ASMR SPICY SEAFOOD(Crab, Scallops, Shrimp, Bean sprouts) 매콤한 해물찜 먹방(EATING SOUNDS) MUKBANG

Hello I prepared a spicy seafood today. it’s full of crab meat Crabs are so delicious. Shrimp is delicious anytime Spicy Scallop Fried Rice Spicy and delicious The crab guts are mixed and the flavor is very good It’s so delicious because crab meat is added scallop The bean sprouts are spicy and delicious Bean sprouts are crispy and have a good texture Thanks to you, i enjoyed delicious meal today. Please click Subscribe and LIKE. It’s a big help to me. Thank you for watching

60 comments on “ASMR SPICY SEAFOOD(Crab, Scallops, Shrimp, Bean sprouts) 매콤한 해물찜 먹방(EATING SOUNDS) MUKBANG”

  1. Adinda Saskia says:

    Aduh kayanya enak tuhhhh 😋Salam indonesia

  2. Katherine Jeon says:

    Primero wuuu

  3. Darinna Munique says:

    Que delícia 😍💕

  4. Ines Berlanda says:

    Q rico me lo comería ahora…: ¶

  5. jikook BTS says:

    나는 브라질에서 온 아주 좋은 음식을 먹고 싶어

  6. Joy Taehyung says:

    Eu amo os vídeos dessa mulher 🤩

  7. Syafina Hania says:


    Kayanya kurang pedess😁✌️🙏🙏

  8. Joice Tauane says:

    Amo vê esses vídeos ♥️😍😍😍

  9. Anh Nguyễn- Vlogs Ẩm Thực says:

    Yummy 😘😘😊😊😊
    Đúng là ăn âm thanh bạn ạ

  10. KEIONA EVANS says:


  11. Froggy Kitty ASMR says:

    I love scallops! These look so good 😍😋

  12. Lissie Santiago says:

    Never have I tried crabs, looks so good sis 💜🤗

  13. Nurul hikmah Pratiwi says:

    I'm from Indonesia🇮🇩♥️

  14. ELLEsk ASMR says:

    That looks so yummy, bon appétit and have a great weekend! ❤

  15. Elba Hernández says:

    최고의 유 튜버

  16. Dust BlackExo says:

    Can give me some,heheh😂😂😆

  17. Para Netizen says:

    Beautiful eating sound

  18. Dyca Mira says:

    Yang dari Indonesia mana suaranya ?

  19. Dyca Mira says:

    Yang dari Indonesia mana suaranya ?

  20. Thongdam 6780 says:


  21. Mochj Army says:


  22. Hilal Balcı says:

    Looks delicious ❤️❤️❤️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  23. วีโก วีวี says:


  24. LULÃO • says:

    Nice asmr 🙂❤

  25. ASMR MUA says:

    우아 비주얼👍

  26. Marta Maria says:


  27. Beautiful Mike says:

    Beautiful nice asmr 💕

  28. 김용구 says:

    보경님 화이팅 응원합니다

  29. Jaki Akter says:

    Hi I love u

  30. TooKTa WongpTa. says:


  31. Anisa Nurul says:

    Asmr kepiting mentah please😂

  32. SongByrd ASMR says:

    The lighting make this food much more appetizing. I’m hungry 😍

  33. Victoria says:

    Yummy!! No gloves today?! I found out I’m having a girl!! 💖

  34. Le Huy Hieu says:

    What your name ?

  35. Meghan Orr says:

    Sounds an looks delicious. Love how the food looks an sounds

  36. Ahao Seekai says:


  37. Ahmed Al gebore says:


  38. MORU NAMI says:


  39. Kang Komen says:

    Looks very delicious🤤

  40. 우웅뀨 says:

    첫입 first bite 0:40

  41. Deandra's fam says:


  42. Deandra's fam says:

    Aku sangat suka videi asmr

  43. Ayat Adel says:

    Wear gloves

  44. Hang With Mama J says:

    Love the seafood, love the sounds, would love to see a raw marinated one soon!

  45. Ailey says:

    Mouth watering

  46. HQ Girl says:

    Looks amazing

  47. Jinen Jinen says:

    يمميي الارز الحار مع السلطان يبدو لذيذ جداا 😮😋❤️

  48. Eat with POLi says:

    I love u

  49. aniya A. says:

    Puedes hacer que ingredientes usaste??

  50. Randy Le says:

    Omg that crab head rice 😘❤

  51. luisito selene says:

    Me encantó muchísimo el vídeo

  52. hanna chan says:

    I love it

  53. Quyen Nguyen says:


  54. 김예진 says:

    댓글 사라짐ㅠㅜ
    보경님표 해물찜엔 아예 게딱지에 밥과 가리비까지 미리 넣어 비벼 채워놓는 센스가 오존층 뚫고 나감ㅋㅋ 가리비랑 새우까지는 어느정도 느낌이 오는데 당췌 저 게딱지의 보물?은 먹어봐야 안다능ㅡ.,ㅡ 콩나물의 아삭함이 모든 재료의 맛을 한껏 살리는데 짱! 글구 맛도없는 내 댓글 먹은 너뚜브는 앞으론 그러지마라^-^;;;

  55. 7Day Official says:

    i hungry

  56. Misra says:

    Mauuuuuuu 🥘🥘🍴🍴

  57. NAY SHIELA says:

    Hi~bk asmr I'm from Indonesia nice to meet you, you are very friendly(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  58. EDGAR TOGONON says:

    So much waste of crabs

  59. 눈에뵈는게없음이분 says:

    1:23 이분도 키토산 킬러 시구나… 첫 입부터 꽃게 통으로 먹는 고난이도 스킬을 사용하시네… 저거 튀긴거 아니면 입천장 다 찔리고 입에서 난리나는데 ㄷㄷ

  60. H novtiyanto says:

    Mantab jiwa 🤠😍😘

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