Hi, fellow birdies! Today, I’m having sashimi, enoki mushrooms, and seaweed salad. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment! Let’s start off with the mushrooms first! They’re so tasty! I made them with black bean sauce! They have a slight crunch that is tingly. They are a great alternative to noodles. Full of nutrients! This is only my 2nd time eating enoki. I’m hooked! Let’s try some seaweed salad. It has sesame seeds on top! Definitely tastes roasted, but also tangy. Next up, salmon sashimi! Cut it myself. It’s from Walmart. Let’s dip it in soy sauce! That classic buttery flavor. Salmon is my favorite! I’m not a pro at cutting salmon. So forgive me! I found the seaweed salad and mushrooms from my local international market. That place has got everything, and I’m happy! I sauteed the mushrooms this time. They turned out really good! You can also boil them. I remember the first time ever ate seaweed salad… Was from Kroger. Such a unique side! What would be your favorite item from this meal? I think the salad and mushrooms give the crunch… That it needs! I can’t decide which one I like better. I hope that as I prepare more salmon sashimi… I’ll learn to cut it better. Practice makes perfect 🙂 Salmon has a lot of healthy fats. Great for keto diets! I’m not on a keto diet, though. So it doesn’t apply LOL It’s just so good! Did you know salmon is also good for protein? I used to eat a lot of protein bars back in the day. So salmon is another method to build muscle 🙂 Enoki mushrooms are also beneficial! They contain amino acids and improve immunity 🙂 Seaweed salad contains Iodine and Tyrosine… Which support thyroid function! I guess you can say this meal is one of good health 🙂 I’m thankful for the ASMR community for introducing… These foods to me. I would’ve never known about them! I’m eating 3 packs of mushrooms instead of 5 this time. I still think it’s a bit too much LOL I wonder if my son would ever try these foods? I doubt it since he’s only 5. But maybe in the future! My husband also loves salmon, too. I’m glad he can eat it on his diet! These mushrooms make you feel full quickly. Next time, I’ll only make 2 packs instead of 3 🙂 Such a unique crunch I can’t get over. Almost soft! Have you ever tried enoki mushrooms or seaweed? Even though I sauteed these in black bean sauce… I’m not seeing much black bean. But it tastes good! The Asian culture mainly uses these in soups. But they’re good in a variety of dishes! We’re getting close to finishing the meal! I’m glad because I’m starting to feel full! If you eat protein, it also makes you feel that way! Last bunch of mushrooms! Let’s finish that salmon! Last piece! Whew, did it and I’m so full 🙂 See you next time! Bye, birdies 🙂


  1. SongByrd ASMR says:

    This meal was much requested by you guys, because you all especially wanted to see sashimi and the enoki mushrooms. This time, I cooked the mushrooms in black bean sauce. My only wish is that the salmon had been better cut. But I haven't had the time to perfect that yet. Maybe later!

    What would be your favorite item from this meal?

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    My new fav asmrtist OMG

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    I always want to eat salmon sashimi. I really want to eat…It is my favorite food!

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    You have relaxed me…after a heavy day…blessings…have a nice night…

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    Love the sounds by the way 😊😍👌💯

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    I love the sound of enoki mushroom ! makes me want to eat too lol!

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    Yummm! 😋 Such a delicious plate you got there, sis!

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    You should eat cheesy lasagna 🙃 I love lasagna

  11. Kailani Ahnee says:

    For your next asmr video can you do lobster tails with cheese:)

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    It looks delicious and likes it. I love the sound.👍😍

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    Hi sis !! This looks so delicious and the sounds are amazing . Love everything you have on the plate🤩🤩

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    These are amazing combo. I really love this video. ❤️💋

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    My favourite item from the meal is the enoki mushroom and the salmon!🙋

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    yey new video

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    The sound are so goooooood ❤

  18. Kyersten Long says:

    Can you do the one chip challenge?

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    Hi new subcriber! Just came here cause my friend, Ray or his channel, shtrylf, told me about your channel! 😁

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    Salmon is always best of the best. 😍😍😍 Look at how the enoki mushroom is still smoking. I really crave it ❤️.I like the chewy and crunchy taste of enoki mushroom ! 🌷🌷🌷

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    The sounds from seaweed and enoki mushrooms are perfect !

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    Yum yum yum!!! Love those salmon chunks!

  25. Eva Villegas says:

    How do you get this salmon ? Do you buy the one that you can get from the store packaged ? You eat straight from there or do you marinate or something ?

  26. Makenna Mays says:

    Your eyes literally light up with joy when you take your first bite of salmon, you can tell you really love it 🙂

  27. Leo Smith says:

    Hey cutie! I think you did a great job at cutting the salmon. I love how the slices look! Also, the crunch of the seafood and enoki mushrooms were just great. And yes, you are right, they give the meal just the right amount of crunch! This was so great!

    Hey sis, how are you tonight? I hope well. I hope you have a great tomorrow, and safe travels to you and the family🤗😍🤗.

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    Wow You and naomi had salmon sashimi today! Enjoy it my friend !✌👊

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    I feel like a child!🤪

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    Yummy 😋😋 everything is yummy 😋😋 and i love enoki mushroom ❤❤❤


    You can try with some wasabi, it's can be a great combo 👍👍👍

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    it's really yammy 🙂

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  52. resplendent roses says:

    yum!!! enoki mushrooms are my favorite 💓 i usually have them in stews though,,,sashimi in the other hand is another fear food :< i will do my best to conquer it soon!!!
    a little update,seeing you eat the quarter pounder made me CRAVE burgers…and for so long burgers (epically mc donalds) terrified me. burgers make me feel full easily and i guess,my ed doesnt like it for that reason.BUT i kicked anorexia's butt yesterday,by eating a burger (WITH A SIDE OF HASHBROWNS,WHICH IS ANOTHER FEAR FOOD AND HAVING A SIDE WITH A MEAL IS SCARYY) and then i had an apple pie for the first time as a dessert for BREAKFAST,,,i felt so accomplished because i knew the calories in everything i ate but still pushed through ,yesterday was really a day haha.
    maybe i will soon challenge myself to eat an ice cream sandwich for lunch one day hehe.

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    Superb share dear friend stay connected 👍😊

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