ASMR Salmon Sashimi + Sea Grapes 연어회와 바다포도 먹방(EATING SOUNDS)MUKBANG REAL SOUNDS

Hello ^^
I prepared salmon sashimi and sea grapes today. It’s tartar sauce. Sour tasted Korean spicy sauce Spicy Fire Sauce I’ll eat well delicious. I’ll eat salmon sashimi first. I’ll dip in tartar sauce Salmon is very good. The salmon melts in your mouth. It’s a sea grape. Korean Gochujang sauce Sea grapes are very good in texture. It’s a very spicy fire sauce It’s spicy, but it tastes great. The taste of sea grapes is similar to that of ordinary seaweed. Salmon are delicious, even if they are roasted or eaten raw. cherry tomato I had a good meal Subscriptions and likes are a great strength to me. Thank you for watching.

31 comments on “ASMR Salmon Sashimi + Sea Grapes 연어회와 바다포도 먹방(EATING SOUNDS)MUKBANG REAL SOUNDS”

  1. 지훈 says:

    선 댓 후 감상★

  2. Queen Elizabeth says:

    결코 그들을 사랑하는 비디오 제작을 그만 두지 마세요 ❤️❤️❤️❤

  3. 何にしよう名前 says:


  4. Cover girl says:

    sea grapes💩 nooo😨😨😨

  5. Lauren Heather says:

    why i’m watching this at two in the morning while i’m hungry? the world may never know

  6. Lauren Heather says:

    so satisfying to listen to!

  7. Lauren Heather says:

    great video!!

  8. PEACH BITES 숭아 says:

    바다향이 물씬나는 영상이에요!! 4d ASMR!!

  9. LocalJax ASMR says:

    Wow so beautiful food presentation

  10. Esther Paite says:

    With music🎤🎼🎹🎶

  11. Anthonette Suyo Du says:

    Can I have some, eonni?😭💖😍💯 how are you btw today?

  12. Leelees ASMR says:

    오독오독 소리 너무 좋아요❤️👍🏻❤️

  13. PCL ASMR says:

    I love your videos… they are very professionally done!

  14. SongByrd ASMR says:

    Congrats on 30k sis! Great meal!

  15. Gkiz ri says:

    30K yay !!
    Oh gosh, salmon sashimi…. so delicious
    I want some too !

  16. Thao Pham says:


  17. CJM Smith says:

    Music? 👎

  18. Quyen Nguyen says:


  19. ASMR TERA 테라 says:

    연어랑 바다 포도 너무 잘 어울리네요 ㅋ 연어의 쫄깃 한 식감과 바다포도의 톡톡 쏘는 소리가 너무 좋네요 ㅋ

  20. sherry rao says:

    Love all your videos! Great job!👍🏻

  21. Holy Child of God says:

    I love how you added the music! ❤️❤️

  22. Li-ASMR 李氏體 says:

    i love your videos but why do you do it so slowly?

  23. YEEHAW Productions says:

    You deserve more subscribers 😇

  24. Возмездие из Ада says:

    Есть такие бумажки- Салфетками называются, Не пробовали их использовать. И ПОЖАЛУЙСТА НЕ ЧАВКАЙ. НЕ КУЛЬТУРНО, А ВООБЩЕ-ТО В ВАШЕЙ СТРАНЕ ЭТО ЗАВЕДЕНО.

  25. spicytunaroll says:

    The seagrapes would sound so much better if you chew them with your mouth a little open. You can really hear the crunch that way. Great video ♡

  26. Mirna Juárez says:


  27. Lan Anh Cao says:

    Ngon quá chị ơi😻

  28. Mehi :3 says:

    Me encantan tus videos y no sabes el favor que me haces al poner sub español WuW (^o^)❤️

  29. さくら says:


  30. soi tv says:

    Điệu như quỷ . nhìn hết ngon

  31. Charlotte Ong says:

    The bgm kinda annoys me alot

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