34 comments on “Awesome Website about Japanese FOOD & Culture!”

  1. Nato J.V says:

    Awesome ! Thank you dude (… Voilà, maintenant on ne peut plus faire de comparaison avec Antoine Daniel, je ne suis que tristesse #KamiGate )

  2. OzzyAwesome says:


  3. Taban Sha3o99 says:


  4. Yoshi says:

    Aha! That figures a lot!
    BTW you should re-learn how to count numbers 😂

  5. Rockhoward56 says:

    chouette site charly!
    J'attend ta vidéo sur kanazawa avec impatience!
    Chouette ville , bien trop méconnue je pense. Avec la nouvelle ligne de shinkansen ça devrait changer! 🙂

  6. Ming says:

    omg you shaved and… got a haircut?!?!?! you look so イケエン haha anyways this website is awesome so thanks! can't wait to see your kanazawa trip 😀

  7. Kelly Ramcharan says:

    Site looks great (amazing content), any plans on a android app?

  8. Pocket says:

    Signed up. Looked around… have already watched all the videos here on Youtube for the most part. Cuz, ya know, I watch all y'all weebs way too much. >_> // I need a life

  9. Maaike and Takeru says:

    I love that your videos are just 2min ! It makes you watch the whole thing without skipping anything. 😀

  10. Suereya Effendy says:

    I can't seem to access the website for some reason >.<

  11. OMGdimi says:

    Perfect timing planning my Japan trip right now! Thank you!

  12. Nia Jones says:

    Oh god I've started to read the titles of your videos in your voice…

  13. Nicolas Barse says:

    LA BARBE !? :c

  14. Nicolas Barse says:

    Bien joué pour le site! Bonne idée de créer un vrai réseau de youtubeurs au japon. Si vous avez besoin d'un coup de main sur le webdesign ou le code faites moi signe 😉

  15. Odranium says:

    1:42 C'est Béné no Fukuoka ?

  16. soglf says:

    coming from happy in japan

  17. purplechickon says:

    Your face is naked! Looks good. d(^.^)

  18. Sophie D'Amours says:

    That's awesome!

  19. Abrar Hadder says:

    all that food at the end of the video _
    I am so jealous..

  20. Ahmed Usul says:

    LOLLLL, i was looking at the video time, and waiting for my explosion , thx dude, you rock !

  21. Wiatru says:

    TheUwagaPies shoud be there.. on this website

  22. Happy In Japan says:

    Well done! Web site looks amazing. What platform did you build this on? Doesn't look like wordpress in the code. Very smart to use CloudFront CDN as well. Very quick. Looks really amazing.

  23. Larissa Schmitz says:

    OMG, my english is reaaaaally better … i can understanding aaaaaaaall you are saying hahahahahahahaha …. I loved this website! … and, you still are a crazy little guy!!!!! Nice video by the way 😀

  24. Texan in Tokyo says:

    The website is really great! I think that's a wonderful resource!!!

  25. Where's Stu says:

    Loving the site man! You and the team have done a really awesome job!!
    Rightly so you should be

  26. Koya says:

    Tu me fais tellement rire! XD

    Je vais faire un tour sur le site de ce pas vu que mon départ pour Tôkyô est mardi prochain.
    Merci ~

  27. Felix says:

    dunno why but you look like harry potter in this video #PlsSwingAWandInYourNextVideoAndSayAvadaKidabra

  28. Keith Andersch says:

    But I'm in Japan now!!! Well I can't wait to check it out. I still have 6 days left.

  29. initmaster says:

    De la geoloc pour de la bouffe, que demander de plus ?

  30. Notes of Nomads says:

    The website looks fantastic! Well done!

  31. Blinchik in Japan says:

    Thank you for last time meeting in Youtube Halloween party Tokyo and also I subscribed your channel^^

  32. Janek Timmas says:

    I really love your videos, man!
    Superb humour, nice concept, great places to show!
    I actually found your channel through the network, so it's working great 😛

    I wanted to ask you, how is the computer science field in Japan?

  33. Shar Mohr says:

    Rad website! Great work!

  34. Jocelyn says:

    tattoo FOOOOD on your body

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