Hello~.~ Today’s menus are Raw TUNA & SALMON BELLY Both are one of our favorites haha And we prepared Cider 🙂 Soda popping sounds~ The first sip Wasabi~ We disinfected our mouth by Ginger piece lol So good sounds & flavor Let’s dig in~! That is it!!! This is why we like TUNA Soft & Oily, so Tasty & HAPPY 🙂 Can you see TUNA’s texture? AS you know, TUNA is always right answer 😀 TUNA has very beautiful color We also prepared Sesame Oil haha It’s kind of CHEWY and CRUNCHY TUNA melted in our mouth 😀 Fantastic~! Even if we don’t know each part of TUNA so far, Someday we’ll try & compare each TUNA part & kind 🙂 One more cider~ Now let’s eat the SALMON BELLY~~ So wonderful~.~ The nervous First Bite!! That’s the very SOUNDS & TASTE we want!! SALMON with Ginger or Sesame Oil was also GOOD~! What is this Tapping Noise???!! Sorry for this 🙁 We can’t give up this SALMON Sounds haha I hate that man 🙁 Hey!! Please stop that!!! TUNA goes in endlessly 😀 It’s time to take out our ACE!! LAVER (GIM) Do you know that? TUNA & LAVER is fantastic COMBO!! And with the Sesame Oil~ OMG~ So GREAT SOUNDS!! We’d like to eat LAVER again and again 🙂 It was a good match to eat Oily TUNA & Salty LAVER 🙂 So fresh Ginger! Crunchy sounds we like 🙂 So delighted 🙂 Breaktime for LOVE SHOT 🙂 I attempted to find my wasabi… OMG.. I dropped the SALMON in the Soy sauce So sad… 🙁 Oh~ it was quite tasty contrary to expectations SALMON BURGER lol Good sounds & flavor 🙂 THE LAST..!! Did you enjoy our video and SOUNDS~?? Then please SUBSCRIPTION, LIKE, ALAMR and COMMENTS ~! Thanks for watching 😀 Bye..!! See you next video 🙂

3 comments on “ASMR SASHIMI Raw TUNA & SALMON Belly MUKBANG [ WooJu Couple ]”

  1. Emma Ellen says:


  2. 먹방 나연 says:

    회는 소주랑~~ ㅎㅎㅎ 진짜 참치회 안 먹어봐서 무슨 맛인지를 몰라요 ㅠㅠ 그래도 두분 드시는거 보니 담에 먹어볼래요~^^ 잘보고갑니당

  3. Melissa Van Rooyen says:

    Hating someone for making noise. Aren't you a lovely person

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