ASMR SPICY SEAFOOD NOODLES *octopus, abalone, oyster, shrimp, crab* 해물라면 먹방 EATING SOUNDS MUKBANG

This is a Korean ramen called “nuguri” I knocked out the fresh seafoods, and then I got them ready Crab, black tiger shrimp, octopus, abalone, oysters! I added the seafood first After that, I added ramen and made bean sprouts to taste delicious Ta-da✨ Hi guys 💕 Today, We are going to have some spicy seafood noodles First bite is yours 😆 Awesome👍 Abalone I bought fresh abalone and made it Soup Wow I heard it’s three times hotter. It’s as spicy as they say! I want to introduce the new product to you, so I want to get it as soon as possible I was so curious after I bought it yesterday that I tried ramen first I don’t really like this ramen original, but the spicy taste is just my style💕 Oyster I like oysters in seafood ramen noodles The official name of this ramen is “Angry Raccoon.” It’s not an advertisement. It’s just delicious Hehe Raccoon I’ll tell you how spicy it is It’s not too spicy for me. It’s good If you can’t eat spicy food, you might feel like you’re getting spicy Octopus One bite to eat makes it taste good You have to chew on octopus and octopus Homemade PaKimchi If you don’t eat kimchi when you eat ramen The noodles are cut by the crab Black Tiger Shrimp I’ll eat oysters and noodles together This is Cabbage kimchi There are many kinds of Kimchi in Korea I added bean sprouts and the soup got better Then I’ll eat Crab Crab It’s so good 🧜‍♂️ Pickled radish Kelp The point of this ramen is kelp When I eat ramen, I usually eat a bite of kimchi per bite Today I’m going to concentrate on ramen! Chupa Chups Strawberry Cream It’s sweet and soft strawberry flavor For some reason this makes me feel good Thank you for watching Guys💕

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