Primary washing with salt water. Salt Make sure to touch them gently. Can you see the dirt? After several steps, make sure to wash very softly so it doesn’t break. All cleaned well! Whole shell oyster I will wash it with high water pressure just in case there’s a shell stucked. Seagrapes Like a flower blooming. My love, Hongsi♥ Welcome to my favorite oyster party (•͈⌔•͈⑅) YAY~! Lemon Oyster looks so appetizing. Wow~ Hongsi open your mouth~ It just melts in your mouth so doesn’t even have to chew. I will have a whole shell oyster with Chojang sauce. Isn’t it look so delicious? With a fresh ocean smell, it has a fresh and cooling taste. Popping seagrapes Seagrapes and oyster are a perfect duo (❤o❤ ) I love the popping sound every time when I chew the ball one by one. In Korea, now is the oyster season. So you can easily buy fresh oysters. Not gonna save for the last, full bite for every bite ♪ Because I get more satisfied with mouthful bites. But in case Hongsi will get disturbed watching it, I will change it to smaller ones. I bought 3kg of Tongyoung oysters from a fish market. (Korea’s oysters are 70% from Tongyoung[suburb name]) Oysters are full of nutrition as in Korea we call it the milk of the ocean. Koreans eat oysters mostly with the Chojang sauce. It may be hard to use chopsticks because oysters are slippery. But eating it with a fork is even harder ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ In Korea is now very cold so there is only a very small case of getting a stomachache when eating a fresh oyster. Because a shellfish poisoning such as vibrio can be extinguished naturally. But if you eat a raw oyster that is NOT fresh, you will get sick so please be careful. When you eat seagrapes, try rolling it with your tongue. The popping texture will be different so it will be fun to eat. People always want to share their favorite foods with their lovable people right? So please understand if I upload oyster videos often! XOXO ❤ Whole shell oysters might be hard for you to take off its shell. Please be careful of your hands. Delicious foods get disappeared so quickly even I eat slow. Satisfied until last. To Hongsi who watched my video till the end! Thank you and love you. See you next time!


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