Avocado Rose Garnish Tutorial

Welcome back to another cooking video. Today I’m going to show you how to make
this simple avocado into a very simple but beautiful garnish, an avocado rose that you
can use to garnish your sushi platters, salads or just put it on a piece of toast, or even
just eat it on its own. At the end of the video I’ll show you how
to season it so it’s nice and tasty on its own. Okay, let’s get going, let’s make it! Start off by taking an avocado and now you
just want to cut it in half length wise, just place the knife into the seed and then rotate
round like this. Then just twist to release it. Now you want t take your half and remove the
skin, just do this with the thumb by feeling it and making sure not to damage the fruit
on the inside. Just take your time and just peel the skin
off like this. Okay now you take your knife, dip it in some
water and then you want to start slicing into very, very thin slices just like this. Now you want to drag it along not go up and
down because otherwise the avocado will stick to the knife. So just drag it along and you just want to
use your fingers as sort of a guide in a claw shape like this, you move them backward slightly
like a millimeter every single time and then just put your knife up against it and keep
making these very, very thin slices. It’s important to have super, super thin
slices for this to look good. Now you’re done with the cutting, you just
want to spread it out into a wall, so just slowly move them apart like this and you want
to just create a wall of avocado by spreading out the slices and slightly curve it into
a U-shape. Just keep doing that until it looks more or
less like this. Then you just start rolling it up, on one
side just roll it around and then it starts to look like a beautiful little rose of avocado. So just keep doing that until you’ve done
it all the way across, there we go. Now you just keep shaping it a little bit
and maybe form it by pressing it down. Now you can use it right now as a garnish,
just put a little bit of lemon juice so it doesn’t change color or you can just eat
it as is and for that just put a little piece of mint in the center like this, then add
a little bit of extra virgin olive oil just like so. A little squeeze of lemon juice, followed
by a little bit of ground up pepper, some crushed sea salt, and there we go. This is just a super delicious way to have
your avocado, or use it as a garnish. I hope you enjoyed that garnish tutorial,
if you did don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and also if you want to check out
some more of my garnish tutorials check them out here on my website or check out this cool
thing I did with a cucumber on this side. Thanks for watching, see you in the next one. Bye! END

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