Hello everyone ~ Today, I prepared spicy seafood steamed. Octopus It’s spicy and delicious Boiled octopus decreases in size by more than half. Chewy and yummy The seasoning is red pepper paste, red pepper powder, sugar, garlic and green onion It’s a short arm octopus The short arm octopus is more chewy than the long arm octopus This is mussel I also put bean sprouts Crispy and spicy and delicious But the noise of chewing bean sprouts is a little loud. 🙁 I won’t put bean sprouts in the next video Shrimp Shrimp tastes good anytime short arm octopus is very fresh Chewy and yummy Shrimp is delicious with bean sprouts Squid leg Squid legs are softer than octopus I’ll cut the squid body I put bean sprouts in the squid’s body Delicious The squid is very soft bean sprouts in squid Bean sprouts go well with seafood. I’m going to mix the rice now I’ll cut the remaining food finely Cut the bean sprouts Cut the remaining octopus I’ll cut it more finely Put the rice Sesame oil and put the sesame seeds I’ll mix it The savory fragrance I want to eat quickly Does it look delicious? Wow ~ It’s really delicious The texture is good with the bean sprouts It’s spicy, sweet and has a good flavor. I can feel the flavor of seafood in my mouth Last Thanks to you, I enjoyed delicious meal today. Please click Subscribe and Good. It’s a big help to me Thank you for watching


  1. Sujita Maharjan says:

    It looks so delicious sister

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    I like the bean sprouts

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    New subscriber!! From U.S.A❤

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    Em thik chị quá,chị cute mà còn đẹp nữa,đồ ăn nhìn ngon quá,
    Love ( from vietnam )

  10. Teresa Nejana says:

    sobrang sarap naman niyan 😍 Hi ✋new subscriber from Philippines 😘

  11. Firewerwolve says:

    Oh my god, this makes me soo hungry.

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    People indonesia like your video

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    Looks so delicious!

  15. hanaratu says:

    Hello i'm Indonesia🇲🇨

  16. Marcia Silva de Souza says:

    Olá sou do Brasil e amo ver esse tipo de video , e como se fosse um relaxante

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