Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 So good! The double / triple cheeseburgers from McDonalds are arguably better than the Big Mac itself Thanks for watching!!


  1. Ines Arafa says:

    Zach try eating less junk food ! People with this eating style die very young

  2. Patrick La loggia says:

    Tu es moche quantu

  3. young nordic says:


  4. derion walker cool 21 says:


  5. Jasmine Westhead says:

    Wtf is he rushing to be somewhere??

  6. JakeTheLucario says:

    I'm surprised your not diabetic
    (Edit) isn't McDonald's made with human meat or horse meat?

  7. Gunnersmashya jj says:

    I eat like a pig too ' maybe I should start doing this

  8. Daniel Januário says:

    Algum br

  9. Yes I Know says:

    Whoever says mukbanging isn’t a sport is lying🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. MikashiZinhH • 100 anos atrás says:

    Caraí bateu a fome da poha fi agr

  11. black cat says:

    ZACH tell me how is your skin so clear. you're blessed u-u <3

  12. K L says:

    Zach: Eats food from fast food restaurants and doesn’t look like he gained a single pound

    Me: Looks at any fast food restaurant and instantly gains 5 pounds😭💀

  13. Unicorn Lover says:

    I'm a big fan and I absolutely love your content the only problem is that can you slow down when you take a bite. Also please take a bite one at a time btw not judging the way you eat it's just a friendly reminder!!

  14. TenzinDTurtle says:

    U eat so many junk food but you're still fit

  15. Rachel Radford says:

    Bruh he looks so happy

  16. SpillThe TeaSis says:

    my mouth feels like the ocean

  17. Anneka Pruim says:

    To be honest, I feel like asmr is just an excuse to get away with chewing with your mouth open or chewing loudly.

  18. Pulse_mists 98 says:

    How are you still skinny tell me the way

  19. tomas kirbijikian says:

    Y a eso le llamo un desayuno completo xd

  20. Its Sleepy says:

    I need this food

  21. ooga booga says:

    I think the only time Zach eats is in his videos

  22. TDvids says:

    Give Zach Choi his sprite commercial already

  23. Migueljogos game play pley says:

    porcao do crl

  24. Kai The gamer says:

    Zach: *eats the whole universe*

    Me: *breaths air gets 10000000000000000000 pounds then dies*

  25. Michaela Pires says:

    I think it's me
    But I'm craving some mac d

  26. الضفدع الاخضر says:

    كيف ذا مايسمن لو اكلت حبتين بطاطس زدت خمسه كيلو ❗️

  27. Hildegardo Rodriguez says:

    He ain’t eating it right. A pro eater combines the flavors. Meaning he needs to take a bite of the cheese burger chew a bit then slide in a couple of fires chew a bit and then a nugget dipped in sauce. Combing the flavors takes it a whole another level y’all. This is true for everything food.

  28. Trill-N8 says:

    Why is his triple cheeseburger so big tho. Mines are way smaller

  29. รชต วัฒนาจารุพงศ์ says:


  30. _iris _ says:

    ماشاء الله هذا ياكل وما يسمن ؟؟؟

  31. Nightmare says:

    He's a master at opening sprite

  32. Doug Master55 says:

    Me: eats the fries one by one to save
    Me: Eh What The Fudge?!

  33. Lauren Issabelle says:

    He ate that burger so quick wtf

  34. Doma Lama says:


  35. Ryan Moceus says:

    I am going to make a YouTube channel about eating and drinking sprite

  36. Aditeya Banerjee says:

    His eyes… they can see through your soul….

  37. Alostor CREEp says:

    Идеально снял

  38. Единарог Коркем says:


  39. Brianna Leigh says:

    When he left the one nugget it triggered me so bad but that's the only bad thing that he does. I still love watching you tho

  40. Hoàng phúc Nguyễn says:


  41. VladGames BG says:

    abe prase kak ne si stanal na prase

  42. รสนันท์ asmr หรือกินดี says:

    กินเหมือนคนไม่เคยกินมาก่อน555กินเอา กินเอา

  43. Fais Faisal says:

    E bang klo ambil saus seimbang sama makannya donk bang,sausnya secuil makannya sekali lahap

  44. Forner Jiménez, Manu says:

    Menudo asco me produce arcadas

  45. isel Manila says:

    3 minutes bago kumaen si kuya 😂

  46. Ladya Priscilla says:

    look at zach
    ME :
    (when never eat for 1 century)

  47. SØD BLACK FF says:


  48. Ginevra Miamia says:

    Your stupid very stupid

  49. Mr. Fihstick says:

    I wanna eat Mc’Doanlds right now😢😂

  50. Aymen HAFIANE says:

    Now i want to eat Macdo

  51. elaine martins says:

    🍔🍟🍗 🖒

  52. Izadora Fogassa says:

    Seu💩💩 porque fica batendo nós coisas 😾

  53. Eray Emre says:


  54. Sofia Ortiz says:

    skinny legend

  55. SRK-N4RcOS / says:

    You are the best

  56. Lillou Barbiau says:

    Non seulement sa m’énèrve mais en plus il mange comme un porc

  57. Zeinedine Le BG Salipan 99 says:


  58. ShahadStansBTS says:

    he is eating so neatly and appropriately
    Man when I saw the fries I felt my energy draining away how can he be so energetic to do that

  59. Hoppy says:

    This cant be very healthy

  60. Aya Belabbes says:

    I dont think the food is runinng away

  61. Avilee King says:

    Eat slowly

  62. Avilee King says:

    It is not good for you to digest your food like that

  63. 1Hakun0 _ says:

    Doesn’t it hurt to eat so fast?

  64. sarah pereira says:

    Mal Educado

  65. Sam Gasparyan says:

    My boy penetrated the bag at the beginning

  66. ItsAudrey Girl says:

    He just ate 6 burgers in our faces….

  67. 「ঊɢʟ」 Luffixツ says:

    Imagine that Zach broke a tooth in one of his videos.

  68. Ěnýã Nya says:

    Я в 4 часа ночи:

  69. YaGirlKyla 1 says:

    Yo my guy did your stomach say time to shove this burger down my mouth (NO HOMO)

  70. adem bza says:

    le corrnet de frite il est grave grand en franc c pas cmsa

  71. Lilibeth Uribe says:

    I’m starving

  72. A hippo says:

    Not trying to hate. But i feel like the only way you could eat this much food in one sitting is if you threw it up afterwords. But good video

  73. Shelby D says:


    Do you do it

  74. ashleigh page says:

    If I ate this fast my heart would stop mid chew

  75. Kate Bolduc says:

    You only want make us jealous

  76. Wolfie Girl says:

    I like Zach choi because he eats NORMAL food

  77. Slump Gxdz says:

    me with high cholesterol when I eat 1 burger Zach and mattsonie perfect teeth and stomach

  78. CherrySwirl_ Gacha says:

    Me:I’m vegan
    Zach Choi: 0:26 Eat it..

  79. XRayz Errør 303 says:

    how dare he eat a frie in front of me

  80. Spoony SpoonSpoon says:

    I swear if I ate that fast I would have major heartburn 😂

  81. _XOLillyzz__XOX Senses says:

    How can he just eat so easily? 😩

  82. Mad Jack says:

    I want burger.
    Does anyone else want burger?
    Rn I want burger.

  83. Mad Jack says:

    Thank you,

    For chewing with your mouth closed.

  84. sara lee says:

    I don’t even like burgers but you’re making it look delicious

  85. Marija Hajdin says:

    Sak maj dik

  86. Zilvar Var says:


  87. Alex Ava says:

    Is this guy a fatty black hole one day he will eat us :'(

  88. bacon_ng IG says:

    Did Zach just remove all the vegetables from the burgers

  89. Mukbang ANANAS says:

    Very appetizing 😍

  90. Arva 2009 says:


  91. Shruti davda says:

    Where do u stay?



  93. krishna parihar says:

    He eat so much like eating after 9 years

  94. Megan Blunt says:

    Me getting 9 nuggets and small fries and getting full. Zach Choi eating 2 burgers and 10 nuggets and large fries and 4 sauces and while can of sprite as if it’s a normal meal for him.

  95. giogaming yt says:

    Zach is hungry don't make him mad he might eat u, not trying to be rude zach

  96. talibhussain121 says:

    I like it when he unlods it

  97. idk nan molla says:

    i love how’s he happy when he eats

  98. ZEB PLAYZ YT says:

    Ok drooling so much 🤤

  99. Ñøňà Ķøřįã says:

    الف عافية

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