Hey guys! Welcome back 🙂 Do NOT eat raw Salmon that isn’t Sashimi Grade Daikon (White Radish) [ Low Sodium Soy Sauce ] [ Green Tea ] LET’S EAT!! First piece is yours 🙂 So good! Salmon is my favorite type of Sashimi You can usually find Sashimi Grade Salmon at any Japanese Market or Fish Market! Try and get there as early as you can as the fish won’t be as fresh later in the day Thanks for watching!

100 comments on “ASMR RAW SALMON MUKBANG (No Talking) EATING SOUNDS | Zach Choi ASMR”

  1. Free Romka says:

    would you hit me in the rock I would beat you so much that your mother did not have you late

  2. Kaydee Dot says:

    When I first turn on the video I see…

    Two floating arms

  3. antonina& Queeen says:

    Мне кажется, или ему не нравится?

  4. nimmy pie says:

    to be honest HOW DOES HE EAT ALL THIS STUFF!!! like if u know

  5. LOL Baliu says:


  6. plammy naja fc Pou says:


  7. Luana almeida says:

    how old are you?

  8. Druw06_clipz On insta says:

    Bro I just realized where the mics are 😬🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. nguyễn phương says:

    So yummyyyyy

  10. Creeper Girl says:

    I had this salmon when my family my cousins and I going to the fancy restaurant leave a like when you had a salmon at restaurant

  11. Creeper Girl says:

    I think you guys never had it I had it

  12. Sarah Lays says:

    best salmon asmr ive ever seen

  13. itz Chloe says:

    Other asmr youtubers:Eats salmon piece whole

    Zach Choi:eats bit by bit 🙂

  14. BLACKPING FC says:


  15. Jeep XP says:


  16. Sajan Chauhan says:

    bhagwan se darr bhonsdi ke

  17. the crying demon says:

    Thanks for the first bite

  18. bbcitta anitta says:

    FBE sent me here

  19. Please Get Me To 10 Subs says:

    Damn raw salmon lookin good

  20. my name says:

    I actually had the chance to eat salmon sashimi at a buffet but stupid me decided to not ugh i regret it 😭😭

  21. Arell Aurelia says:

    Cant you smile

  22. Osku 1 says:

    Vittu mitä paskaa

  23. BreeAnn Rangel says:

    That os my favorite food. Whyyyyy

  24. Erin11 says:

    This is my favourite type of asmr. The ones with salmon ( sashimi)

  25. Watchara Srepodok says:


  26. Joselin Garcia says:


  27. full_ memes says:

    He looks so handsome while he's eating omg 🤤🤤🤤

  28. decadev 9280 says:

    abangnya jan pake baju item , kan nyaru jdi nya

  29. pro fortnite gamer says:

    That's a lot of parasites

  30. Angelica Lorenzo says:

    orale pts alguien que hable español

  31. Angelica Lorenzo says:

    JAJAJAJAAJA me dio hambre

  32. Angelica Lorenzo says:


  33. Gabrielly Portilho martins olmos says:

    Eu amo seus videos,i say i love your videos!!! Eu sou br🇧🇷❤

  34. thai sơn bui says:

    Im very want to eat salmon now

  35. Tay Marie says:

    Pours a bunch of soy sauce….only uses a little lol🤣

  36. Zulfauzan_ Life says:


  37. Deim says:

    does putting the fish on leaves serve a purpose? im just curious

  38. AOOM MOONA says:

    หี ควย ควาย สัส เย็ด โง่

  39. Amo4y MVP says:

    Omg zach didn't drink Sprite with the food 😂😂

  40. Rita Odisho says:

    I literally broke my screen to get that first bite 😂

  41. Muhamad Risky says:

    dih nJong

  42. Karen Martinez says:


  43. Arielle Hooker says:

    Oh, salmon sashimi is my favorite!!!!

  44. Còi's Anime says:

    Ko biết có VN ko nhỉ🇻🇳 🇻🇳 🇻🇳 🇻🇳

  45. Cristiane Araujo says:


  46. KA camera/みんた/ says:


  47. Chiraz Hammami says:

    I ate Salomon and it tastes like butter and beans

  48. อรชพร ตอพันดุง says:


  49. 30709陳佑竑 says:

    Can you say Chinese ?

  50. にんげん says:


  51. St3althpup Gaming says:

    Can’t you get sick from this? ;-;

  52. Terrance The Great says:

    Can’t u get salmon vanilla

  53. Đông Hê TV says:

    Kinh vãi

  54. Enrique López Fimbres says:

    every time you eat, the camera is cut and the sequence begins again … is the video real?

  55. Lorena Smith says:

    Zack you cure my sleeping problems I always have a hard time sleeping your vids are so satisfying they put me to sleep thanks for starting this channel your dearest fan, Lorena keep it up 😚☺😊

  56. Hürkan yaşar says:


  57. กนกพล พรมศร says:


  58. vincenzo iannece says:

    Why i am allergic to all this 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  59. Quinnie Dang says:

    No fish were harmed in the making of the video.

  60. Nvieous Jane says:

    Is raw salmon actually good? Like can someone tell me if I should try it?

  61. luminescent says:

    disliked just bc you have a punchable face

  62. Kang Boy says:

    Oh a choice run ah my manager

  63. Gacha Merve says:

    Please eating Shit 🖤

  64. Iman Suryana says:


  65. Lan HUONG Pham says:


  66. kenn xiing says:

    i truly cant have sashimi alone, i need it with some type of sauce AND soy sauce. last time i ate it with just soy sauce and wasabi, it tasted too fresh to say the least :/ hopefully my tastebuds will mature quick so i can enjoy the taste of sashimi because i only love the texture

  67. Pau Valdemar says:

    I'm surprised he drank green tea instead of sprite.

  68. tu0mas cSgO says:

    Havent seen that bright Orange salmon in a while.

  69. Abby And Her Crazy Life says:

    The texture looks so good and the chewiness and softness looks amazing but I tried it and hated it ughh I wish I liked it!!

  70. Supattra Yatpimol says:


  71. Myka Cayao says:

    I watch this before i eat 😑

  72. Rewind says:

    Bruh I hate seafood but watching raw salmon is making me so hungry

  73. Dead Eye says:

    Yay I have a question is salmon halal please tell me

  74. Jadonsu Guan Rui says:


  75. Ronyyasmin Shanta says:

    I love your asmr thank you for your wonderful videos thanks again

  76. GIAN MERCK says:

    Can you pls eat cooked salmon

  77. Tityana Hannoush says:

    My Expectations: first piece is all mine!!

    My reality:you lean in and you realize that your eating your phone…..on the other hand you realize your in the ER too, just because you watched ASMR and your getting ready 4 your operation because you ATE your phone

    And that is how technology life works ladies and gentlemen

  78. Jack Edward Mary Of Mapping says:


  79. JimBob Billy Joe says:

    Mom: you can't make money by eating

    Zach: allow me to introduce myself

  80. Gacha Anna says:

    Am I the only one Who realized he doesn’t Have his sprite?

  81. Ali Abbdulla says:


  82. Ali Abbdulla says:

    Who likes meat

    Yes or No

  83. zahra aulia says:


  84. Najib Jib says:

    Fuck you dead

  85. JayAK婀 says:

    That not green tea it’s yellow

  86. Nug Ett says:

    Can’t be sprite

  87. iimpared says:

    Am I the only one that eats salmon cocked like if u agree

  88. janelle chan says:

    When i eat sashimi i like dipping it, eating a bit and then dipping it again in soy sauce lol

  89. Ivan Zheng says:

    Wat kind of asmr noise is that by eating white Radish?? 5:29

  90. Bảo Uyên says:

    Stop contouring your nose too much. Its really weird.

  91. Chris Garcia says:

    Zach is the king of asmr
    SAS is the queen of asmr
    I think we can All agree

  92. blackpool z says:

    Fr ?

  93. Chloé Mauffrey says:

    J’ai faim 😂

  94. BlueBerry Fruits says:

    First piece it’s yours
    putting mouth in the screen

  95. Official thot patrol says:

    Video is good but these are the dumbest fucking comments I've ever seen

  96. :3방탄 녀석 says:

    Soy sauce it’s just sauce presenting itself in Spanish

  97. Youtuber Remy says:

    What do raw salman taste like?

  98. a potato flew around my room before u came in says:

    imagine that he has a deep voice also that hes sexy
    i would be ded

  99. Sadia Mohamed says:

    If u are gonna eat salmon eat it right as cook duhhh

  100. Vicente M. Reyes says:

    Where can we buy sashimi-grade salmon (and tuna) here in the US??

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