheese! so crispy and crunchy and amazing! it is spicy but in a nice way the fire sauce got inside the pork and gave it a lot of heat but you have all the wonderful flavors of ramen and garlic crunchy ramen crust and creamy egg and cheese and of course our wonderful crunchy onions this is an amazing combo nuclear fire sauce doesn’t always have to be scary if you use it as a marinade it is delicious and doesn’t destroy your mouth This is some thick pork! I am definitely going to be full after this I want to try making a more german version of this coat pork in brown mustard cover in crushed pretzels top with apple sauce I think that would be really good too pork is such a versatile food that takes on flavors so easily It is easy to color with the flavors of any culture I’m writing these captions two days before going Amsterdam for the weekend I have to admit I know little about the flavors they use there All I know is I will probably eat some raw herring and some Indonesian food it will be a learning experience! I think it is fun to go into a situation blind but with an open mind That is how I come up with recipe ideas like this I try to open my mind to all ideas and not let myself get caught up in traditional thoughts of what food should be sometimes my approach fails and I make something bad lol this is not one of those times! this is very very good! I am grateful for every time something works out in the kitchen especially today as I was almost killed by a illegally reversing car on a one way street luckily I jumped out of the way and avoided death or being seriously hurt and disabled by just inches I should have followed that van and reported it but I was jus so flustered I screamed dirty words at them and gave them the bird but they probably didn’t see they obviously weren’t very visually aware of their surroundings in the first place Maybe I have passed on and I am just in the next life now… I can never be sure If that is the case then my first death I remember was when I was pulled out into the ocean in northern california I was a toddler and I couldn’t hold onto the sand as the tide pulled me out…

47 comments on “ASMR Ramen Crusted FIRE SAUCE Pork Sandwich ! * NO TALKING * | Nomnomsammieboy”

  1. Nick Caueln says:

    I like my crusted stuff.

  2. JEREMY EA7 says:

    First comment

  3. kunika patel says:

    Love it

  4. CN- YUSUF says:

    HELLO AY AM FROM TURKEY I've been watching you from turkiyede and I support.

  5. Glenda dale Jones says:

    Oh,I say. Almost telepathic lol.. Hia 👋

  6. davy says:

    Sammie do those fried onions taste like those onion chips? It’s like
    Fun something

  7. Glenda dale Jones says:

    I’m in the mood to make a lamb puree,an Indian dish.i had it at a restaurant two weeks back…love it. I’ve always known chicken puree,but never had the lamb. I am going to make it,wen I research more of the recipe. I also chopped chorizo,fine diced onion and cooked in red cooking wine,added chicken- put it in a tortilla,fried it in olive olio and made an empanada with loaded jacket potato.that was last night. Delicious 🤤

  8. Kerrie Blaise says:

    Hell yes! Your creations know no bounds! NOMS!

  9. Anna Drum12 says:

    you gonna have to do a cooking show😍

  10. Glenda dale Jones says:

    Excellent video and ASMR sounds l this needs to be VIRAL YouTube 🤯🤯. This is another unique dish….guys,spread the word- smash that Like button, fgs ! 🤞🏻

  11. Azeen Ali says:


  12. lil keyla says:

    this is why I love your channel lol
    so original and delicious 😋👌

  13. Tiffany Ding says:

    delish! i would've kept the fat on tho, it's so yummy and keeps the pork juicier imo hehe… but this was such a creative fun idea, yum yum! how long did you let the pork marinate in the buldak sauce for?!… i was surprised you didn't melt the cheese, since you usually do! OOO next time you do this you should stuff the pork with cheese before cooking, SO SO yum!!!

  14. Beatriz Santos says:

    The best videos are from Nomnom 🇧🇷👏🏽

  15. 김찡코 says:

    반가워 외국 친구

  16. Timothy Tucker says:

    OMG!!!!….them belly bombers looks fantastic my friend they are thick as [email protected]#k!!! And us men loves a good size piece of meat…way to go man😎😎😎

  17. Timothy Tucker says:

    And I forgot to say this in the first comment but man you can make so good looking food and you should be blessed you…I meat you could take that tellent of yours and go higher with it if that makes any since

  18. Kilarth MAC says:

    Just woke up and now I'm so frikin hungry lmaoooo

  19. Vanja Kirchherr says:

    you’re the only asmr channel who’s videos i watch all the way through

  20. 《SØŇ》 athilla says:

    Come que nem um monstro

  21. Chan Sori Asmr says:

    I watched the cooking video so well. I'm gonna have to do it🔥

  22. Jazmine Gonzalez says:

    In all honesty this looked so delicious but did the Ramen come out too crunchy? Like almost hard?? I feel like you could have used the Fried onions as the coating. Idk just thoughts I had.

  23. Shelove jstarr says:

    Jerk turkey wings?? 👀👀

  24. Siny Theglam says:

    Her… no ..His cheeks were flushed like a girl so lovely lol
    Anyways that ramyun ddang pork burger looks so yummy yay

  25. Destiny Pettus says:

    I love how you took your time with everything😀😀

  26. Joel Chavez says:

    Buen video, pero a los subtitulos agregale el idioma español por favor, me gusta leer mientras veo el video tambien 😊

  27. um you're ugly so be quiet says:

    Y'all have to turn on the captions he literally talks about almost getting hit by a car

  28. Jubran Jawhary says:

    Freakin amazing!!

  29. gianni lacrette says:

    Ooohhh yummy yummy yum yum great vid looks satisfying 😋😋😋👍👍👍🤤🤤🤤😁

  30. Glenda dale Jones says:

    Sammieboy,u gotta hurry up on those salmon noodles sushi thing and put ur individual stamp on it…seen 3 ASMR channels now. The first channel was fume- massive following…🤞🏻😉
    There’s a prediction that these r gaining popularity right now and is becoming the rage in Korea right now!! Maybe this is the gateway for your rise 🙏🏻

  31. christhopher pavia says:

    I love the satisfying sounds your so underrated your not like nick or Steven your better and funnier! You just earned a sub 😃

  32. Mr. Fruit Snacks says:

    Me: I’m hungry and it’s night NO ASMr

    My brain: lets watch asmr!

    Me: Eh why not

  33. Daddy Bing bong says:

    I subbed to your channel a while ago, and your videos just stopped showing up. And YouTube never alerted me when your videos came out. The only way I can see your videos is if I go straight to your channel

  34. Theme says:

    Hey, I'm from that "mukbangers putting way too much sauce on their food," that video is what got me into your channel. Love the videos.

  35. Sneha sharma says:

    Hello 🤩

  36. massive destruction says:

    God bless this humble man I hope you will be successful in your life

  37. french toast says:

    No need art just slap the shit in and we good to go

  38. taylor jackson says:

    you’re becoming one of my favorite mukbangers

  39. Banbia Bamna says:

    Do you like aushi

  40. ricky says:

    this guy is the real life Shaggy

  41. Lucifer Märkle says:

    Noooooo the fat

  42. Murdoc Niccals says:

    i feel sorry for his toilet

  43. Cat Wizard says:

    Tbh and no offense I like you a lot your foods look godly amazing but I just don’t like the messy ness it’s kinda gross but keep up the good work

  44. San Lee says:

    매운거 잘드시네요 ㅎㅎ

  45. Hishmair Edwards says:

    You or so good bro

  46. PabloYT de ruta says:

    Buen video amigo 💯

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