ASMR Soy sauce raw shrimp 간장 생새우장(MUKBANG) korean seafood

Hi guys Today I will eat marinated raw shrimp in soy sauce. I bought a very fresh shrimp Then, the shrimp was marinated in soy sauce for five days. I’ll try. The shrimp is very chewy. It’s not salty but delicious. It’s delicious. I’ll try some shrimp and rice together. It is very delicious I’ll peel the shrimp shell. I cut the shrimp Put the cut shrimp in rice. I’ll put the eggs in. with green onions Put in sesame oil. I’ll mix it. I’ll put some more soy sauce. It’s soy sauce Shrimp rice. It’s delicious. Tasty shrimp head. It’s delicious. Subscriptions and likes are a great strength to me. I enjoyed the meal deliciously. Thank you for watching.

61 comments on “ASMR Soy sauce raw shrimp 간장 생새우장(MUKBANG) korean seafood”

  1. 찬TV ASMR says:

    새우장은 밥이랑 먹는거 아닌가욤ㅎㅎ🤔🤔💕
    아 후반에 밥도 드시네여ㅎㅎ영상보면서 댓글다는중이라

  2. Lutfia Anna Tesya says:


  3. SongByrd ASMR says:

    Soy sauce and shrimp is a good combo!

  4. Anthonette Suyo Du says:

    Which do you prefer, fried or marinated shrimp?💖😍 I’m very curious what would be the taste.

  5. Maia says:

    I don't know why I thought you were gonna eat that with the skin😂🤦🏻‍♀ anyways, lotsss of loveee from the Philippines!!💖😘

  6. ĐẠI NGUYỄN says:

    Ăn tôm sống hả cj

  7. 이이쪼 says:

    보경님 새우장 밥하고 드시지 왜 새우장 만 드세요ㅜㅜ 안짜요?ㅎㅎ 새우장 간장게장 양념게장이 요즘 유행인가봐요..😂

  8. ASMR Puput says:

    Fresh shirmp tastes delicious. I love it

  9. Cookie_ Bang says:

    Nice video 😊💕 , but quick question I’m sorry if this sounds rude but is the shrimp alive or cooked . Cause of the marinated sauce I can’t really tell but I also know somtimes people eat live crustacions such as shrimps.

  10. MAI ASMR says:

    Look so good

  11. Zaleaa ll says:

    I like your video👍
    Can u eat living octopus or ganjang gejang again? I like it

  12. trinheats says:

    Wow are they raw? Or they cooked after being in soy sauce for 5 days?

  13. Meghan Orr says:

    Yummy and so crunchy

  14. Bonnee Panyachith says:

    Raw shrimp

  15. Joy Ocampo says:

    Ahmmmmmmm, nopr

  16. judith estrada says:

    there good but cooked not like that🤢🤮

  17. Brianna Gutierrez says:

    🦐 ❤️ 💄 looks delish! Can you do a Korean pork belly wrap video?? I would love to see that and anything else you dish out! 😍👌🏼🥢 🦀 🍚 🦞. 😘

  18. Kavita Singh says:

    Please it’s nasty raw shrimp

  19. Amanda Gutierrez says:


  20. Jahni Arnum says:

    May I ask what the thick red substance was?

  21. Ashley Lucas says:

    Also in most places they don't sell shrimp with their heads still on their bodies

  22. wee Sa says:


  23. BBeum ASMR 쁨 says:

    소리 너무좋아요❤️

  24. Quyen Nguyen says:


  25. Erica Jackson says:

    That shrimp and soy sauce with rice looks very good

  26. The Real Nae Mulani says:

    So gross ( no hate)

  27. Alessa Melendrez says:

    That actually looks delicious the way you ate it with the rice near the end ❤😯

  28. Google User says:

    What in all the steamed seafood is this? How did I get here😭🤮🤣

  29. King 1985 legend says:

    I can only imagine what it smells like when it comes out ur ass 😂😂😂😂

  30. tricia sia says:

    I think this is not yet cook .. but still look delicious 😍

  31. James Hyde says:


  32. Veronica Johnson says:

    Sooo r those shrimp cleaned i usually cut. Mine dwn the back n 'clean the vein or whatever it is out

  33. yogi Day says:

    OMG you must don't have a stove 😂😂😂🤣

  34. mira Jang says:

    What does BK stands for?

  35. Miriam Blancas says:

    Chew right bitch

  36. kagnomi says:

    The shrimp looks so good. Raw shrimp has a flavor that is so sweet and yummy. Seeing the orange gooey shrimp heads make me drool. 🤤

  37. Mr. Rodriguez says:

    You eat raw shrimp without getting sick ?

  38. cat IIiii says:

    Oh naw steam it 🤮🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ not raw

  39. Janet Nguyen says:


  40. chloe nguyen says:

    i thought it was jane asrm at first lol

  41. Rainah Ulrich says:

    how come you guys NEVER eat/use the lemons? 😂

  42. Shailene D'lisser says:

    Amo el camarón pero esta demasiado asqueroso asi 😟😣

  43. Lowkey Sis dead says:

    Omg the 🧠

  44. คนเล่น ฟีฟาย says:


  45. จินตนา คชชาลี says:


  46. ain za says:

    Eeee…uncooked prawn….yuks

  47. Potatofries9192 says:


  48. Zipo By New Must City Zipo says:

    Apa rasa nya ya makanan mentah

  49. จีราพร เกษทองมา says:

    แดกแบบนี้ ตลอดๆตายห่าไม่รุ้ตัว

  50. Bre S says:

    I NEVER understand these three things when I’m here.
    1. Why I’m here
    2. Why she’s eating this shit
    3. Why everyone in the comments WANTS to try it 🤢🤮

  51. Jezza Mae Gaerlan Ipan says:

    She didn't eat the head,, 😄


    So yummy and delicious shrimp is one of my favorite…love lots from Philippines😘

  53. ANG WUNWISA says:


  54. Wimonsiri aom says:


  55. rainbow b e a r says:

    is that not fishy?

  56. 희블리 says:

    새우의심장은 머리에 있습니다

  57. 김쭈꿈 says:

    이건 ASMR 인지 모르겠음

  58. 미즈하라키코 says:

    머리 내장을 다 버렸어!!!!!! 맛있는데 흐엉 ㅠㅠ

  59. Randy Le says:

    I love the shrimp head guts

  60. Momo Domo says:

    I made this the first time this week. I think it is way too salty. Maybe i should try again with low sodium soysauce next…

  61. bebel bellame says:

    Not clean ,,you eat the shit of shrimp too yeakkk

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