Assorted Sushi : Salmon Eel Shrimp Clam Flatfish Cuttlefish

Hi guys ~ salmon sushi & soy sauce shrimp sushi & cheese sauce cuttlefish sushi & red pepper paste clam sushi & horseradish sauce eel sushi octopus sushi Please subscribe,like and comments !!!!! flatfish sushi Thanks for watching ~ Please subscribe,like and comments !!!

12 comments on “Assorted Sushi : Salmon Eel Shrimp Clam Flatfish Cuttlefish”


    Looks tasty

  2. Lena Oxton says:

    Ahhhhh I wanted to be the first to comment xD btw you have seriously changed like the way you present your food and stuff and I really like it !! ❤️

  3. KKINIPIG 끼니피그 says:

    I love every sushi. I think every sushi have good tasty. Enjoy!😋😚

  4. TheMoisterOyster says:

    Sushi is my favourite food!

  5. AHTasmr says:

    Nice camera angles!

  6. Sacredsuperset clip show says:

    Eel is really good

  7. widita hartawan says:

    aahh i never know that sushi will very delicious with other sauce beside soy sauce or wasabi if i'm not watch your video.. good job bro… 😍👏🎉

  8. Jo-Sivv Froggy Herbert says:

    Love love love 😋😋

  9. HJ L says:


  10. Twilight ASMR says:

    Sushi n cheese?! Never tried that before but looks so good. Soo many sauces. Unagi n salmon my favorite… 🤤🤤👌👌 Looks delish 💖

  11. R says:

    Just use soy sauce…..

  12. •//ᴍᴀʀʏ-ᴄʜᴀɴ//• says:

    I feel like you are literally the sweetest being ever existed tf

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