Hello :] I’ll start by tasting the sea grapes. Today’s main menu is salmon sashimi. It tastes better with the holsredish sauce. I’ll try rakkyo. When using chopsticks is hard,… It was my first time to eat sea grapes. I can feel the ocean scent and the texture is really good! I’ll try the whole thing this time. Salmon is full in your mouth! I love the texture of sea grapes! I think I’ll eat more often. This time, I’m going to eat salmon and sea grapes together. It’s good to eat these two together. I forgot about Wasabi. I’ll try it with Wasabi this time. My stomach is growling even though I’m eating. in soy sauce The combination of salmon, wasabi, and soy sauce is great!! Rakkyo is more delicious when I eat it with my hands. The last piece was sprinkled with lemon juice. This is a homemade lemonade. Thank you for watching my first video! I’ll come back with a better video.

2 comments on “ASMR SALMON SASHIMI, SEA GRAPES (No Talking EATING SOUNDS) 싱싱한 연어회, 바다포도MUKBANG”

  1. 쿠키꾹 says:

    연어 먹고싶은건 어떻게 알았니
    유튜브 알고리즘이란🤭

  2. Jessica oillie says:

    omg I like this, I like the way you eat!!

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